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I DO - S01 E247

Story 1 year ago

I DO - S01 E247

Read Story: I DO Zeeworld, Thursday 22nd September 2022 Update

I DO Zeeworld, Thursday 22nd September 2022 Update

I DO Zeeworld, Thursday 22nd September 2022 Update

We start the episode with Before razia can shoot, wazira shifts her hand away with a jerk, and razia falls flat in the burning fire, and lets out a scream, as her face starts burning. wazira meanwhile is terribly hurt with the gunshot. Sanam sees this and is shocked, and says that she shall take her nearby somewhere where she can get medical aid.

wazira says that she wont go anywhere, as its her time to reunite with her love, but she makes sanam promise that she wouldnt let all of their sacrifices go in vain, and continue on with her mission, by staying alive. Wazira dies, and sanam clutches at her, saying that she wont let anything happen to her.

Sanam is distraught and says that she shall teach the guilty a lesson, and only one is left now. she says that the criminal wont be able to torture anyone else, and that the new bride shall pay for her sins, and no evil shall survive. She leaves. after sometime, razia gets up with her burnt face, saying that sanam wont be able to get rid of all evil, and till she is alive, she wont let her live in peace.

Scene 2:

Location: Ahil’s residence and razia’s hideout

The new bride is frustrated, as she takes a leg bath, while gazalla and latif rush to her care. She tells that sanam punctured her tyres, and she had to come barefeet all the way. gazalla wonders if there would be anymore good news coming. The new bride asks her to stay shut, if she cant say anything good. the phone rings. Latif tells that its razia, who is alive it means. the new bride hurriedly picks it up, and says that she is eagerly waiting for good news.

razia says that it would have been good news, had she not escaped. she tells the new bride everything, that shaad is dead, but sanam is alive, but she thinks that razia is dead. She says that now sanam shall head straight to her. the new bride asks how would she scare sanam now that shaad is dead. razia says that she is letting down the legacy of that house and mansion, and assures her that she is safe in the house. she says that she has sent her men to her house, and that sanam wont be able to reach her, as before that her men shall kill sanam. She cancels the call. the new bride orders them both to close all windows and doors. They comply. she sits tensedly.

Razia meanwhile gets the dressing done. the edoctor says that he did what he could, and the wounds shall heal but the marks shall go with time itself. Razia tells the doctor that the marks shouldnt erase, much to his surprise, as the marks are on her soul, and not the face, as every mark is a story, and this shall remind her of this incident. she says that she has always been conceived as a bad woman, and that she turned like that, because her husband deserted her and married someone else. she got betrayed, but still she was bad. she remembers how tanveer and gafur had treated her badly, and that she faced insult a thousand times,

and tortured too, and was thrown off her stature, but those who have firm will like her, know how to bounce back, as she remembers taking up Juda’s place, and maybe they lose a few rounds, but never lose on how to play the game. she turns around and tells the doctor, that she mightnt have won, but she wont be defeated too, as she hasnt escaped from the clutches of death, to be defeated, and that this story is incomplete, till she wins, and comes back with a bang, to reach her previous stature back, regaining what she lost. She says that maybe sanam has a motive today, that got fulfilled, but she wont settle down, till the world realises that evil cant be eradicated. she says that she is going now, but would return soon, to create a new world of terror. she says that destiny has played another game with her, and once again, she accepts it.

Scene 3:

Location: Sanam’s hideout

The Indian Officer commends sanam for the brilliant work in unfoiling shashi and her plots. she says that the true credit for it goes to shaad. He agrees, and says that he shall contact the Pakistani Army to ask them to give Shaad the stature of a martyr. he takes her leave. She eyes shaad’s locket and gets emotional. she eyes the bare wall, containing only the new bride’s pic now, to be destroyed. She clutches at ahil’s gifted black shawl, that she had unknowingly selected too.

