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Perfect Secret Love - S01 E90

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 90

Girlfriend snatcher

Translator: eunimon Editor: Caron

Seconds and minutes passed, and just like that, twenty minutes flew by.

However, time was up and Si Ye Han still hadn't arrived.

But after the full twenty minutes, Xu Yi gave her a call.

"Hello, Ms Ye, we're very sorry. 9th master is in the middle of something; we'll need you to wait a while longer!"

"Ah... What's the matter?" Ye Wan Wan asked hastily.

Xu Yi's tone sounded somewhat odd, he hummed and hawed for a long time before answering, "No... No, it's nothing much, you just have to wait a while longer!"

"Oh, all right then," Ye Wan Wan was reassured.

After she hung up, Ye Wan Wan said to Ling Dong, "My boyfriend has a sudden matter to attend to so he'll be a bit late."

Ling Dong folded his arms across his chest and gave a knowing expression that he had expected her to say this. He casually replied, "It doesn't matter, I can wait."

Si Ye Han was usually very busy so it was normal for him to be delayed. Ye Wan Wan didn't think much of it and continued to wait.

Another half hour flew by.

Si Ye Han still hadn't arrived.

But Xu Yi called again and informed her with an embarrassed tone, " Ms Ye, 9th master hasn't settled things here, you might have to wait some more..."

"Oh, it's fine, let him finish up his work first!" Ye Wan Wan replied, not fussing at all.

Ling Dong, who was sitting opposite, looked at Ye Wan Wan, "Why? He's been delayed again?"

Ye Wan Wan nodded, "So sorry, he's extremely busy!"

Ling Dong played along, "No problem, I don't have anything to do anyway, we can take our time!"

Just like that, one long hour went by and the restaurant was emptying out.

After the hour, Xu Yi called for the third time.

This time, Xu Yi sounded even weirder. He was trembling in fear like he was about to cry. Ye Wan Wan wasn't sure what kind of trouble he'd gotten into.

"I'm truly sorry, 9th master is still not done..."

"Oh..." Ye Wan Wan felt that something was off. Could it be that something serious happened? Or did Si Ye Han actually not want to come?

But that couldn't be; if Si Ye Han didn't want to come, he could've rejected her outright. There was no point in him agreeing and then keep getting Xu Yi to give her excuses.

"How about... We meet another day?" Ye Wan Wan suggested.

Xu Yi panicked immediately, "No! Please! I'm really sorry Ms Ye. 9th master can't leave at the moment, but he'll be there tonight no matter what. Please wait a little longer, please!"

"Erm, alright then!"

After Xu Yi's pleading, Ye Wan Wan could only agree but she was very curious. What exactly was happening over at Si Ye Han's house?

After Ye Wan Wan hung up the phone for the third time, Ling Dong looked at the time, stared at her and said, "Wan Wan, if this so-called boyfriend you mentioned doesn't show up by 12 a.m. tonight, can it be considered that you were lying to me?"

Ye Wan Wan thought about Xu Yi promising that Si Ye Han would show up tonight no matter what and nodded in the end, "Yes."

Ling Dong's face lit up after hearing this and relaxed. Now, he eagerly watched the time pass, bit by bit.

There was only about an hour left till 12 a.m. Just an hour more and this girl would become his girlfriend!

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