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I DO - S01 E236

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: I DO On Zeeworld, Monday 12th September 2022 Update

We start the episode with saif and shashi are given a grand welcome by ahil and the new sanam. The reporters ask for a pic of the nawab with his wife, and ahil hesitates, but on the new bride’s insistence, he reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, as saif gets time, he tries to flirt around with the new bride, but she is too angry at his betrayal in trying to kill ahil behind her back.

he uses the advantage of the gathering, to coax her into giving him another chance and hearing what he has to say, or else he creates a scene. She is asked to wear the saree that saif had selected for her. she refuses, but he says that if she dowsnt wear, he wont get married, and if that doesnt happen, shaad and sanam’s marriage too shall be delayed, and that would delay all of her plans. The new bride leaves, fuming with rage, being left with no other option.

Meanwhile, ahil helps shaad to dress up as the groom resignedly, while both of them stand tensedly. while sanam is dressing up, the new bride helps her, and intentionally hurts her, while apologising for the same. Shashi too does the same with shashi. as the new bride walks in the lobby, she is taken inside with a jerk, by saif, who says that she had threatened him that she shall teach him a lesson, and now he shall show his masculinity to her, completely inebriated. She shoves him away, while running out.

Finally, nazia is brought down by shashi, who is shocked to see the new bride in the dress, that saif had said he chose for her for their honeymoon. she is distraught, wondering if she is about to do something wrong. She comes down to meet ahil, who finds her tensed, and gives her a long lecture, on how her nervousness is natural, but she shouldnt leave her faith on love. Shashi thinks that he made her job much easier. saif too comes down with the new bride. The marriage finally commences, where with a heavy heart,

nazia finally agrees, and then saif complies too. all congratulate each other. Ahil is taunted by the new bride, about his loss of love, while he still shows an optimistic attitude and hope for love. then its time for the other couple to descend. as sanam and shaad come down the aisle from opposite ends, and walk, both are extremely nervous. The screen freezes on their faces.

Shaad and sanam face each other tensedly, when nazia points out that ahil is noweher to be seen. the new bride amusingly thinks that he must be grieving and lamenting somewhere in some corner. the priest begins with the marriage, and asks anyone to speak up if they have issues with the marriage.

sanam thinks that she has no option but to leave everything on the lord or the sirtuation and if anything was going owrong, it would rectify itself. Shaad meanwhile desperately hopes that sanam realises her true love and stops herself from taking this step. the new sanam hastily says that noone has any issues, and the priest again proceeds. As the rituals begin, the new sanam gets saif’s call, and she leaves aside to pick the call, and is asked to come up rightaway, while she says that she wont budge, till the marriage isnt done. he says that her threat to stop the marriage isnt only ahil, but through him too, as he might just blurt out downstairs, that jannat is actually sanam. She warns that he wont do this. he laughs and adds that he can do anything for love. she is furious, as he asks her to come in 5 seconds. He starts the countdown and when she finally spots him, she asks him to hold on while she goes to meet him.

She asks gazalla to keep a close eye on the marriage. shashi is frustrated that saif had to indulge in adultery today of all days. as nazia goes after the new sanam, who she suspects is going to meet saif, shashi stops her distracting her to meet some guests. Gazalla is angry when a guest mistakes her for a waitress. latif comes in and solves the dispute. sanam thinks that she is going to be tied in the purest relationship, whose sanctity is unquestionable. She remmebers her moments with ahil. the priest tells sanam that she is destined to be married to ahil, at a fixed alimony, and if she agrees to the marriage. she is speechless,

while gazalla and latif are shocked. She finally speaks up saying that she agrees. shaad is distraught, yet relieved too. gazalla and latif are boggled as to whats happening. Latif is sure that she saw shaad sitting there. Just then, shaad is surrounded by his men, and he exchanegs his position with ahil, who takes the groom’s pagdi, hiding his face, while the men keep all this in hiding. shaad has a broken heart, yet he keeps the promise made. Ahil takes shaad’s position and sits back. the men clear the space. latif and gazalla are left boggled, as shaad stands behind the curtain. Then the priest asks the same question from ahil raza abrahim, if he accepts to the marriage, and latif and gazalla are shocked. While sanam has her eyes closed, ahil eyes her through the curtain.

Meanwhile, saif tries to get intimate with the new sanam, who is disgusted by his inebriated condition. Before anything can happen, gazalla comes and in jumbled words, she is barely able to express whats happening downstairs. The new sanam, catches a hint, and rushes down the stairs distraughtedly, but its too late, as ahil by that time, has already given consent to the marriage, while a tear escapes shaad’s eyes, through mixed emotions. Sanam has her eyes closed, while ahil too gets overwhelmingly emotional. She wonders whats happening to her, as she can only see ahil’s face and name everywhere. the priest congratulates them both on their marriage.

