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Demon's Diary - S01 E111

Story 1 year ago

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Fusion Sect

When the serpent-robed male was asking, he released an extremely strong aura. Upon contact, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader along with peers were all shocked.

This person was surprisingly another Crystal Level cultivator.

“Hmph, Mu Rong Xuan, to not rest quietly at your own Fusion Sect and instead run to our Da Xuan Country, do you really think that there is no one that can stop you in our sects?” Suddenly, a cold voice came from the floating reef of the Sky Moon Sect and immediately afterward, a white light shot toward the sky. After an easy twist, the white light turned into a nun wearing a white buddhist outfit.

She had a white buddhist Mitre while carrying a long silver sword behind her back. Although she had a band of buddhist beads in her hands that were supposed to be calming, her face was full of anger.

“Fusion Sect.”

When the Spirit Masters below heard this name, their faces all changed.

“I was wondering who it was, Nun Leng Yue! Since there is someone that can control matters around here, then that is for the best. However, Fellow Leng Yue, do not misunderstand, the reasons for me coming here are not to find trouble. Instead, it is as Yue sect leader said, I’m here to help.” When the serpent-robed male saw the old nun, his face changed as his voice was now laced with a hint of fear.

“What a joke. Our sects have never needed anyone from the Fusion Sect when doing something. Fellow Mu Rong, go back to where you have come from.” Nun Leng Yue rejected without even the slightest hesitation or respect.

Hearing this, the serpent-robed man’s face darkened.

At this time, the sect leader of the Firestorm Way spoke up with a bitter smile on his face.

“Ancestor Leng Yue, the reason for why Ancestor Mu Rong is here is because of Martial Uncle Chi Yang’s invitation. However, Martial Uncle met something on the way here and will come shortly after to personally explain the situation.”

“Hmph, what is that old geezer trying to do now. The Fusion Sect has always dominated the Ji Yue Country and have never had any relations with us few sects. Why would they suddenly come to our Da Xuan Country and also pick such a “great” time to come!” Hearing this, Nun Leng Yue stared deeply at Firestorm Way’s Sect Leader as she spoke.

“Ancestor Mu Rong is a close friend of Martial Uncle Chi Yang from many years ago. When our sect received information of the secret realm, Ancestor Mu Rong was coincidentally a guest at our sect. In addition, he has a secret treasure that will be extremely helpful in maintaining the entrance of the secret realm. Thus, Martial Uncle made large strides to invite Ancestor Mu Rong.” The sect leader of the Firestorm Way seemed extremely wary of Nun Leng Yue and immediately explained.

“A treasure that can maintain the entrance to a secret realm!” Nun Leng Yue finally showed an expression other than anger.

“Our Fusion Sect has many treasures that are beyond your imaginations. Were it not for me being a guest at Firestorm Way and Fellow Chi Yang sincerely inviting me over, do you really think that I would come to such a place!” Mu Rong Xuan replied heavily without respect.

“If you really are here to help, then forget my earlier words. However, what are those disciples doing here?” Nun Leng Yue’s expression relaxed, however, she pointed to the dozens of disciples that came off the mountain as she questioned.

Among the disciples, only ten of them wore the green and red outfits of the Firestorm Way while the others all had the light silver outfits of the Fusion Sect.

“Oh, for me to use the treasure, there will be some consequences. You didn’t think that I would help for nothing, right? These disciples were brought by me to communicate and learn with the Firestorm Way’s disciples. They are all of the Spirit Apostle cultivation and since they are lucky enough to come across this chance, they can’t let it go so easily.” Mu Rong Xuan yawned as he said.

“What? You want your sect’s disciples to enter the secret realm? Not a chance.” Hearing this, Nun Leng Yue once again looked vehemently at Mu Rong Xuan.

“Hehe, Leng Yue, why are you saying things without any room for other things. Everything in this world can be discussed. In addition, all you can represent is one of the clans! Whether or not they are allowed must be discussed with the other Fellows before deciding.”

At this time, an unfamiliar voice sounded in the air. Everyone momentarily paused before uniformly looking to the source of the voice.

In the area above the black mountain peak, a gust of wind breezed through and within it, a long-faced elder wearing a yellow robe came out. One of his hands waved a fiery red palm-leaf fan while standing atop a green wheel like object.

“Chi Yang, you have finally come. Is what they said really true?” Nun Leng Yue face was dark as ever as she grilled the long-faced elder.

“Of course it is true. Leng Yue, the reason as to why you’re so opposed to this is because you don’t know what Fellow Mu Rong brought. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be against this.” The long-faced elder laughed as the object under his feet spun and brought him lower.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and the other Spirit Masters dared not give their two cents, since their Crystal Level elders were not around. They could only watch as the three Crystal Level cultivators talked.

