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We start the episode with Akram’s mother taunts khan begum, if this is what happens in their haveli, that the maids insult rich and famous people. She says that they too know that their daughter has been rejected by many guys, but they didnt make an issue out of it. She says that they do know what kainat hides behind the dupatta. they are all shocked and distraught. Azad and amad get furious, while mahira stands tensed. Akram’s mother goes upto her, and takes off the dupatta from kainat’s hand exposing her paralysed hand, while she is mortified with embarassment and in tears. Khan begum is distraught. she is taunted further that they agreed only due to her name, but not anymore.

khan begum says that they dont know mahira, and they shouldnt punish kainat for her. His mother asks akram to come along and leave. Azad stops them, and they turn around. he tells them that they shall not go anywhere, as if anyone has to go, its mahira. mahira requests a chance to speak up. he asks her to stop, as she has said enough. Amad asks to let her speak once. But khan begum shuts him saying that he shouldnt speak in the elderly matters and go inside. he angrily goes inside. Mahira vehemently tries to convince them. Akram asks how can they stand his and his family’s result. Mahira tells that they can check her phone, as the girl sent this guy’s pic too. Akram and his family are tensed. She takes them all to the kitchen. Latif is happily gorging on the icecream. mahira asks latif to speak up.

gazalla asks her about the phone. Latif says that she put it in the microwave to dry up. they are all shocked, while mahira is apalled, that she did something so foolish. Just then, the phone blasts inside the microwave, and mahira eyes her burnt phone, as she opens the oven. Akram’s mother asks mahira if she has a new conspiracy to implicate akram. Khan begum nudges azad, and he asks mahira to get lost. Mahira says that the girl is Zohra, and that they can retrieve the call list from the company. Azad says that its enough, and now she shall have to leave. mahira asks them to verify it once. Azad grabs her by the hand, and takes her out, while mahira desperately tries to remember the number. Akram and his mother stand tensed. she asks azad his phone, to prove her point. He complies.

They all wait anticipated as she dials the number, and it starts ringing. But noone picks up. Akram asks what is she trying to prove by dialling a random number. But she gets a call back, and zohra identifies herself. Mahira is emboldened and asks her about her boyfriend’s name. and they all are shocked when she says that its sartaj. all are furious, while kainat is relieved. Akram remembers how he saw his own pic in the mobile when it fell in the water, and instantly got to action. Mahira asks why did she say she is pregnant with her boyfriend Akram’s child. Zohra refuses it all. They are all furious and kainat is boggled. akram smiles evilly, as he remembers calling her from the outside, cajoling her saying that he is meeting a girl to fulfill his parents’ wish, but he shall marry only her,

as he loves her, and they are sirirng a child together too. She smiles. he traps her, saying that if she gets anyone’s call, she should deny about their relationship altogether. he smiles at his mother. She asks akram how did mahira get the pic. He says that he doesnt care and says that he knows zohra shall be quiet and he shall marry kainat, for the riches. Thats why when mahira calls up, Zohra says that she didnt send any pic. Azad cancels the call in disgust. mahira says that maybe the number is wrong, khan begum signals azad, and he says that her drama is over, and asks her not to be here tomorrow, and if this girl is seen, then saira and bano shall go too. they are tensed. He asks mahira to leave tomorrow, as he cant stand her in the house at any cost.

Mahira distraughtedly tries to convince them of her point, but they dont see it. azad says that her drama has been enough, and now she shouldnt be allowed to stay even for one second in the house. mahira turns around helplessly. saira and bano are amused. the groom’s mother says that its good that this girl is thrown out of the house, as is isnt good to be so lenient with the maids after all. Mahra is apalled as she walks out, while kainat is boggled. khan begum consoles her. Azad angrily slams the door shut on her face, as mahira confronts them with tearful eyes. she is in uncontrollable tears.

