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Demon's Diary - S01 E114

Story 1 year ago

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Mysterious Water Sunflower and Blood Thorns

Liu Ming quickly looked around and when he didn’t find anything abnormal, he moved toward the dead animal.

When Liu Ming moved close enough, he realized the furry animal was actually a very fat, huge, gray rabbit. It’s size was almost twice the size of normal rabbits. Based on its two sharp fangs that poked out of its mouth, these huge rabbit were not just grass eaters.

Liu Ming looked at the corpse for two seconds before crouching down and placing his hand at the head of the huge rabbit. At the same time, a warm flow passed through his five fingers.

In the next moment, Liu Ming’s face darkened.

The corpse of the huge rabbit had remaining Fa Li left in its body. Obviously, it wasn’t a normal rabbit rather, it was a low level monster.

At this time, a “sou” sound was made as a long, black-red thing came shooting out from the main trunk of the tree. The speed of it was so incredible that in just one blink, it was at Liu Ming’s neck, about to pierce through.

Liu Ming who was examining the corpse suddenly moved his arm and grabbed the black and red thing heavily. With a low growl, he pulled it toward himself.


A large piece of yellow-green “tree bark” on the main branch was forcefully pulled off. However, while flying toward Liu Ming, it transformed into a huge Gecko monster that tried to slash at Liu Ming.

The black-red thing was apparently the monster’s tongue!

“Pu, pu!”

Two wind blades shot out from Liu Ming’s hands and after green flashes, they cut the monster into three parts. The three parts of the Gecko immediately became lifeless as it fell to the ground with fresh blood bursting forth.

Only then did Liu Ming let go of the tongue that he was still holding. Floating down from the branch, he landed near the new corpse and started examining the various aspects of the monster.

This monster was less than five feet long and its body was abnormally flat. It’s green-yellow skin turned to a milky-white, glossy appearance. In addition, it’s four claws were abnormally sharp and slightly curved.

“It’s actually a color-changing gecko. No wonder I couldn’t discover it despite being so close.” After Liu Ming distinguished the monster’s features, he smiled and talked to himself.

Although the level and power of the color-changing gecko was not high, its skin was extremely hard to come across in the outside world. In addition, it was the main ingredient in making quite a few Spirit Armors and Clothings.

Liu Ming’s sleeves shook and a light green short sword appeared in his hands…

In the time it took to have a cup of tea, there were only three slabs of meat left on the ground.

Once Liu Ming put away the three pieces of the milky-white monster skin, he didn’t loiter and kept moving forward.


Two days later.

Liu Ming stood atop a large tree without moving. In the surrounding trees, there were quite a few leopard-formed monsters that were almost ten feet in length. By their position, they had surrounded Liu Ming.

All of these monsters had a scarlet pattern on their skin and green eyes. Under the roar of one of the leopards, all of the monsters opened their mouths and multiple fire balls shot out. Immediately afterward, they turned into afterimages as they pounced on Liu Ming.

“Pu, pu!”

Liu Ming’s sleeve shook as a black chain shot out like lightning. With a simple sweep, the black chain put out the fire balls and Liu Ming’s other hand flicked something out from within his sleeve. A green light shot out and after blinking around Liu Ming, it managed to pierce through the heads of the all of the monsters.

Without another sound, all the monsters fell lifelessly from midair.

Without even looking at the monsters again, Liu Ming continued on away from the corpses.

These monsters were Fire Leopards that were also common in the outside world. Thus, Liu Ming had no reason to stick around.


Five days later.

In a hidden part of the forest, Liu Ming was carrying a flowery tree that was half of his height as he transformed into streaks of green that flashed between the trees. He no longer had the calm manner that he did just days before.

Closely behind Liu Ming was a huge buzzing sound as a black cloud was persistently chasing Liu Ming.

Suddenly, one of Liu Ming’s hands swept behind him and a scarlet fire ball came shooting out. Instantly, it burst apart in front of the black cloud.

As the heat from the fireball splashed into the black cloud, countless black dots came falling out of the black cloud. They were all black hornets that had a ferocious appearance. Each of them were about the size of a thumb and their entire bodies were covered with light silver patterns while they had a one inch long poisonous stinger.

Although the swarm of hornets was slightly delayed as the black hornets touched the ground, they immediately flapped their wings and flew back up. It seemed as if the powerful fireball had no effect on them.

The black cloud paused before it started chasing Liu Ming again.

After an hour, Liu Ming was covered in a dense shroud of black gas as he jumped into a pond that was only an acre large. Swiftly, he dived to a depth of twenty to thirty feet.

