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Hidden Marriage - S01 E309

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 309

The Only Way I Can Repay You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Okay, understood..."

Ning Xi hung up on the call and smiled bitterly.

Indeed, she should not have called anyone related to Lu Tingxiao. Great, she thought to herself, now she would not be able to leave.

Just as Qin Mufeng predicted, Lu Tingxiao fell into a deep slumber and slept from day till night...

In between, Lu Jingli secretly came over to peek quite a few times. At least he had some conscience and delivered meals to her several times to avoid her starving to death while accompanying the sleeping beauty.

The next morning, Lu Tingxiao finally woke up.

Ning Xi, who was deep in her thoughts, returned to her senses when she felt some movement behind her, "You're awake..."

In his sleepy stupor, Lu Tingxiao was still quite blur. When he saw the girl, he curiously asked, "Why didn't you leave?"

If she really wanted to leave, the hand cuffs would not have been able to stop her.

Ning Xi looked straight into his eyes, and then removed a hair clip from her head to pick the hand cuff.

His eyes immediately darkened.

However, in the moments after that, they filled with shock...

Ning Xi took off her jacket and started to unbutton her blouse, one button at a time...

At the third button, Lu Tingxiao grabbed her hand and stopped her.

Ning Xi quietly looked at him, "Lu Tingxiao, I don't remember if I've said this to you, but what I can't stand the most is others being too nice to me. I'm most afraid of owing someone, so this is the only way I can repay you."

Lu Tingxiao's face instantly turned sour, "Do you think I only want to get into your pants?"

Ning Xi stuttered, "I..." Yeah, Lu Tingxiao could get any woman he wanted, in fact all of them were 'clean', so who did she think she was?

Lu Tingxiao resumed, "Although, initially, it was because of this..."

Ning Xi was suddenly stunned, "What?"

"But do you think once is enough? I want to have this forever!" Lu Tingxiao continued to say.

God damn it! The devil was flirting again!

As she heard this, Ning Xi could not help but turn red in embarrassment.

Lu Tingxiao only exhibited gentleness as he helped her button her blouse up again, "Ning Xi, answer just one question, then you can leave."

"What question?"

"The person you like...who is it?" Lu Tingxiao queried.

When she heard this question, Ning Xi immediately clammed up.

Based on the current situation, the most reasonable person for her to say would have been Jiang Muye. But previously, she was worried that Lu Tingxiao would do something to Jiang Muye. It was fortunate that he had not.

Ning Xi's mind stirred. If she directly told him now that the person she liked was Jiang Muye, she was worried that Lu Tingxiao could not restrain himself...then Jiang Muye might be in trouble.

Even if Jiang Muye was the devil's nephew, she was afraid he would not be able to handle the devil's attack.

So, who should she say it was...

At this very moment, she suddenly thought of someone, so Ning Xi just stuttered, "I've actually mentioned this to you before. It's my previous boyfriend, the one I only dated for a day. I previously said that even though I liked him, I couldn't be with him because his identity was too dangerous. I would only be a burden to stay with him..."

Lu Tingxiao squinted his eyes knowingly.

"You know that he is very secretive, so I'm very sorry but I can't tell you much about him." Ning Xi explained nervously, waiting for Lu Tingxiao's reaction.

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