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The Emergence Of An

Extraordinary Treasure?

As Huang Xiaolong sucked all four divine fires into his body, the usually hidden Treasure Dragon diagram emerged, absorbing the essence force from the Azure Dragon Divine Fire at a frenzied speed.

The Azure Dragon Divine Fire’s vast essence force filled Huang Xiaolong’s dantian and Qi Sea to the brim in the blink of an eye.

Like all the times before, Huang Xiaolong began compressing the true immortal essence force in his dantian and god battle qi in his Qi Sea, but they quickly filled up again.

Filling up, compressing! Filling up again and being compressed!

Huang Xiaolong had already lost count of the number of times he had been suppressing and compressing his true immortal essence and god battle qi. This continued until it reached a point where both his dantian and Qi Sea reached the limit, he could no longer compress the energies any further. His Qi Sea began to crack, faint lines of blood seeped out and began stretching longer.

Whereas in his dantian, the true immortal essence force was rolling violently, expanding chaotically like thorns piercing out in all directions.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong’s soul sea lit up with inexhaustible light, radiant and brilliant. As the essence from the Azure Dragon Divine Fire continued to temper his body and soul, the clarity of Huang Xiaolong’s soul reached a pinnacle point.

Amidst everything, enormous hurricanes emerged in Huang Xiaolong’s soul sea one after another. This was the first sign of a godhead’s condensation.

Sitting cross-legged inside the main mansion of the Heavenly God Mountain, Huang Xiaolong was bathed in a sea of white luminance that grew more intense as time passed. The dragon qi inside his body rushed out, turning into a myriad of dragons, their thunderous roars resounding to the heavens.

Huang Xiaolong’s body exuded boundless, majestic dragon might.

Subsequently, golden Buddha luminance lit up a part of the sky, flowing out endlessly from Huang Xiaolong’s soul sea. Above the mansion, a great golden Buddha in meditation appeared, chanting a profound mantra. Buddhist force crashed outwards like the rising tide.

After the divine dragons and golden Buddhas, Asura qi rushed out, forming powerful and domineering archdevils, looking like the rulers of hell.

The myriad of dragons, countless golden Buddhas, and looming archdevils formed a strange diagram in the sky above the Heavenly God mansion. The three different energy lights were interacting and merging together.

More and more divine dragons, golden Buddhas, and archdevils appeared, the three different groups of light grew more intense, spreading out. In a short amount of time, they had cast a veil over the entire Heavenly Mountain. Before long, the three groups of light had exceeded the Heavenly Mountain’s boundary, breaking past the layers of array formations, overtaking the valley and soaring into the sky outside.

Countless divine dragons, golden Buddhas and hell archdevils flickered in and out within the tri-colored sea of light.

Affected by the whelming presence of the three manifestations, the lightning force from the whole valley, within a radius of several thousand li, became volatile and intense. Furthermore, the Overflowing Lightning World’s ninth heaven lightning gathered ferociously toward the valley.

In the beginning, only the valley’s surrounding several thousand li were affected, but the three groups of light soon passed ten thousand li, spreading towards twenty thousand li, thirty thousand li…

When three kinds of light reached as far as ten thousand li from the valley, it finally attracted the attention of many participating disciples, as well as their shock.

“What is this?! What caused this valley’s lightning force to become so volatile? Also, lightning force is gathering above that valley!” A Wangu Clan disciple that wasn't far from the valley exclaimed.

“Three kinds of bright light! Divine dragons, golden Buddhas, and archdevils appearing at the same time!” At this time, another Wangu Clan disciple arrived, standing high in the air, exuding a powerful divine might. “Is this the emergence of an extraordinary treasure?”

The present Wangu Clan disciples quickly saluted respectfully when they saw the owner of the voice, greeting, “Big brother Yanhui!”

The newly arrived person was none other than the Wangu Clan’s greatest genius, Wangu Yanhui.