Sanam clutches at it and says that she is going to punish his biggest guilty person. she says that the new bride has tortured him badly, scared him, but now its her turn to be scared and she shall die a thousand deaths before actually dying. She says that the good shall have to win over evil and she shall have to pay for it now. She says that her journey of revenge shall reach its destination, with the new bride’s death today. She says that they may not have united, but noone would dare to separate two lovers anymore, as whenever they do, they shall be scared remembering the tales of her revenge.

Scene 4:

Location: Ahil’s residence

The new bride is thoroughly inspecting the security systems, while one of them smirks that its actually a woman they are setting all this up for, as how harmful could she possibly be. gazalla and latif go into a rant of how sanam has found this power of love, that currently makes her undefeatable. The new bride asks them to shut up and stop glorifying sanam and her power of love. gazalla says that they cant thwart sanam forever. she says that she has her plans that shall settle this forever, so that they wont have to be locked in like this. latif asks if she has anymore plans. she says that she shall continue till she is alive and she would try something so devilish that when it executes, sanam shall be so weak, destroying her would be childplay.

Later, he new bride sits with her black magic setup. She thinks that noone can defeat her now, once her black magical power is completely throttled back, with determination. she says that then she would destroy sanam easily. she says that once her black magic awakens she shall put sanam to sleep forever. As she begins, she hears sanam’s voice, saying that all this is in vain now. The new bride is scared and shocked too, and turns around but finds noone.

The new bride says that she wont think about her at all, but again hears sanam’s voice saying that evil power cant withstand the pressure of true love, which has strengthened even more now. she is distracted and gets up, berserk and dishevelled, calling out to her, searching for her. she says that she shall have to get rid of her fear for sanam, and assures herself that sanam cant be here, as all windows and doors are locked, and she cant harm her. she again begins her procedure, saying that she wont think about sanam, but the thoughts of sanam eliminating her enemies one by one, keep haunting, until she finally hallucinates, that she is begging for sanam’s mercy as she points a revolver at her. She gets unfocussed, and then destroys her entire setup. She says that she wont let sanam win at any cost. the screen freezes on her scared face, as she cowers in a corner.

The new bride frustratedly wanders around the room, looking around for the property papers, pretty unnerved and rattled by the scare of sanam. But then she jerks it off suddenly saying that she neednt be scared from sanam at all, and her fear is what is emboldening sanam, and that she being evil reincarnate can stand upto anything that sanam tries, and defeats her at it.

Scene 2:

Location: At the dargah

The new bride’s mother is trying to steal money from the box meant for generous offerings, and gets caught. The people decide that they shall send her to police as she tried theft at the most pious place of all. But then sanam comes to her rescue saying that she knows the lady and that she was just trying to help her,

to retrieve the purse that she had accidentally dropped in the box. They are boggled. when sanam stealthily drops it and then picks it up, from inside the box, they are all relieved and get busy yet again. the lady meanwhile profusely thanks her saying that she doesnt know who she is, but is extremely grateful that she helped her out, in her helplessless, as she isnt evil at all. She says that she has nothing to give to sanam. sanaam identifies herself, and the lady is shocked. she tells what her daughter did, and she is shocked. She says that she is going to need a help. The lady listens, as she remembers insulting and abandoning her own devil daughter.

Scene 3:

Location: Ahil’s residence

Sanam makes an entry in the house, disguised as a fogging mehcanic, and after much interrogation, she is able to fool razia’s men and the minute they let her through, she uses the fogging liquid to catch them off guard, and enter the mansion. she looks at the haveli, which is her birthplace and where she saw much ups and downs of life. She hollers at the new bride to come out, and face her, as she is the owner of such a big mansion, and is right now, cowering away someplace in deep scare. she tells that she is such an evil lady, and that she has masterminded many a plans, and she is scared now of her. she comes inside and doesnt find her in the room. the new bride is actually hiding inside a box. Sanam says that she has only one way out now.

