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Read Story: Bridal Material update Thursday 30 June 2021

Bridal Material 30 June 2022: Next morning, Tulika’s fake mother brings police. Dolly tries to stop them. Mother enters yelling and says she wants Tulika back. Prince says Tulika is becoming our family member, so she will stay here permanently. Mother yells but leaves with police.

Meera in her room reads holy book and finds out if they imprint mahindrapur’s balaji’s mehandi on walls, evils will not enter. Vivan enters room. She informs him same. Vivan holds mehandi while Meera imprints mahendi on main door walls. Tulika returns home with Prince after wedding shopping and is unable to enter due to mehandi. She fumes on Meera.

Tulika is unable to enter house due to Mehandipur balaji’s mehandi imprints on main entrance walls. She acts as falling and tells Prince that Meera has dayan’s shadow on her and it affects unmarried girls, so she does not want this mehandi on walls. Prince says she also can imprint mehandi on walls. Tulika thinks if she enters, she will burn, says she wants him to wipe Meera’s imprints, then she will imprint mehandi on walls. Prince wipes mehandi from walls. Tulika enters house. Vivan tells someone that Tulika cannot enter house because of mehandipur Balaji’s mehandi on door. He is shocked to see Tulika in.

Prince says he and Tulika shopped a lot for their wedding. Amar enters and says Dolly and Meera are having karva chauth fast for them, they should respect their efforts.

Meera says even Tulika is fasting for Prince even before marriage, Dolly is luck to have such a good bahu. Dolly stands confused. Meera asks Tulika to not fast if she does not want to as she has to fast till night. Tulika thinks tonight she will sacrifice Meera.

Vivan walks down stairs when Tulika purposefully drops water glass on him. Vivan gets injured. Tulika mixes her blood in Vivan’s and thinks will dance like a puppet on her tune. Meera gets worried for Vivan and takes him to room to nurse his injury. He says papaji was telling about fast. Meera says it is women’s day and asks him to go and be with papaji till night. Vivan leaves.

Meera gets ready looking into mirror smilingly when Tulika wearing mask appears as dayan and gets into Meera’s body. Vivan returns. Meera gets romantic and lures him. Vivan nervously says he needs to go to washroom and thinks usually he gets romantic and Meera acts as going to washroom, today it is opposite. He rushes to washroom. Tulika comes out of Meera’s body and says Meera will get intimate with Vivan, but she will enjoy the moments. She gets back into Meera’s body, pulls out god’s locket and throws it away. Vivan returns back. Meera gets romantic again. Inspector calls Vivan and asks to come to police station right now. Vivan excuses Meera and leaves. He reaches police station where inspector says he found some clue in doctor’s murder case and it points at Meera. Vivan is shocked and says Meera cannot murder anyone. Inspector says he is just doubting Meera and it is not proved yet.

Vivan returns home and informs Dolly about inspector’s doubt. Dolly gets tensed. Vivan says Meera is possessed by evil and she walked on ceiling with red eyes, etc. Dolly gets more worried and says Meera is possessed by dayan. Vivan says he is sure Tulika is that dayan. Dolly says even she doubts Tulika. Vivan says his mother wished to send teej gift to Meera, since his mother is no more, if Dolly can give him teej gift. Dolly agrees. Vivan says he feels her as mother. Dolly says even she considers him as son. Their bonding continues.Tulika starting her black magic thinks she will kill Vivan tonight.

Bridal Material 1 July 2022: Tulika suggests Vivan to take Meera to Mehandipur Balaji temple as even a biggest dayan will ward off once holy water falls on Meera. Meera hears that and walks away shattered. She hears Vivan telling even he feels Meera is possessed by dayan. Vivan tells Tulika that he will get Meera treated at home in front of family and will not take her anywhere. Tulika smirks. At night, Meera stands in dark.

Vivan walks to her and asks why she is standing in dark, he will switch on light. She stops him and says she is fine. He says he knows she does not like darkness. Vivan says if something happens to anyone of them, they should do something beforehand. Vivan asks what does she mean. She says she heard his and Tulika’s discussion and is ready to go to Mehandipur balaji for the sake of their love.

Vivan says he cannot send her there as she will be brutually tortured. Meera says Tulika is a good girl and not dayan, else she would not have entered after mehandipur balaji’s mehandi on entrance walls. She hugs him emotionally and aks him to bring Tulika’s mother for Tulika’s wedding tomorrow.

Next day, pandit makes wedding arrangements. Dolly tells him to do special pooja as she feels bride is dayan. Pandit says if it is so, it is a disaster. Amar asks her not to start again. Pandit asks to sprinkle holy water all around house. Meera takes water and sprinkles it all around house and even enters Tulika’s room and sprinkles water on black magic box in which Paromita’s skeleton is. Box starts burning. Tulika returns from washroom and seeing box burning tries to set off fire, even she comes into her real form, then uses black magical water and sets off fire.

Meera while sprinkling water calls Vivan and asks where is he. He says he just reached Tulika’s house and asks if they also should marry again. She shies and asks to bring Tulika’s mother soon. He enters house and sees blood on floor. He then calls Meera, but she does not pick call. He then calls Prince who picks call and says he cannot hear anyone, come home soon as wedding muhurath is nearing. He calls again. Meera picks calls and asks him to come home soon, disconnecting call.

She then walks into Tulika’s room and is shocked to see her doing black magic holding Paromita’s skeleton and doing black magic on Meera shouts she will not spare her for killing her sister. She reveals that Paromita was her sister and Vivan will marry Paromita. She then walks down with Meera and getting to dayan avatar hypnotizes family and starts pheras with Prince. Vivan with Gurumaa rushes home and opens door. Black magic wards off and they all come into their senses.

Vivan walks in with Guru maa. Meera gets happy seeing him. Pandit says wedding is complete. Prince says let us take parent’s blessings. Tulika says she will take Vivan’s belessings first and touches his feet. He stops her and asks Prince to break marriage as Tulika is dayan. Meera thinks Vivan started again. Prince says enough now, Tulika is not Dayan, Meeera is behind all this instead. Vivan asks Tulika where is her mother, she killed her mother right? Tulika says she does not know anything. Prince says he trusts Tulika and she does not need to explain anything. Vivan asks if Tulika is not dayan, then why things changed for worse once she entered house. Prince says he does not want Tulika insulted. Vivan asks Tulika to light temple lamp if she is not dayan.

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