The new sanam rushedly comes and sees whats hactually happening, as ahil again changes his pagdi with shaad, and after the marriage, makes shaad sit down yet again as the groom. She is frustrated and stands dejected. Ahil tells shaad that he thought today, he lost sanam forever, but due to him, he didnt. He remembers shaad telling that the truth neither sanam knows nor him, and that she is lying to everyone including herself, and then how they came up with this unique plan of marriage, after shaad shows ahil the video recording of sanam’s breakdown after the mehendi fiasco. Ahil is distraught thinking that sanam still does love him,

and that she still has him in ervery emotion, every breath and in the deepest core of her heart. shaad assures that love cant be defeated. shaad says that now for their love to culminate, this needs to be done. Ahil and shaad hug each other. Ahil then leaves from there. Sanam opens her eyes to take a look at the groom, and finds shaad, in the sehra. the new sanam thinks that her efforts went in vain, and that shaad may be happy sacrificing his love, but it would cost him dearly.

Later, in his room, ahil thanks the lrod profusely for having averted a huge disaster and supporting him in his cause. the new bride comes in furious and then stands behind ahil, and is about to hug him, when he jerks her away. He asks whats she doing, and she says that she is doing exactly whats to be done between a husband and wife. He asks her to stop. she teases him saying that she is doing exactly what he wants. he smirks at her, while she says that the lord did unite lovers, shaad got his jannat, and when that happened, he cant have his sanam, and they became two lives, one soul, and now when their marriage is done, the wedding night too shall be consummated, where sanam shall be in shaad’s arms, and thats why she cant leave him alone. he holds and pins her, and says that this cant be.

She asks why not, as they are a couple. He says that shaad and jannat wont consummate the marriage, and that she shall never be able to replace his sanam’s place inm his life. He leaves. She is in a rage, thinking that she has already taken, and noone can topple her. She asks if he actually thinks that his conspiracy with shaad shall go unnoticed by her and she wont do anything about it. she swears to avenge this, that even if they didnt get marriae, they shall definitely consummate their marriage. the screen freezes on her face.

Shaad stands in the corridor boggled, as to how sanam can be married, but spend the wedding night with him instead. He thinks that she is merely ahil’s prized possession, lying securely with him, and hence he cant abuse it. he decides to give sedatives to sanaam so that she sleeps through the night, and apologises to her in his mind, that he inevitably has no option but to do this. He begins to walk, eyeing the meds in his hands. the new bride hears this from a distance and is furious.While shaad is walking, gazalla and latif come to stop him, with senseless banter about some ritual. They keep him busy, while the new bride signals at them to keep him busy and engaged. they comply, and then leave, after they get their work done, and tamper with the meds in his hands, and replacxe it with some other meds.

In her room, nazia waits for saif, while just then, shashi comes and asks if she is upset that saif deliberately gave the saree to that new bride, and then takes the blame on herself, saying that it was her mistake. nazia is relieved and thanks her for unburdening her. Shashi asks her to keep this to herrself, and that she assures nazia that she wont ever face any problem in her care. Saif cwalks in, and shashi and he start a charade when she asks him to take good care of her and he swears that he shall always keep nazia happy. shashi blesses them both to be happy, and then takes their leave. naZia then tells saif, that she wishes to start afresh forgetting everything frm the past. he gives an ideal answer that he would try and be the best husband, and that starts right now, and gives her a glass of milk. she says that she doesnt feel like. He gets tensed, and requests her to do so, for his sake. She complies, and gulps it down.

In her room, the new bride thinks that when one door closes, the other opens, and that after shaad and sanam’s wedding night consummation today, shaad and ahil’s friendship shall be over. She lies down, and then feels something moving beside. she turns around in horror, and lets out a mini yelp, as she finds that its saif, who gave sedatives to nazia,. to be with the new bride, on his weddiong night, as he had promised that he would. she is tensed, while he is all lusty and seductive. She thinks that he gave nazia sleeping pills while shaad obliviously gave sanam other meds.

Meanwhile, shaad gives sanam meds, saying that she cant skip them, while she reluctantly hesitates, but then gives in, when he is stern. He is tensed as she eats the meds. He says that he would just come. As he leaves, sanam sits tensedly. An intoxicated and sensual sanam engages shaad intimately, who is shocked and boggled that she didnt sleep as planned, and is instead on the road to the consummation of her marriage with him, that never happened. Finally, with him on the bed, she doses off on top of him. He places her on the bed, and caresses her face, as she lies in deep sleep, oblivious that its being recorded and watches live by gazalla and latif in their room. As they find that shaad has put her to sleep, gazalla rushes hurriedly to the new bride’s room, and is shocked, when a bare torsoed saif opens the doors, angrily. gazalla is amused. the new bride reprimands her was to whats the problem now. Gazalla tells that sanam slept with her meds, and she is boggled.

Shaad comes out of the room, and finds the new bride taunting him, for having fulfilled his promise to ahil, and smirks as to what kind of a man he is, that he is giving his heart away on a platter to ahil, and she knows that ahil wont be able to reunite with sanam. he asks her to stay awau from the couple, as they are meant to be. He walks ahead, while she says that ahil and sanam shall part ways, and their relationship shall break, and this work, he shall do for him. The new sanam tells shaad that she needs a small favour from him, and he has to do it, and blackmails him by showing her intimate pics with him, when she laced his drink with sedative. He is shocked. The screen freezes on his shocked face.

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