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Finding The Treasure

Hearing that, elation appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face as he crossed the distance to the little cow in a few quick strides.

Reaching the little cow’s side, he noticed that the thick layer of ice beneath its hooves was different from the rest. The coldness from the ice below was much weaker, moreover, there were strands of golden energy seeping out, noticeable only if one looked carefully.

At this time, the little cow’s hooves stomped beautifully on the layer of ice.

Ribbons of lightning snaked out from its four hooves, forming a lightning ring. The thick layer of ice within a radius of several hundred meters shattered and flew into the air. The frozen ground they were standing on immediately sunk down by four meters.

One could only guess how many tens of thousands of years this layer of ice had been gathering for, it was so solid that one could hardly make a scratch on it surface with a divine weapon.

But a few stomps from the little cow’s hooves created a thirty meters deep hole with a radius of several hundred meters in this solid layer of ice. Huang Xiaolong couldn't imagine how powerful Xiaoniū’s kick was.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes widened in surprise as he looked at the little cow. ‘This little one actually grew so much!’

From what Huang Xiaolong read in the Barbarian God Sect’s library, before divine beasts with a top bloodline reached the Ancient God Realm, they had a rapid growth phase. Even so, it shouldn't be this fast, right?

In the meantime, the little cow once again stomped its hooves down, breaking another four meters of ice.

Huang Xiaolong recovered from his shock. Subsequently, he circulated his supreme fire element godforce, slashing with the first move of the Asura Sword Skill, the Tempest of Hell.

Instantly, fire wind vortices spun on the ice.

With every circle the fire wind vortices spun, more than a dozen meters of ice were scattered.

Next was the Tears of Asura.

A thunderstorm of fire rain made from sword qi fell from the air, covering several hundred meters.

A loud crack suddenly sounded from the layer of ice, which then melted and disappeared.

Between Huang Xiaolong and the little cow’s attacks, the layer of ice reduced at a rapid speed, and soon, Huang Xiaolong saw a vague round ancient divine formation below the remaining layer of ice.

The ancient divine formation wasn’t very big, roughly a dozen meters in diameter. Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up with joy, increasing the speed of his attacks.

After half an hour later, the area of their focused attack was cleanly scraped away, revealing the ancient divine formation.

At the center of it was a mysterious diagram which was surrounded by Divine World symbols, profound and hard to decipher. Huang Xiaolong couldn’t understand even one of them.

“This is an ancient divine formation used by the Silver Devil Clan from Hell.” While Huang Xiaolong’s eyes widened trying to make sense of the symbols, the little cow explained.

‘The Silver Devil Clan from Hell… Not from the Divine World?’

But, how did the Silver Devil Clan’s ancient divine formation appear on this Green Cloud Island? What was the connection?

“Xiaoniū, can you understand these symbols?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist asking.

The little cow giggled all of a sudden, “Naturally! I’ve already said it, in this universe, there are very little things this cow doesn’t know.”

Huang Xiaolong rolled his eyes in silence.

“These symbols say that the Zhenyu Sect’s treasury will appear as long as the ancient divine formation is activated by triggering its center, and written here is the incantation to activate the formation.” The little cow explained. Its front hoof pointed at an inconspicuous symbol, then it chanted an incantation according to the symbols.

The little cow’s incantation twisted into a long chain that slowly extended to the formation center, disappearing into the center diagram.

When the last section of the chain disappeared, the whole ancient divine formation released a brilliant golden light that pierced through the fog above.

The ground shook, causing pieces of white ice to fall off from the sides of the cliff walls.

The brilliant golden light lasted for five to six minutes, after which the scenery in front of Huang Xiaolong’s eyes changed. Both he and the little cow were now standing in front of a great mountain.

Huang Xiaolong surveyed his surrounding; obviously, they were no longer at the bottom of the cold cliff. Except for the great mountain, there was nothing else around.

From the summit of the great mountain to the foothills, three giant characters were carved from whelming sword qi.

Every character was at least a thousand zhang tall, exuding a piercing killing intent and devil qi. Those with weaker wills would easily be devoured by this killing intent.

“Zhenyu Sect!”

This time, even without needing the little cow to translate, Huang Xiaolong could recognize the three characters carved into the mountain.

A few minutes later, Huang Xiaolong retrieved his gaze, shifting it downwards to the palace buildings on the mountain slope.

Riding on the little cow, Huang Xiaolong flew toward the mountain slope. In a glance, he saw a few hundreds of these palace buildings.

His divine sense swept over the buildings, discovering that most of them were empty except for the medicinal herbs planted in the back gardens of some of them. A majority of them were aged between ten to twenty million.

But these herbs were enough to be treated as priceless treasures by some of the smaller and medium-sized sects.

As they flew past these palace buildings, Huang Xiaolong would collect the herbs with a wave of his hand, putting them into his Submerging Dragon Ring.

‘Looks like I need to reforge another spatial ring.’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Over two hours later, they reached the centermost palace building, but the steel gates were closed. However, there was a keyhole in the middle, around which were densely gathered tiny golden symbols.

Huang Xiaolong recalled the broken blade he obtained with the treasure map and took it out, fitting it into the keyhole perfectly.

In an instant, a golden light burst out from the keyhole, causing Huang Xiaolong to take a few steps back.

The tiny symbols on the steel gates emitted a faint yellow light.

Fifteen minutes later, the steel gates slowly opened by themselves.

When the steel gates were fully opened, a burst of startling spiritual energy rushed out like never-ending waves. This scene was similar to the rush of spiritual energy he felt when he opened the Lin Family Fort treasury, but the difference between them was like heaven and earth.

This spurred Huang Xiaolong’s anticipation as he and the little cow walked into the treasury.

Inside it were disorganized piles of herbs, various kinds of divine armors, and divine weapons amongst others, stretching to the other end of the hall.

There were actually five spiritual veins floating above the hall!

The colors varied, from a soft bluish glow to a red one, there was even a blackish purple spiritual vein as well as a rainbow-colored one.

Amongst one of these five spiritual veins was a red top grade rank two spiritual vein, similar to the Extreme Yang Fire Ore vein that Huang Xiaolong had refined before, but the biggest spiritual vein actually reached low grade rank three!

Even Huang Xiaolong could barely contain the excitement in his heart looking at it.

As for the little cow, it already forgot it could speak, mooing endlessly below him. Its tail was swinging left and right.

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