Sanam takes the property papers and uses them to blackmail the new bride. She threatens to burn it up, for which she worked so hard. the new bride finally gets out of the closet. the new bride says that its one thing to pick a revolver, but shooting is another, and that she can hate someone but killing someone is a different story. sanam asks her not to be mistaken. Sanam tells the new bride, with the revolver pointed at her, saying that its time for her to pay for her sins, and she can pick a revolver and also shoot if needed, to avenge the death of ahil. the new bride watches amusedly. sanam fires, and the new bride falls flat on the ground. she gets up after sometime with a guffaw, and easily takes the bullet out of her flesh. Sanam is boggled. The new bride stands up yet again, and asks if she actually thought that she could kill her with this playtoy of a revolver. sanam is still confused.

She says that she isnt an evil force by habits, but actually the devil, as there’s a knife in her black dagger, and these toys cant affect her. She asks her to shoot again if she doesnt believe, and aim straight at the heart yet again. sanam is shocked and dumbstruck. The new bride tells about the time that ahil had shot at her, and regretted it terribly after that. she asks sanam if she actually thought she shall be scared and beg for mercy, and that she knew that she cant do anything against her, and this was all meant to be a trap, for her so that she could easily kill her. she says that she couldnt be ahil’s in life, and couldnt even fulfill her promise to him, after death. sanam is shocked. the new bride says that now she shall die. sanam gets emotional and asks what she got out of all this,

by destroying ahil and sanam’s life, and that she wasnt even meant to marry ahil, and had already given meher too for divorce. The new bride says that she has been used enough, first by tanveer and when she was about to become the begum, sanam stepped in. the new bride says that when you love someone, you expect the person to love you back too, but she just got hatred in return. Sanam asks what love is she talking about, the love that was never hers at all, which was always destiend to be for sanam.The new bride says that she wont let them be together at any cost, as her love story didnt materialise. the new bride tells sanam that she shall send her to ahil forever and ever, and they they shall finally unite. She points the revolver at her. the screen freezes on sanam’s shocked face.

The new bride aims the revolver at sanam and is shocked to find her mother standing in the way. she asks how can she be with her enemy, when she is her mother. The mother remembers how sanam told her at the dargah, that she isnt asking her to go against her daughter as she isnt even her daughter anymore, and has turned into a devil, and started on a road that only leads to destruction. She understands. the new bride reminds her mother that being the possessor of black magic, that she only taught her daughter, there isnt anything that can destoyr her possibly. Her mother asks her to revise and remember her lessons again, as she had only told here about the antidote to her black magic too in her training. The new bride is shocked, as she remembers how her mother taught her the black magic, through a crystal ball, for a motive thats good, and how she

can change her destiny, and that this power might draw her towards evil, and her goodness shall be lost, and if it so happens, then she would

destroy herself. She asks her mother if she is invincible now, and her mother says that as long as she has the powers, she would be invincible, but she shouldnt be overconfident, as time changes within no time, and hence she would be on her guard. Her mother also tells her that if she tries to go the wrong path, ultimately within sometime she would find herself creating her own destruction. She remembers being arrogant saying that noone shall defeat her now. The mother says that there’s one thing that can defeat her and then shows her the crystal ball, that can strip her of her powers if she stares at it. She asks her mother to keep it to herself only, as she only trusts her with this ball, as she wouldnt ever possibly turn against her own mother.

The new bride remembers this and tells her mother that she cant give this ball to her. her mother takes it out and says that she hasnt and doesnt intend to give it to anyone or sanam too. she shows a peek of it, to the new bride and she turns around screaming in shock. she rushes out of the room, continuously asking her not to do this, as she is her mother, and she cant take away this magic from her. She rushes out of the room, with the mother and sanam after her. she hides behind a sofa and covers her eyes with her dupatta, shutting them tight. She closes her eyes, while her mother keeps trying to show it to her. sanam tries to wrangle her grasp out, but the new bride gives her a push, and they both fall at a distance. The new bride gets uo and anrgily goes towards sanam. Her mother tries to intervene, but she shoves her away. the new bride catches sanam by the throat, while she winces in pain,

