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It’s Impossible For Her To Still Be Alive

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“Will be legitimate…” Ye Youyou repeated those few words. “How is it going to be legitimate? I’m pregnant out of wedlock, and given my current circumstances…”

“I will get you out,” Li Jinnan said as he stared intently into her eyes. His expression was serious. “We’ll get married then. I’ll start making the arrangements when you’re out. I won’t have you give birth to my child without any official status. My wife and my child will receive all the blessing and well-wishes of everyone around them. Ye Youyou, I will marry you.”

Ye Youyou’s heart warmed up in spite of her grim surroundings. It was as if a sudden ray of hope had shined in the cold and heartless jail. The source of it was the man in front of her.

Her heartbeat sped up. She looked at him and asked, “Are you sure that will be possible?”

“Yes.” Li Jinnan voice was clear and confident. He looked at her hand. Regret was written all over his face as he said, “I wish I could hold you and touch our child. In fact, I’d be happy enough to just hold your hand.”

Ye Youyou wanted that too. A layer of glass had put so much distance between them. They were so near yet so far. They were clearly in front of each other but unable to touch. The feeling of separation was unbearable.

She looked at Li Jinnan and pursed her lips. She asked, “After I get out, what are we going to do about your mom?”

“You’re already carrying her grandchild, so she won’t have any other choice but to accept you,” Li Jinnan said.

“What if she doesn’t?” Ye Youyou asked.

“There is no what if. If she doesn’t accept you, my grandfather won’t stand by and watch.” Li Jinnan’s eyes were dazzling. He gently said, “I’ll get you out of here. Don’t be afraid. It’ll be soon.”

“I’m not afraid,” Ye Youyou face began to heat up. “I trust you, but I…”


“I’m worried that by the time I manage to get out, the child in my belly might have gotten big. What if I can’t fit into the wedding gown?” Ye Youyou’s voice slowly ebbed off. She glanced up at him as she spoke and asked in a small voice, “Am I thinking too much?”

“Not at all. That’s a legitimate concern indeed,” Li Jinnan solemnly stated. After a moment’s thought, he said, “I guess I have no option but to get you out as soon as possible. After which, we’ll settle it quickly. It’ll be a quick and decisive battle.”

“The wedding will be a quick and decisive battle?” Ye Youyou was stunned.

A wedding was supposed to be an elegant affair. Not only did it have to be elegant, but it also had to be romantic and sensational.

Is Li Jinnan just planning for us to get their marriage registered and be done with it? The way it had been done with Shen Luo’an?

At that thought, Ye Youyou subconsciously stroked her abdomen and said, “It’s your child that I’m carrying in my womb! You can’t just palm me off like that!”

The smile on Li Jinnan’s face disappeared. “I’d never do that.” He reached his hand out into the void as though he were holding her hand and earnestly said, “The quick and decisive battle I was referring to was the matter regarding Guan Queye. Shen Luo’an came looking for me today.”

Shen Luo’an… That name seemed like it came from a lifetime ago.

Ye Youyou was a little astonished to hear the name and was quiet for a moment before finally asking, “What did he want?”

“He told me that it’s very possible that Guan Queye isn’t dead,” Li Jinnan said.

Ye Youyou jerked back in shock and looked up at Li Jinnan in disbelief.

Li Jinnan gazed at her. The expression in his eyes was serious. “That isn’t exactly impossible. You know what sort of person Guan Queye is. Do you think that possibility would exist with her?”

Ye Youyou looked down and thought for a moment. She shook her head and replied, “No. Perhaps Guan Queye wasn’t intending to die, but right now, it’s impossible for her to still be alive.”

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