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Hidden Marriage - S01 E304

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 304

Full Of Traps

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Xi anxiously waited as she subconsciously started to pick at the plants in the garden. Soon, the tree before her was plucked bald.

"Miss Xiao Xi, have a cup of fruit juice!" Wan Wan served a cup of juice, with a tray full of delicate refreshments.

"Thank you!" Ning Xi drank half a cup in one gulp and impatiently asked, "Wan Wan, have you helped me check why hasn't butler Yuan returned yet?"

Wan Wan was not good at lying, but she still tried very hard to put on a smile and calmly comforted her, "Miss Xiao Xi, please wait for a little longer! He should be back soon!"

"Okay..." Ning Xi looked at the time on her phone and decided to wait for another five minutes. If butler Yuan was still not back by then, she had to leave.

She was not sure why but her heart felt increasingly unsettled...

The time passed slowly and five minutes felt like forever to her.

Finally, the five minutes was up.

Ning Xi gave her cup to Wan Wan and said, "I'm sorry, Wan Wan. I've still got some things to do and I have to go now. Please let butler Yuan know, okay?"

Wan Wan's expression changed and she stopped Ning Xi in her path in a moment of anxiousness, "Miss Xiao Xi, please wait for a little while longer! It will be done...very soon...only a little while longer..."

If Ning Xi had not noticed anything suspicious from butler Yuan's actions, then she surely sensed something from a person as innocent as Wan Wan who easily revealed her true intentions.

Ning Xi looked at the way she acted and immediately knew that something was not right, so she quickly pushed her way through Wan Wan and ran.

Just as she moved past Wan Wan, a lone lean figure came into her sight...


I knew it...

Ning Xi buried her face in her hands and blocked her face. She turned around to look at Wan Wan and said in a tone of disbelief, "My dear Wan Wan, even you are helping them to trap me?"

All her hope for humanity was nonsense, she could not trust this world full of tricks anymore!

Wan Wan felt so guilty that she was started to cry and bow apologetically, "Miss Xiao Xi...I'm...I'm sorry! Really sorry! So Sorry!"

As Ning Xi watched the tear-stained little beauty apologize, she could not bring herself to be angry at her. She could only turn around to face the devil.

Ning Xi took a deep breath and said, "CEO Lu, I...I... am here to..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Tingxiao stonily said, "Come in" and then started to walk towards the bungalow.

Ning Xi looked at the devil's shadow and her only thought was to run away. However, Lu Tingxiao seemed unworried that she would run away. He did not even turn back to look at her and walked ahead.

At last, Ning Xi really did not dare to walk away. Her dilemma resulted in her obediently following isntructions in the end.

Behind her, Wan Wan and butler Yuan who were hiding in a corner finally felt relieved.

Ning Xi nervously followed after the devil.

She inadvertently looked around this place that she had not visited for quite a while.

The living room, corridor, staircase, decorations...even though everything was exactly the same as before, she had a foreign and distant feeling.

Lu Tingxiao's firm steps led them to the door of her room before he opened it. He then stood there, waiting for her, as if he already knew why she had come.

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