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Hidden Marriage - S01 E305

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 305

Lock You Up Forever

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Xi’s eyes met with the man’s pitch black ones. She stood there frightened and slightly freaked out, afraid to approach him.

Lu Tingxiao lit up a cigarette and leaned against the door as he started to relax a little. Only now Ning Xi felt more comfortable to advance towards him as the atmosphere became less tense.

Ning Xi passed by Lu Tingxiao at the speed of lightning. "Swoosh" and there she went, leaving only her shadow, almost like a martial arts master in the television series.

At the center of the room, Ning Xi was a little stunned.

Nothing in her room had changed at all. Messy fashion magazines were strewn all over her bed, rolled up yoga mats were lying carelessly on the floor, the eyebrow pencil she had dropped the other day was still there, and even the position of the broken lead from the pencil remained the same...

All of these made her feel like she was living a different reality. She felt like the time she spent here was something that had happened in her past life.

When a gust of wind blew through the windows and raised the curtains, Ning Xi returned to her senses and started packing up.

First, she took out a large box from under the bed, then she arranged her items one by one.

Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, personal care items, PSP game console...

Every time she put an item into the box, she felt a part of her heart was being packed away, and it hurt her.

Throughout the whole process of packing, she did not dare to look at Lu Tingxiao at all.

From within this room, she only took her own possessions and nothing else.

When she looked at the small items Lu Tingxiao had bought for her, she felt guilty for cruelly abandoning them…

Finally, she finished packing and Ning Xi had to face the inevitable. She took a deep breath, lifted her head up and looked at the silent man standing beside the door, "CEO Lu, I’m very grateful for your care during this period of time. Regarding Little Treasure, if there’s any need, just give me a call, I’ll be there whenever you need me…"

At this point, she was suddenly at a loss for words.

After some internal struggling, she blurted out her final words, "I’ll be on my way, then…"

She bowed to him out of respect and gratitude before she dragged her box and started to leave.

After this farewell, perhaps the chances of meeting again would be very slim…

They did not belong to the same world with the disparity between them. If it was not for Little Treasure’s accident the other time, they would never had met each other in this lifetime.

Ning Xi’s heart sank as she continued her exit with a troubled feeling. The moment she reached the exit, she saw some movement from the corner of her eye.

The man who had been smoking quietly without any response, suddenly placed his hands on the other side of the door frame with the cigarette still between his fingers, blocking her way out.

"Er, CEO Lu…?" Ning Xi was a little confused, unsure of what Lu Tingxiao’s action meant.

"Ning Xi."


"You definitely have some guts."

"Huh?" Ning Xi was taken aback by what Lu Tingxiao said. What did he mean?

Lu Tingxiao finished the last bit of his cigarette, stubbed it out and looked at her. He started talking calmly, "Aren’t you afraid of me locking you up here, forever?"

Ning Xi was shocked.

Please calm down, boss!

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