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My Children Will Be Legitimate And Proper

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If it hadn’t been for Ye Youyou, his daughter would still be alive and by his side.

“No way! I don’t care what you have to do! I want Ye Youyou dead! Since she’s pregnant, just ensure that she miscarries that bastard!” Guan Yanhong growled between clenched teeth. The documents in his hand were soon crumpled. He looked at his assistant and enunciated his order. “I… want… to… make… her… pay!”

The assistant nodded her head. She rearranged her glasses and apathetically replied, “I will make the necessary arrangements.”

Guan Yanhong laughed coldly when he heard his assistant’s words. He stared at the documents in his hand and declared, “Now that I know, and the evidence is conclusive, Ye Youyou won’t be able to escape!”

Ye Youyou sat in the bare and empty jail cell. She placed her hand lightly on her abdomen, still in a state of disbelief. She was now pregnant.

Her flat tummy now held a little life, and the little life belonged to Li Jinnan.

She had imagined many different scenarios of discovering that she was pregnant. Perhaps she would joyously find out of by accident using a pregnancy test kit. Perhaps she would be waiting anxiously in the hospital for someone to announce the news to her and confirm that she was pregnant. She never imagined that she would find out at such an awkward time in her life.

She had been in jail for a few days. Her physical and mental state was slowly deteriorating. She ended up fainting in the cell, only to wake up to the news that she was pregnant. Ye Youyou would never forget that extraordinary moment.

A rhythmic sound of footsteps came from outside. It was the prison warden. Ye Youyou looked up. As expected, the warden unlocked the door to her cell.

The female warden looked at her. Her expression had improved quite a bit compared to a few days ago, but her voice was still void of emotion as she said, “Your man is here to visit you. Come on out.”

It was probably because she now knew that she was about to become a mother that Ye Youyou no longer harbored the intense fear of her possible impending death. Instead, her heart was at peace.

Ye Youyou stood up and followed the warden out. The way the warden had addressed Li Jinnan made Ye Youyou feel surprisingly happy.

Outside, she caught sight of Li Jinnan seated behind the glass partition. When Li Jinnan saw Ye Youyou, he reached out and put his hand on the glass. He gazed at her face and slowly moved his hand down until it was level with the hand she was resting on her abdomen.

Ye Youyou could tell that Li Jinnan was very happy. She walked forward and sat down. In a tone filled with grief, she said, “You’re here.”

Li Jinnan nodded his head. “I’m here, and I brought you something to eat. I passed it to your warden. Remember to take it later.”

“Alright…” Ye Youyou looked down and asked in a small voice, “Do you already know about it?”

“What? Know about what?” Li Jinnan asked.

“That I’m pregnant,” Ye Youyou said.

“Yeah. I just found out.” Li Jinnan’s eyes turned into little crescents as he said, “The timing was just right.”

“Was what you bought for me prenatal supplements?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“So, you’re just taking care of your child and not of me.” Ye Youyou’s voice was laced with even more grievance. She looked at Li Jinnan and placed her hand on the glass partition opposite his. “If I don’t get out of this place, do you think I’ll have to give birth to the baby in prison?”

“That won’t happen. I will be sure to get you out.” Li Jinnan gazed at her. She was clearly in front of his eyes, but he could only look at her and not touch her. His heart ached uncontrollably. “My child will be legitimate.”

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