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Slowly Dimmed

Looking at the countless divine dragons blocking the sky, Xiang Mingzhi panicked for a moment, letting out a mad, angry roar, “Thousand Lightning Divine Palm!” Glaring lightning burst out from Xiang Mingzhi’s body as he pushed the power of his Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique to the extreme. His palms struck out continuously at Huang Xiaolong.

In a short moment, numerous palm imprints formed from divine lightning force collided with countless divine dragons attacking him.

However, the seemingly powerful large number of lightning palms could only be described as feeble against the horde of divine dragons.

Hundreds and thousands of divine dragons shattered Xiang Mingzhi’s lightning palms in the blink of an eye.

Although the Dragon qi contained in those divine dragons weakened after passing through Xiang Mingzhi’s attack, they continued onward, rushing toward Xiang Mingzhi.

Xiang Mingzhi’s face was deathly pale, his hands waved in the air and the Azure Dragon Divine Fire flew out again, roaring in anger as it rushed into the horde of divine dragons. However, just as the Azure Dragon moved, it was blocked by the Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird, and White Tiger Divine Fires.

The hundred thousand divine dragons arrived before Xiang Mingzhi.

By this point, it was already too late for him to dodge and he was knocked into the air, crashing against the hard rock cliff in the distance, shaking the whole cliff wall. Rocks and pebbles rolled down, as did Xiang Mingzhi, vomiting several mouthfuls of blood.

Earlier, he was already gravely injured after battling the four disciples, and now, after suffering a full force attack from Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Mingzhi’s injuries greatly worsened. If it weren’t for his attack managing to weaken the power of the hundred thousand divine dragons, adding on top of that his achievement in the Body of the Azure Dragon technique, he would be left with half a life by now.

Xiang Mingzhi struggled to his feet, fear and fury could be seen in his eyes as he glared at Huang Xiaolong with ferocity. A second later, however, Xiang Mingzhi let out a frenzied laughter, “Huang Xiaolong, you want to kill me? It won't be so easy! I have condensed a top rank ten godhead, invincible in this world, even if you have the three divine fires, you still won’t be able to erase the trace of my soul inside the godhead, no one can kill me!” Xiang Mingzhi’s godforce suddenly became volatile, surging madly.

Above his soul sea, a purple crystal-like godhead about ten meters in diameter that was emitting a golden-purple light was rotating at high speed, water and fire godforce flying out in all directions.

In general, rank five godheads or even rank seven godheads condensed by cultivators were only as big as an adult’s fist, but Xiang Mingzhi’s godhead actually reached ten meters in diameter!

Not only that, his godhead contained two different types of elemental force!

Watching the water and fire element godforce rushing out from Xiang Mingzhi’s body, Huang Xiaolong’s brows were scrunched into a frown. He didn’t expect Xiang Mingzhi’s godhead to contain two kinds of elements forces.

“Huang Xiaolong, you can go to hell!” Xiang Mingzhi bellowed with fury as he lunged at Huang Xiaolong while both of his hands moved, directing his water and fire element forces to attack Huang Xiaolong.

“Azure Dragon Sword Qi!”

“Hell’s Nether Flaming Palm!”

The water element force on his right hand gathered a vast quantity of sword qi, vibrating akin to azure dragons swimming in water. Meanwhile, his left hand struck out a giant hand imprint condensed by the Hell’s Nether Flaming Palm move, left in its path was only darkness and soot.

The Azure Dragon Sword Qi and Hell’s Nether Flaming Palm were two ultimate skills that Xiang Mingzhi had been cultivating these past few years in the Azure Dragon Institute’s forbidden land.

Xiang Mingzhi had great confidence striking out these two ultimate techniques that simultaneously combined with his water and fire element godforce, for even a late-Third Order Highgod Realm would be greatly injured!

He didn't believe that Huang Xiaolong could withstand this attack!

‘Die, die, die, die for me!’

Xiang Mingzhi’s eyes were scarlet with bloodlust. He only had one thought on his mind: kill Huang Xiaolong!

Xiang Mingzhi watched as his Azure Dragon Sword Qi and Hell’s Nether Flaming Palm were about to land on his opponent. Huang Xiaolong stood leisurely, lifting a finger in an unhurried pace, and tapped his finger forward.