“Hmph, what kind of treasure can make an old fox like you make such a big sacrifice. Does it double the time the entrance is open for?” Even though Nun Leng Yue kept a harsh tone, she was secretly surprised within her heart.

“Hehe, that will be after Fellow Mu Rong has seen the circumstances of the entrance before making the call. However, even if it is the worst case scenario, we should be able to triple or quadruple the time the entrance is open.” Master Chi Yang said with a smile that was not a smile.

“Triple or quadruple!” This time, Nun Leng Yue was truly shocked and she could not help but look at the serpent-robed man.

Mu Rong Xuan was standing in the air without saying anything, obviously agreeing with what Chu Yang had said.

“Yes. If it wasn’t for such an extreme effect, I would not dare invite Fellow Mu Rong over without discussing with the others. After all, I am very clear that doing things in this sort of manner is very taboo.” Chi Yang yawned as he eased up the tensions on both sides.

“If it can really triple to quadruple the time the entrance is open, then letting the Fusion Sect disciples go into the secret realm is something that can be discussed. However, their numbers must be strictly limited.” Nun Leng Yue’s face relaxed as she also took a figurative step back.

“Haha, if that’s the case, what are we waiting for! Let’s first bring Fellow Mu Rong to the entrance and discuss the situation with the other Fellows. After all, time is of the essence right now and for every hour that we wait, the less time we will have.” Master Chi Yang said with a smile.

Mu Rong Xuan also showed a smile.

In the following time, the three of them all flew to the volcano above the lake and, in moments, disappeared into the volcano’s mouth.

The entrance to the secret realm was actually within the volcano.

However, the Spirit Masters including the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader did not have the luxury to care about the position of the entrance. Instead, they focused most of their attention on the newly arrived Firestorm Way and Fusion Sect disciples.

With a secret method, the Firestorm Way Sect Leader shot out a few inscriptions onto the black mountain peak and the mountain rapidly became smaller with a loud bang. In seconds, it was only a small, miniature mountain that the sect leader placed into his sleeve.

Afterward, the sect leader brought the Firestorm Way and Fusion Sect’s disciples to find a large floating reef to land on.

They obviously didn’t have the intention of setting up any sort of building or restriction around as they all started meditating atop of the floating reef.

“This is troublesome, who would have thought that the Fusion Sect of the Qi Yue Country would try to butt in!” Spirit Master muttered absentmindedly.

“If it really is as they have just said, if they can increase the time in which the secret realm is open, we can get more resources from the secret realm. That doesn’t seem to be a bad thing.” Spirit Master Zhang furrowed his brows as he asked with some confusion.

“If Yang Qian and the others can stay in the secret realm for longer, their findings will definitely increase. However, they will be exposed to more encounters with other sect disciples. In addition, since the Fusion Sect is also joining, this year’s Life and Death Trials will be much more dangerous. After all, the Fusion Sect dominates an entire country and all four of our sects need to join together to be on par with it. Thus, we can see how strong the disciples under that sect must be. In addition, you have seen how the Firestorm Way disciples and the Fusion Sect disciples are so close together. It’s likely that they have already agreed to work together. Why else would Master Chi Yang be so enthusiastic in inviting them over?” When the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader heard their conversation and bitterly smiled as he replied.

When the other two heard this, they gave it a slight thought and agreed with his logic. With their agreement was two faces that had now turned ugly.

“Sect Leader, fear not. We only found this secret realm recently. No matter how big Fusion Sect, they could not have known beforehand and sent their strongest disciples. From what I see, these disciples are merely better than normal disciples and were just sent to the Firestorm Way to learn with their disciples. If that is the case, then our sects have a good chance of winning.” After thinking for another few moments, Spirit Master Huang suddenly spoke with a smile.

“Yes, we can only hope so.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader nodded but was still quite worried.

According to what their Ancestor Yan said, the Barbarian Ghost disciples didn’t have much of an advantage compared to the other few sects, and now that the Fusion Sect was among them, the chaos in the secret realm could be imagined.

On the other hand, Liu Ming had already sat back when the newly arrived disciples were getting settled on their floating reef.

It would not matter to him whether the Fusion Sect joined or not. In the end, he would have to fight other sects’ disciples in order to get more resources.

All he needed to do was to act quickly and efficiently.

As Liu Ming was thinking, footsteps could suddenly be heard behind him. There was someone that was actually approaching him.

When he turned his head to look, he could not help but be stunned for a second.

“Senior Jia Lan, do you have anything you want to talk about?” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he asked.

The person who came up was surprisingly Jia Lan.

She retained her delicate and pretty look, but was not distinguishable by any large margin from all the disciples of the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

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