and throws her back on the sofa. she takes a vase and hits sanam with it, and sanam doses into unconsciousness. She turns around to find her mother gone. just then, sanam gets up from behind, and pushes her on the ground. sanam and the new bride get into a fistfight and scuffle, where sanam pins her head down on the floor, locking her hands, while the new bride struggles to get free. Justn then, the new bride’s mother shows her something in a crystal ball, seeing which she screams out in horror, desperately trying to wriggle free. Finally the entire magic is drawn out, and she drops unconscious exhausted. sanam is shocked. The mother tells sanam that evil has approached, and she would have to break it, to end all evil finally.

Sanam takes the crystal ball, and eyes it surprisingly. the new bride begins to move somehow, and finds a knife kept on the table, she slowly staggers towards it, with much difficulty, while sanam eyes the ball in surprise. the new bride rushes and lunges at sanam with a knife, but her mother comes in between and takes the fatal blow, much to the despair and horror of both the sanams. Her mother falls on the floor, while the new bride is distraught that she plunged a knife into her. She then eyes the crystal ball in sanam’s hand. Her evil mind works yet again, and she cries to sanam, saying that she has done a lot of wrong to her, and she would do just as sanam asks her to do. She begs sanam to spare her mother, and let her be, as only she can save her mother. sanam and the new bride get into a fistfight and scuffle, where sanam pins her head down on the floor, locking her hands, while the new bride struggles to get free.

Justn then, the new bride’s mother shows her something in a crystal ball, seeing which she screams out in horror, desperately trying to wriggle free. But then she finds her mother asking her not to do so. Sanam is reminded that her mother advised her to not to give into any pleads of the new bride, as she would try anything to get that ball back but she shouldnt let the goodness get over her, and forgive only that person who is worth forgiving. sanam gets up with the ball.

She tells the new bride that the mother who she didnt care for when she was alive, she would care much when she dies. She takes and grabs the new bride’s hand, and then makes her stand up and snatches her towards the corridor, remembering her swear of revenge. She locks the new bride inside her room. Then she rushes back to the new bride’s mother, and then tells her not to worry, as nothing would happen to her, and she would be fine. She picks her mother up. Meanwhile, from the room, the new bride screams out sanam’s name, distraughtedly asking her to open the door. Finally, she is able to do so herself, and in a daze, she comes out, thrashing sanam that she cant do this.

Scene 2:

Location: Sanam’s hideout

Sanam and the peer baba, rest the new bride’s mother. The mother says that those fear death, who want something from life, but she doesnt want anything. She says that whole life she thought that the lord wouldnt spare her, for creating a devil like the new bride, but she is happy, that having helped her made her lessen her sins. sanam says that no mother is good or evil, and she didnt do anything wrong, and she just trained her daughter who then put it to wrong use.

The mother wishes that the lord had given her a daughter like this sanam, and she is happy that once again in her form, the good shall fight and win over the evil. she breathes a huge relief, and then dies. Sanam is shocked. The peer Baba prays for her. He reminds sanam that she should leave this war now. She says that maybe the new bride is stripped of her powers, but thats too less a punishment of what she did to ahil. She says that she doesnt want the new bride to regain her powers back ever, and hence she shall finish the devil today, and give her such a punishment, that no devil dares to separate lovers again.

Scene 3:

Location: Ahil’s residence

Sanam stands atop the cliff, remembering the fatal day that she lost ahil, with the crystal ball in her hand. The new bride comes and says that she knew she would find her here only, where her husband, her love breathed her last, and that she too would die here only. She says that till the last move, win or loss cant be decided,

and that she played a nice move, but sanam couldnt outsmart her, as she is habituated to life now and doesnt need death Sanam turns around and smiles at her, while the new bride points a gun at her. the new bride tells her that she can spare her life if she decides to give her crystal ball to her. the screen freezes on sanam’s face.

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