A mini-sized mountain flew out.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong actually retrieved his three divine fires, calling out a tiny mountain instead to block his attack, Xiang Mingzhi laughed shrilly after the briefest moment of shock, “Huang Xiaolong, you’re asking for death!”

Xiang Mingzhi barely finished his words when the mini-sized mountain expanded as if it was inflated by the wind, turning into a great mountain that blocked the entire sky above the valley. Thick fog roiled around the mountain. Xiang Mingzhi’s Azure Dragon Sword Qi and Hell’s Nether Flaming Palm landed on the great mountain like sand into the sea, not shaking it in the slightest.

After the mountain blocked Xiang Mingzhi’s attack, it flew forward, slamming into Xiang Mingzhi.

Colliding with the great mountain, Xiang Mingzhi’s Body of the Azure Dragon became distorted, his chest sinking in. His lower body exploded from the impact, splattering blood and flesh everywhere.

Xiang Mingzhi was born with the unique Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique. Adding his major completion of the Body of the Azure Dragon technique and his close to a hundred years of being tempered by the Azure Dragon Divine Fire, as well as his water and fire element godforce, Xiang Mingahi’s physical defenses had reached a horrifying level, yet part of his body exploded in the collision!

Xiang Mingzhi crashed into the cliff wall far away, buried beneath the rocks, unable to move for a long time.

Huang Xiaolong smirked; a powerful suction force from his hand pulled him out from the cliff wall. Xiang Mingzhi tried raising his head with extreme difficulty, looking fearfully at the great mountain in front of him. ‘What is this thing?!’ His Body of the Azure Dragon and Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique were so fragile before this mountain.

At that moment, it did not occur to Xiang Mingzhi that this was the Heavenly Mountain that was taken away by someone, or more accurately, it never occurred to him that the person who took away the Heavenly Mountain was Huang Xiaolong.

“Time to end this.” Huang Xiaolong said as he walked toward Xiang Mingzhi.

At this time on the Aeon Square, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi and the Azure Dragon Institute members were looking intently at Xiang Mingzhi’s name sitting in the 67th place with beaming smiles.

After killing the four disciples and obtaining their points, Xiang Mingzhi made a great jump from 80-something to the 67th place.”


This was a ranking position that Qin Yi had never dreamed of!

The masters of other families and sects nearby were quick to congratulate Qin Yi with a hint of flattery when they noticed Xiang Mingzhi’s ranking.

Ceng Chu said to Qin Yi in high spirits, “Master, looking at Junior Brother’s rising ranking, I think that by the end of the competition Junior Brother can easily enter the top ten!”

Qin Yi chuckled, unable to hide the pride on his face, “The top ten might be difficult, there’s a lot of Fourth Order Highgod Realm disciples taking part in the tournament, but your Junior Brother can probably enter the top fifty.’

This master-disciple duo did not lower their voices at all. Clearly, their conversation was directed at Feng Yang, Liu Yun, and the others.

Feng Yang was genuinely shocked looking at the ranking list, at Xiang Mingzhi’s position. There was no such thing as coincidence or luck on this ranking list, every point accumulated was based on the disciples’ strength. Xiang Mingzhi’s strength had already reached such a degree!

Feng Yang’s eyes then fell to his own disciple’s name, which remained in the nine-hundreds. Although it was eye-catching, the difference was too big when compared to Xiang Mingzhi.

Feng Yang inwardly shook his head and sighed, it looks like his disciple’s strength couldn't be compared to the current Xiang Mingzhi. Xiang Mingzhi had already condensed a top rank ten godhead and his strength improved by leaps and bounds, pulling a great distance away from his disciple.

Suddenly, Qi Wen beside him shrieked, pointing at the ranking list, “Mas-Master, loo-look, Xiang Mingzhi!!”

Xiang Mingzhi? Did Xiang Mingzhi’s ranking go up again? Feng Yang was baffled, moving his eyes away from Huang Xiaolong’s name to look at Xiang Mingzhi’s name.

But what he saw was Xiang Mingzhi’s name slowly dimming.

‘This? Could it be…’ Feng Yang was dumbfounded.

Not far from them, Qin Yi, Ceng Chu, and the others also saw Xiang Mingzhi’s initially shining name slowly dimming down.

At this point, all the joy and pride were wiped off of Qin Yi’s face, looking a little pale.

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