Mehek [Completed]

4 months ago


Chacha is working in saree shop, he is wearing saree and showing to buyer. Mohit and Chachi comes there. Mohit says why he doesnt keep salesman, he himself wear sarees to sell. Mohit sees girl in shop, girl says hi Mohit, Chacha asks if he knows her? girl says we go to same institute, Chacha says great, he is my son, he will show you sarees, i am going with wife, Mohit is embarrassed and asks him to leave.

Mahek gets message from her friend Sonal and says to Mansi that she is calling me to her house, but work here? Mansi says i will handle it, Mahek says i will take halwa for her mom, Mansi sees her sad and says dont feel bad about grand father Balwant’s words, he is stressed, Mahek says no, i understand, he holds me responsible for mother and father’s demise, i wish i had gone from here after getting married, i just bad for Chacha and Kanta Chachi.

Chacha and Kanta chachi are going to Pammi’s house, Kanta says i feel Mahek’s make up was not upto mark, these parlour people always spoil it, Chacha asks if parlour people did her make up at their wedding?

Mahek says to Mansi that because of me, Kanta has to request Pammi. Mansi says i dont like that ajay, he is mama’s boy, i feel like she takes care of his underwear too, Mahek laughs.

Pammi is giving Ajay’s underwear to servant and asks him to wash nicely. servant curses that she is witch and leaves. Kanta and Chacha comes there. Pammi says why did you come now? you had to leave your shop, Kanta says no, Mohit will handle it. They all come inside and meet Surindar. Chacha sees photos of Surindar with celebrities on wall, Surindar says everyone looks at this wall, Kanta says your standard is shown by these pictures with celebrities, Surindar says i dont bring Tiger Shroff to home, what if he likes Pammi then i would remain alone being old. Kanta says i will talk less. Ajay comes there and greets them. Chacha says Mahek is very nice girl, she will adjust here. Kanta says Mahek is orphan but she is loving girl, she will bind your house together, Ajay is hinting no to Pammi from behind, Kanta says we were worried when you people left our house yesterday without answering, Ajay interrupts and asks Pammi to give him tea, she asks him to ask servant.


Mehek - S01

Mehek - S01

4 months ago