“Extraordinary treasure? Not necessarily.” A voice sounded in response to Wangu Yanhui’s question.

“Big brother Mu Qi!” The surrounding Mu Clan disciples greeted enthusiastically when they saw this person, the currently ranked fourth on the ranking list, Mu Qi.

The phenomenon around the valley had already continued for a few days and news begin to spread, attracting even more disciples. Thus, there was a large number of disciples near the valley, and even disciples within the top ten like Wangu Yanhui and Mu Qi rushed over to that location.

“Whether it is related to an extraordinary treasure or not, we just need to enter the valley and have a look.” Wangu Yanhui said in a matter-of-fact tone. He then disappeared in a flicker, whistling like an arrow as he flew toward the valley. In mere seconds, Wangu Yanhui broke past the layers of roiling lightning energy in the air, getting closer to the Heavenly Mountain.

Watching this, Mu Qi also flew forward.

The disciples around remained where they were. They had tried to enter the valley before this, however, shortly after they entered, most of them were injured by the lightning force in the atmosphere, forcing them to return in a sorry state.

“Will Wangu Yanhui and Mu Qi be able to enter the depths of the valley?” Several Zhou Clan disciples whispered amongst themselves.

A Wangu Clan disciple heard what they were saying and harrumphed coldly, “‘You don’t even have the strength to enter the valley, so how could the lot of you be compared our Big brother Yanhui? With our Big brother Yanhui’s abilities, he can definitely reach the depths of the valley!”

“Our Big brother Mu Qi will also be able to reach the depths!” Mu Clan disciples strongly emphasized.

One minute, two minutes, twenty minutes ticked by.

The crowd of disciples was waiting outside when Wangu Yanhui and Mu Qi’s figures were seen speeding out in a hurry. Scratches and dents could be seen on their divine armors, dust and dirt on their faces; Wangu Yanhui and Mu Qi’s miserable state was no better than the previous disciples’.

Sensing the various gazes on them, both Wangu Yanhui and Mu Qi felt awkward.

Ignoring these gazes, Wangu Yanhui and Mu Qi each led the disciples of their own clan away.

The remaining disciples exchanged silent looks. The strange behavior of Wangu Yanhui and Mu Qi raised some speculations.

In the Heavenly God’s mansion, three kinds of light continued to surge out from Huang Xiaolong’s body. The energy contained in those three lights was too vast, causing his flesh to rupture and bleed inch by inch.

However, aided by the four divine fires’ essence, Huang Xiaolong’s wounds mended themselves.

This process repeated many a time.

As Huang Xiaolong continuously bleed and healed, a whirlpool formed above his head, expanding to an enormous size. The Overflowing Lightning World’s purest lightning force was devoured by this whirlpool, channeled into Huang Xiaolong’s new body.

Above the valley, the huge amount of lightning force that previously gathered transformed into a horde of lightning flood dragons, possessing terrifying destructive power. Even disciples as far as ten thousand li away felt palpitations.

Then, an even more horrifying burst of energy rushed out from the depths of the valley like a tsunami, wave after wave.

When this horrifying energy rushed out, angry lightning rained down on the valley’s perimeter. Some disciples were too slow and were whipped into the air by lightning.

Above Huang Xiaolong’s soul sea, the three lights were condensing, yet growing bigger at the same time. The space and time laws threads belonging to each of the three lights began transforming.

One day, ten days, one month, two months…

By now, the center of the three groups of light had reached ten li in diameter, but it still didn't stop expanding. There seemed to be something gestating within these lights, pulsating like a heart. Every beat was akin to lightning strikes, shaking the whole valley.

The weaker disciples among those watching outside the valley vomited blood, their state of mind greatly affected. Faces paled and everyone scrambled away in fear. At this point, they finally understood why Wangu Yanhui and Mu Qi led their clans’ disciples away from here.

This was not some extraordinary treasure waiting to be born, this valley was shackling an extremely fierce beast!

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