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Unknown Tree

Depleted vitality? Then why would the little cow want this tree branch?

Even though he was baffled, he trusted the little cow wouldn't want it for no reason.

“What is the price of this tree branch?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The shop owner answered without hesitation: “Thirty million shenbi.”

Huang Xiaolong was astounded, “This broken thing costs thirty million shenbi?!”

The shop owner flashed a benign smile, “Although this primordial divine tree branch has lost its vitality, it still has a great research value, and there is a chance its vitality could return, therefore, thirty million shenbi is absolutely worth it, not expensive at all.”

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “It has research value? Your shop probably had researched it for several hundred years, right? Did you have any gains? If its vitality could truly be restored, I’m sure your shop would have already restored it.”

The shop owner smiled a little awkwardly, “We did not have any harvest but maybe young master is someone with great luck and is able to gain something. How about this? If young master is really keen on buying this, I can give you a ten percent discount, twenty-seven million shenbi, deal?”

Twenty-seven million?

Huang Xiaolong frowned, then his hand patted the little cow, “Xiaoniū, we’re leaving.”

“Wait! Young master, twenty-five million, how is that?”

“Twenty million, the price cannot go any lower!”

In the end, under the little cow’s persistence in biting Huang Xiaolong’s pants, he gave in and bought that so-called primordial divine tree branch.

Huang Xiaolong was pained as twenty million shenbi disappeared from his spatial ring. Even though his current speed in condensing divine stones had improved significantly, he could only condense around thirty thousand grade one divine stones in a day, which only came up to three hundred shenbi.

Twenty million, how many years of effort was that?

Walking out from the shop, Huang Xiaolong shot the little cow a fierce glare, saying, “No godheads for a year.”

The little cow merely snorted a few times, not putting Huang Xiaolong’s threat to heart.

Huang Xiaolong leaped onto its back, giving the little cow’s butt a resounding slap and commanding, “Go!”

The shop owner sent Huang Xiaolong off with smiling crescent eyes, “Who would have thought just blabbering some nonsense could make that kid believe that really was some primordial divine tree branch. There are so many fools nowadays.”

It was true that the black tree branch was obtained from the Great Sea by one of their commerce hall’s Grand Elders, but what exactly it was, they didn't know.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong rented a small independent courtyard in the Jadeite Royal City, then took out that black tree branch after arranging a barrier around the courtyard.

He couldn’t wait to find out what exactly this broken tree branch was that the little cow was so insistent.

Huang Xiaolong naturally didn't buy the nonsense that it was some kind of primordial divine tree branch like that shop owner said.

Huang Xiaolong had just taken out that black tree branch when the little cow trotted over to him. The lightning symbols on its golden horns started glimmering, then formed a purple-colored liquid!

This liquid flowed toward the black tree branch, fully enveloping it.

Before Huang Xiaolong’s amazed expression, that black tree branch without any vitality slowly transformed.

First, the black surface gradually disappeared, then a soft green light glimmered from the branch, bursting with vitality!

This wasn't the end though. Leaves resembling dragon scales started growing out from it! Although there weren’t a lot, each leaf emitted a brilliant light.

Soon, more than an hour had passed before the little cow stopped, almost collapsing to the ground in exhaustion, gasping for breath.

Seeing the revitalized tree branch and its new leaves, Huang Xiaolong looked at the little cow, his eyes filled with amazement. This golden horned little cow actually possessed the power to revive dead things!

Was there such a divine lightning beast in the universe? This power was absolutely heaven-defying!

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong regained his senses, quickly taking out several divine pellets and stuffed them into the little cow’s mouth.

While waiting for the little cow to recover, Huang Xiaolong began studying the tree branch. He had read some books related to the Divine World’s trees in the Barbarian God Sect’s library, but he couldn't recognize this branch with dragon scale leaves.

Despite that, he was certain this tree branch was definitely not ordinary. Otherwise, the little cow wouldn't have stubbornly insisted on it, nor would it spend such effort to revitalize it.

Huang Xiaolong asked doubtfully, “This tree branch is really edible?”

The little cow nodded its head repeatedly.

“You know its origin?” Huang Xiaolong asked another question.

The little cow opened its mouth, mooing several times, rendering Huang Xiaolong speechless.

In the end, one person and one cow equally divided the half-meter in length, arm-thick tree branch. Surprisingly, the branch was harder than Huang Xiaolong expected. Regardless of what method he tried, he was unable cut it until the little cow opened its mouth and bit down, snapping the tree branch into two.

Watching the little cow chew on its half, Huang Xiaolong discovered there were more purple lightning symbols on its two golden horns.


Huang Xiaolong stared foolishly at the half tree branch in his hand. A light flitted across his eyes as he quickly sat down and began circulating the Heaven Splitting Tenet to refine the half tree branch.

Knowing from the little cow that the tree branch couldn't be grown, which confirmed his suspicions that this tree branch had an extraordinary origin, he decided it was better to refine it and improve his cultivation now rather than keep for no use.

Instantly, rich vitality flowed from the half three branch into Huang Xiaolong.

What was happening? This unidentifiable tree branch contained such rich spiritual energy!

Huang Xiaolong was truly dumbstruck looking a the tree branch in his hands.

After an unknown amount of time, Huang Xiaolong’s body suddenly shook, finally breaking the barrier to Third Order Heavenly God Realm! The godforce inside him increased many times over, causing his blood to surge.

Rich vitality continued to flow out from the half remained tree.

On the third day after his breakthrough, Huang Xiaolong’s refining speed shot up. When he stabilized his advancement to the Third Order and was extremely close to advancing to peak early Third Order Highgod Realm, that half a tree branch completely disappeared from the world.

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes.

The first thing that entered his sight was the little cow that had grown bigger again. Huang Xiaolong discovered that its golden horns had grown longer, and its tail was definitely thicker.

When he stood up, he saw to his amazement that the little cow was as tall as him already.

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