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A Taste Of His Own Medicine

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Li Jinnan narrowed his eyes when he heard that. “How do you know?” he asked.

“I know what Guan Yanhong is like as a person. After all, I lived with him for over a decade. I know what his character is like pretty well.” Ye Youyou looked at Li Jinnan and continued. “This matter has been extremely earth-shattering. Everyone knows that Guan Yanhong’s daughter was poisoned in the hotel on her wedding day and underwent medical intervention for two whole days before finally passing away.”

Ye Youyou looked at Li Jinnan. Seeing the creases between his brow deepen, she elaborated, “Guan Yanhong is superstitious. If Guan Queye were still alive, he would never hold a funeral for her. That would be an infinitely inauspicious act for Guan Yanhong. Therefore, it is impossible that she is still alive.”

The creases between his brows deepened even further.

Ye Youyou saw Li Jinnan’s expression and called out, “Li Jinnan.”

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Guan Queye is dead,” Ye Youyou said. “She wanted to set me up, and I can’t run away. Now that I’m pregnant, it will be impossible for Guan Yanhong to get anyone to give me the death penalty. If the child were to be miscarried…”

“Don’t utter such rubbish!” Li Jinnan refuted. However, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind. His black eyes sharpened. An idea had occurred to him. He muttered, “Perhaps there is a way for us.”

“You’ve thought of something? What is it?” she asked.

“Let’s give him a taste of his own medicine,” Li Jinnan said.

Ye Youyou had been transferred to another prison, which was something Guan Yanhong hadn’t expected. The prison she had been transferred to was the female prison. The women locked inside consisted of burglars and scammers. On the more severe side of the spectrum were women who had lost their way and were capable of murder.

When Ye Youyou entered, many people watched her as if they were watching a monkey. When they saw how fair and clean she looked, a few of the wilder inmates sporting buzzcuts wolf-whistled at her.

Ye Youyou was well-behaved the whole way. She entered with her head slightly bowed and was led to her prison cell.

Li Residence, Kingstown.

Qin Shuhua had been feeling a little uneasy for a while. She paced up and down along the couch. Her mind was occupied with the thought of Li Jinnan’s girlfriend in prison.

During the past few days, Qin Shuhua had sought out many of her friends to find out more about the case. She had initially thought that since Li Jinnan was unwilling to tell her anything, she’d look to her other available channels to get to the bottom of it.

What she had never expected, was that in addition to getting to the bottom of the current matter, something else had been dug up. Ye Youyou had been married before. Moreover, the man Ye Youyou had been married to was the brother of Ou Ming’s ex-fiancée. She was the wife of the man who had been in a huge sexual scandal with his own sister.

Upon that discovery of that fact, Qin Shuhua had lost all appetite for food and drink. Her mind was fixated on the matter.

Li Xiao could tell that she was troubled. When he quietly asked what was wrong, Qin Shuhua, with a downcast expression, spilled all the beans to him.

Li Xiao was quiet for some time after hearing it.

Qin Shuhua panicked a little at his reaction and quickly said, “Knowing now that she’s such a woman, we cannot allow them to be together! Li Jinnan lacks experience. A woman like that is very scheming! If he gets wrapped around her little finger, who am I going to turn to?”

When Li Xiao heard that he was silent again for a long while before finally saying, “Which do you think is more likely? That she’ll get wrapped around his finger, or that he’ll get wrapped around her finger?”

Qin Shuhua didn’t bother giving it any thought before replying, “Of course it’s Li Jinnan who will get wrapped around her finger! My son, Li Jinnan, is such a good kid!”

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