In the night, khan begum and anand kumar are super furious at the dining table, about what happened, and how a petty maid insulted them like this in front of kainat’s prospective family, saying that this has never happened before. anand kumar says that he doesnt know what would have happened had hey rejected kainat due to it. Azad angrily begins to speak, spewing venom. Amad asks him to chill, as he takes his seat too, saying that it was entertaining.

azad says that kainat’s life could have been spoiled, and he finds it entertainment. Azad and amad enter into a verbal scuffle yet again, where amad retorts back, to ever angry statement of azad. Kainat intervenes their fight, as they compose themselves for her sake. They are prepping for tomorrow’s engagement. khan begum says that she doesnt want anything to go wrong tomorrow, at any cost. She says that tomorrow is a big day and a big night too. Azad assures her that nothing shall go wrong at any cost.

In the outhouse, mahira is frustratedly packing her bags, while venting out her anger at how stupid the family is, that they cant see their own child is going forward to their life being ruined. she is sad that she is leaving the haveli. she remembers that her father taught her always to help the weak and desolate, and then says that noone is believeing her and she has no other option but to go. She also remembers that her father told her to keep her self respect intact. She wonders what to do. Just then, instorm saira and bano too angrily vent out her frustration at her, and throw her out of the house with her stuff. mahira asks where would she go at this time of the night. but they angrily go inside, leaving her stranded. Mahira is apalled as she eyes the lord, wondering where can she go. She takes her suitcase and then begins to walk out of the main gate.

The next day, Khan begum dresses up in grandeur, saying that the story thats been ongoing for 25 years shall finally end. khan begum says that tonight her daughter shall be engaged, and tonight itself, the blue kasjnar flower shall also blossom, which when she touches with her hands, she would regain her old powers and glory forever. she smiles evilly. She says that once she gets her powers back, she shall spread evil and destruction. the screen freezes on her evil face.

Khan begum is dressed and asks gazalla to ensure that nothing goes wrong today. gazalla gives this instruction to latif, who passes it on to saira and bano. later, Akram arrives with his family. Khan begum and anand kumar welcome them, while they taunt that they have a huge family, but were hesitant to bring them here, after the weay they got treated yesterday. Khan begum gets tensed. She vehemently says yes, when asked if they threw the maid out. Akram enters with his family, who his mother proclaims that they brought in only 11 members. gazalla finds that she has brought 12 members instead of 11, some of them burqa clad. One of them is mahira, who is certain that she wouldnt let akram marry and ruin kainat’s life, and shall definitely expose them infront of kainat and her family. She says that there must be some message, pic or call, that confirms his connection with zohra. finally mahira descends down the stairs,

with her friends. Mahira meanwhile stealthily makes her way closer to akram. As the engagement function is on, khan begum says that they should get the rings out. Just then, Mahira meanwhile comes in the disguise of a burqa, and stealthily tries to steal akram’s mobile frm his pocket. But azad draws him away oblivously just at that moment, and she steps back. Anand kumar continues with his dialogue delivery, as a hero, even in his normal routine, and gets emotional saying that he has acted enough, but this is a first time for her. As saira and banio serve food, mahira hungrily takes a plate, joking about it. They think that it felt like Mahira’s voice, and meanwhile, she goes aside and gorges down on food. but in her attempt to eat hungrily, she starts hiccuping.

she is given a glass of water, and when she finishes it and turns around to thank the person, she is shocked to find that azad gave her water, and in scare she throws the glass on the ground. she apologises. Azad asks if she is okay. She is scared and doesnt respond. He wonders who is this, and why was she behaving like this. Mahira mingles with the other burqa clad ladies. She wonders what shall he do now. He wonders how to identify, and if he should raise everyone’s burqa. She thinks that he shouldnt even think about that, as he would get bitten badly. Finally, unable to make a choice, he leaves. Mahira makes her way again close to akram and his family. She disguises her voice as akram’s aunt, and fools akram and takes his phone and goes out. he is tensed.

meanwhile, she starts surfing through the pics, and finds that it only contains his pics. but while surfing, she comes across something that shocks her. she stealthily, connects it through the USB cable to the big screen. Akram meanwhile begins to look around for the lady who took his phone. He comes to the burqa clad ladies, and asks them about his phone. The aunt that he refers to, vehemently deneis that she didnt take the phone. He is boggled. She denies that he didnt take it. he wonders who took it then. Khan begum and akram’s mother too hear this and are tensed. khan begum rushes to him and says that it must be here only. his mother too asks him not to think about the phone and commence with the engagement ceremony.