The hornet swarm buzzed angrily above the pond for quite a while before flying away helplessly.

Moments after the swarm left, Liu Ming let out a deep breath as he flew out of the pond. The black gas on him slowly faded away, revealing Liu Ming to be completely dry.

Liu Ming looked in the direction the hornet swarm left and his face showed an expression of fear.

These Silver Spider Hornets were worse than their legends. Not only did they fly extremely fast, they also had high resistances to many spells. If it weren’t for Liu Ming finding a pond beforehand and taking the effort to clear out the strange fish within the pond, he might have had to have taken out his Totems to fight the swarm head on.

With the numbers of the swarm, even if Liu Ming were able to defeat all of them, most of his Fa Li would be gone.

And in this kind of place where danger lurked in every shadow, having no Fa Li was pretty much fatal.

As Liu Ming thought about the consequences, he looked down at his silver-colored flower tree and started smiling.

The flower tree had silver dots littered across it and at the top of it, there was a silver sunflower that was the size of a palm. At the center of the sunflower were dozens of light silver seeds. Each one of them were extraordinarily full and from within them, there was an extremely pure Yuan Li aura.

“Mysterious Water Sunflower. Such a true Spirit Object is worth a low level Totem in the outside world. Looks like the Spirit Objects in this secret realm are beyond my imagination.” Liu Ming muttered to himself before he took out the Sumeru Handkerchief and shrunk the tree. With excitement, he headed on his way again.


In another area of the forest, a Hall of Blood disciple was slowly making his way into the center of an area of thorny shrubs.

In the middle of all the shrubs was Spirit Grass that was as red as blood!

The Hall of Blood disciple held a blood red blade as he hacked his way through the shrubs. For every inch that he came closer to the Spirit Grass, the excitement on his face grew by a bit.

He was only a few steps away from getting the Spirit Grass when a sudden change occurred!

The thorn branches of the shrubs that seemed like they were dead all flashed with a red hue. Then, it was as if they came to life as they started stabbing at the Hall of Blood disciple.

Since the Hall of Blood disciple was able to make it to the Life and Death Trials, he was naturally not someone ordinary. Although he was surprised at this situation, he immediately made a hand sign and a blood colored light cover shrouded him. At the same time, his blood red blade swept forward and transformed into many afterimages that ferociously cut at the surrounding thorn branches.

The moment these afterimages made contact with the thorn branches that were around the disciple, a muffled sound came out and the seemingly powerful slashes only cut apart three to four thorn branches.

With this, the Hall of Blood disciple felt a heat transmit to his hand and he almost dropped the blade in his hand.

The thorny branches then completely wrapped the Hall of Blood disciple. However, all of the thorns were blocked off by the blood red light shroud and none of the thorns reached the disciple.

Although the Hall of Blood disciple’s heart was in his throat because of these changes of event, when he saw that the light cover held, he slightly relaxed. He made a single-handed technique and sparks began to fly around him; it was as if he was about to cast a powerful fire attribute spell against the thorny branches around him.

However, as soon as these sparks appeared, the thorny branches around the disciple trembled. Sharp shrill sounds were made from the thorns and the branches pulled back before shooting forward. The power in these attacks wete so strong that they were like arrows shot from a tough bow.


Seeing this, the Hall of Blood disciple instinctively cried out. It was too late for him to add extra defenses.

The blood light cover that was around the disciple could only defend for a quick moment before it faded into mere light fragments.

With another blood curdling scream, the Hall of Blood disciple became full of holes by the branches.

At the same time, the thorny branches around the disciple tightened and forcibly tore apart the Spirit Apostle. Countless pieces of meat and blood came pouring out between the gaps of the branches.

The moment the remains of the Hall of Blood disciple hit the ground, countless white silky threads came pushing out of the ground. They all pushed themselves into the remains and started sucking the nutrients out.

In moments, nothing was left and the thorny branches that were tightly wrapped finally relaxed before everything returned to normal.

If it weren’t for the blood red blade and a couple of tattered clothes, no one could see anything abnormal with the thorny bushes.

However, even the final remains such as the blade gradually sunk into the ground after the surrounding dirt started to slowly wiggle.

At this time, in a blank space near the tree a strange man’s voice sounded.

“Tsk tsk, what a powerful Demon Tree. However, since you have already shown your powers, it’ll be easy for me to deal with you.”

The moment the voice fell, a shadow appeared behind the tree. Then, a Firestorm Way disciple that had a scarlet palm-leaf fan that looked exactly like Master Chi Yang’s appeared.

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