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Hidden Marriage - S01 E302

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 302

The Devil That Was Too Cute

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"My son, if it had been your wife, even if she were an artiste, there wouldn't be much of an implication. But it's not the same with your brother, he's the Chief Executive Officer of Lu Group Corporation and the helmsman of the Lu family empire. His choice for a wife is important to the entire family."

Lu Jingli looked at his brother beside him and saw that his cynical and defiant expression had become serious.

Since they were children, he had lived under the protection of his brother and did as he liked. He had the right to choose someone he liked to be his wife, but his brother did not.

"Bro, I..." Lu Jingli suddenly did not know what to say.

Lu Tingxiao patted him on the shoulder and then looked at Lu Chongshan. His usual icy cold eyes revealed an air of arrogance, and he said, "Father, apart from you and mother, no one else can affect my decisions."

In other words, the opinions of all these companies, family empires, and unrelated persons did not matter to him. The only ones he cared about were the opinions of his closest family members.

When Lu Chongshan heard this, he was stunned. Even though these words were meant to disobey him, he felt a sense of pride and happiness in his heart.

He had spent 20 years to achieve his success, never hesitating to make risky decisions. Yet, he had forgotten his son before him, who merely took five short years to calm a huge internal strife. He had even elevated the Lu family to a higher status within those five years.

Even though the words he had just uttered were rebellious and arrogant, they were not frivolous, as he did indeed have such capabilities.

Lu Chongshan took a deep breath, before he finally sighed, "Tingxiao, don't blame me for being too careful. You must know that it's easy to get the world but it's not easy to hold on to it. To have such a weak point by your side is definitely not a good thing."

Lu Tingxiao's eyes revealed a ripple of gentle yet determined vibe, "I will prove to you that she is not a weak point."

With that, he turned around to leave.

As he watched his brother's shadow leave, all of Lu Jingli's inner guilt turned into admiration, "Wow! My brother is too cool!"

After he left the study room, Lu Tingxiao went to look for Little Treasure.

The little guy was leaning with his cheek in his hand as he lay on the window sill, zoned out. His little face expressed a mix of contentment and disappointment.

Lu Tingxiao walked to his son, then gently put his palm on his head, "You did well."

Little Treasure turned his head and looked up.

"What's wrong?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Little Treasure used his little hand to pull the hem of his father's shirt, indicating for him to bend lower.

Lu Tingxiao bent down. In the next second, a soft little kiss fell on his cheek.

Lu Tingxiao who was used to having everything under his control and prediction, was truly stunned for the first time...

After a few seconds, Lu Tingxiao finally returned to his senses. He did not know how to deal with this situation, so in the end he just cleared his throat with a serious face and complimented, "Good boy."

"Pfft—" Lu Jingli who was leaning on the door immediately burst into laughter, thinking that his brother was simply too cute in this moment

He had so many tricks when picking up girls, yet it turned out there were things he was not very skilled at too, such as ways to communicate with his son.

Lu Tingxiao's stunned stupor by his son's sudden kiss was interrupted when his phone suddenly rang.

It was butler Yuan.

Old butler Yuan emotionally reported, "Hello, master, Miss Xiao Xi came back!"

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