Akram happily complies, and is about to place the ring, when mahira tries to get the connections properly done. but before she can do that, the phone starts ringing, bringing everyone’s attention, particularly akram’s who identifies it as his ringtone. he says that its his phone. mahira is tensed and scared, as she faces their questioning eyes. His mother asks who is this lady. Azad gets suspicious and moves towards her tensed and angry. Azad eyes her suspiciously and then unveils her. They are angry and shocked to see mahira. Akram’s mother taunts her that she didnt go yet, and that they were being lied to. His mother and akram are tensed, as to what mahira was upto. mahira is embarassed, while khan begum is frustrated. mahira continues to once again say that she knows they are all angry, but asks them to believe that she isnt lying, as akram isnt a nice guy. Khan begum screams at her saying that its enough. Mahira is shocked. others are tensed. khan begum comes and slaps her. she is apalled. Akram and his mother are amused. mahira asks her to continue and hit more, if this is what she wants, but what she has to say, is important as kainat’s lifen is more precious than her self respect.

Khan beguma asks how dare she enter the haveli again, as she knows such girls nicely, as they do drama and then demand money to stop. Mahira stands tensed. anand Kumnar decides to call the police, so that they can come and take her. but azad asks him not to do this, as it wont be needed. Azad takes her hand and drags her towards the main door. mahira continues to vehemently plead for them to play on the screen, and just hear her out once.

Khan begum is irritated. Akram takes this chance to retrieve the phone. Just when she is about to be thrown out, the video starts playing, where akram along with zohra in his arms, professes that he loves her immensely and shall always keep her happy. Zohar asks how much he loves her. he says that he loves her so much, that he can die for her. they both romance each other. All are shocked and downright embarassed, as they turn around to look at the screen, while mahira stands tensedly. Azad and khan begum are shocked. Just then, a distressed zohra makes her entry from behind mahira, and confronts them all. Mahira tells zohra that its good that she came. all turn to look at mahira, and are shocked. akram and his mother stand flustered and tensed, as he hurriedly disconnects the phone from the screen kainat is distraught. the screen freezes on both the ladies’ faces.

All are shocked as they eye zohra standing with mahira. mahira remembers going to zohra’s house, and then confronts her, while zohra is about to shut the door on her face. mahira says that she doesnt regret being thrown out of the house once, but if she doesnt stop akram’s engagement with kainat, then she shall regret it forever. She asks zohra to tell everyone the truth. Zohra comes to face akram, and says that he had told her he was doing this sntire drama for his mother’s happiness. All are shocked. zohra tells him that this isnt a drama but the truth. Kainat is apalled. Zohra turns to her, and says that akram is the father of her conceived child. mahira is relieved, while all are shocked out of wits. Kainat collapses on the floor, while zohra goes and rushes out of the door.

Khan begum composes kainat and asks her not to cry and be strong. Akram says that this is a lie and mahira’s trap. Azad and amad get up and angrily grab akram, asking how dare he betray their loving little sister. Azad gets angry and says that he shall kill him, and strangulates him intensely, while amad too angrily gives him a blow on his face. kainat meanwhile is composed and supported by khan begum, as she breaks into tears, distraught and apalled. Khan begum sees that akram might suffocate and die too. she is tensed. Amad says that he shall throw him out, and grabs him by the collar and throws him out of the house. khan begum tensedly eyes azad. Azad tells khan begum that akram has seen what he truly is. she is shocked, but says that what the eyes see, the tongue says and only then does it get expressed. she asks azad through signals what needs to be done. he complies.

As mahira is leaving, kainat rushes to khan begum and azad in their room, and asks them to stop her, since she saved her life from being ruined today. Azad remembers being angry at her so many times. khan begum is worried. Kainat says that they should agree that mahira was right and they wrong, and they wont become small in that. azad is angry and says that he would kill akram the next time he sees him. kainat reminds that mahira told them that he was wrong. she begs him to stop mahira as if they dont, then she wont talk to anyone. She rushes out. azad decides to go and stop mahira. khan begum says that kainat is a child, but he is mature, and asks why is he wasting his time on a maid. He is told that he is getting late as its evening, and asks him if he remembers what night it is. he remembers that its the first full moon’s night. He remembers standing in front of a dead body in an isolated alley.

She says that the last time they got defeated in retrieving the blue kajnar flower. But this around, she wants him to turn the past around, and get the glower, as she cant wait for another four years, as many things might have changed. She tells him that at any cost, she needs him to get that flower anyhow. He says that either tomorrow the blue kajnar flower shall be hers, or the sun shall not rise tomorrow. he begins to go. she stops him. she asks him if he remembers that he has to do some ritual, before going to get the flower. He says that he shall do that later. she asks him to send saira and bano to get mahira back. He too supports kainat’s statements that they owe to mahira, and by stopping her, he might not pay his debt, but lighten it a little. he rushes out but finds mahira gone. he turns around to find that she is standing in front of him, saying that he neednt shout, as she is just leaving and just came back to get some stuff.

he stands boggled and tensed. While she is talking about his therapeutic cures for supernatural stuff, he is taken aback to memories of himself being under the leash, for his supernatural powers. She also reminds him that she is a highly egoist lady, and wont stay back now, even if he requests her. She turns around to go, hoping he would stop her. he asks her to stop as she neednt go anywhere. she is ecstatic, but turns around trying to act pricey. he is tensed, and says that kainat wants her to stay. She says that then for the sake of kainat, she would stay back, as she cant hurt kainat. She says that he would have to say the three magical words,

PLEASE to make her stop, THANK YOU for what she did AND SORRY for what he did. he behaves rude and says that he doesnt do this. She asks him to justs ay sorry then. he is speechless. amad comes in to tease him, saying that he never apologises. She is sure that she shall make azad apologise. amad then hits on her thanking her for what she did to kainat, and says that he shall take her out to dinner or movie, or party whatever she wants. she asks if its a date. He is amused and says Kinda. she swoons and he composes her. she says that she is super happy and he goes inside with his alluring smile.

As the moon lights up, Khan begum says that after 25 years, her wait shall finally be over, as azad is getting ready as per the ritual for getting the kajnar flower. He remembers the dead body yet again, and hopes that he doesnt do anything wrong again on this special night. He temptingly eyes the blood filled bottle. He comes out and she kisses him on the forehead, saying that the flower blossoms only in the midnight, when he isnt able to control himself. He asks her to be assured that despite the risks, he shall have to control himself, and get the flower, since his mother and his sister’s life is at stake and he shall get it back at any cost.

As mahira is resettling in the outhouse, kainat comes and thanks her profusely. Mahira asks her not to be formal, as she did this out of friendship, and that she is special and deserves the best. Kainat says that even her family says so, but is it true, eyeing her hand. Mahira says that everything happens for a reason, and she shall be okay. kainat gets depressed saying that this shall never be healed. she goes. mahira remembers about her father telling her about the therapeutic powers of the blue kajnar flower. She looks in the sky, and finds that its indeed the special full moon night, which comes in four years, and the blue kajnar flower blosssoms, which has high threapeutic powers, and that this is a previleged flower, and that his father had the fullest hope she shall get it.

Scene 2:

Location: In the jungles

Later in the night, while its getting late in the full moon night, azad eyes the watch and finds that its just ten minutes to midnight, and gets tensed to find the flower blossoming. mahira too arrives, wondering where she shall find it, and then gets her father’s directions, as she remembers to go after the moonlight, as that shall blossom the flower. She takes it as a hint, and progresses towards it. As the moonlight falls on the bid, and the flower blossoms, he finally spots the Blue kajnar flower, in the wilderness of the jungles, his eyes turning a shade of orange increasingly changing into blazing red and progresses towards it eagerly,

to grab it. He is however oblivious that mahira meanwhile too is wandering around in the same area, coming closer to him and the flower from the opposite end. she too spots the flower, and remembers her father telling her that when she sees the flower, she should think about the person who she wants to help. she decides to use it for kainat, as she needs it the most. The clock strikes midnight, and mahira is shocked to see flaring, blazing red eyes, from behind the bushes, where azad takes to hiding. the screen freezes on her scared face, as she screams.

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