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The 99th Divorce - S01 E1550

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1550

Why Would The Bride Commit Suicide?

Ye Youyou tilted her head up and was unprepared for the intensity of the dark eyes that she saw. Li Jinnan dark eyes were infinitely chilling to the bone. His expression was directed toward Ye Tian.

Ye Youyou sniffed and wrapped her arms around his waist. In a soft voice, she whimpered, “I’m innocent. I didn’t harm her.”

“I believe you, but you’ll still have to make the trip with them. I’ll think of a way to get you out and prove your innocence.” Li Jinnan hugged her and lowered his voice. “This is just a small bump in the road. When we think back on it in the future, it’ll make us find life colorful. So, don’t be afraid.”

There was no need to be afraid. An upright person had nothing to fear. The truth would always prevail.

Ye Youyou wiped her tears and nodded her head.

The police asked again, “Who is Ye Youyou?”

“Over here! Here she is!” Ye Tian pointed at Ye Youyou and asked, “May I ask who made the police report?”

The policeman barely glanced at Ye Tian before shifting his gaze over to Ye Youyou. Soon, a few more policemen stepped forward and had Ye Youyou surrounded.

A few others headed into the room where Guan Queye had been harmed. The police in charge looked at Ye Youyou and said, “It was Guan Yanhong who made the police report. At present, he suspects Ye Youyou of attempting to murder his daughter, Miss Guan Queye. There is obvious criminal motive and evidence from the scene of the crime. Miss Guan Queye is currently being rescued. Should her life be lost, the situation will be very dire. Please come with us, Miss Ye Youyou.”

The information from the police was sufficient to shake everyone to their core. Opinions and speculation began to fly around.

“Guan Queye’s is in danger of losing her life?”

“It can’t be that serious! Ye Youyou doesn’t look like that sort of person at all!”

“No one will look like that sort of person. There was only Ye Youyou in the room with Guan Queye when that happened. Now that Guan Queye is in that state, who else could it be if not Ye Youyou?”

Ye Youyou felt the blood drain from her face. “It wasn’t me!” she yelled in protest. “I didn’t do it!”

The crowd was in an uproar. “There two only the both of you inside the room. If it wasn’t you, are you saying Guan Queye did that to herself?”

“Yes! She did that to herself!” Ye Youyou replied loudly, but everyone merely snorted in response.

“Today is supposed to be Guan Queye’s wedding day. It’s preposterous that she would commit suicide in order to frame you!”

“Exactly! She is a bride today! It’s supposed to be the happiest moment in her life! You must have harmed her because you were jealous of her.”

“I did not! I did no such thing! It wasn’t me! Investigate it! The truth will prevail. Nothing will change the fact that I didn’t do it!” Ye Youyou’s mind was on the brink of a breakdown, and her voice was drowning in grievance. Hysterical, she tried to explain herself but no one believed her.

Disbelief was reflected heavily in the eyes of everyone around her. This scene was a repeat of what had happened almost eight years ago. She had explained herself to everyone, but everyone had responded in disbelief. They had stared at here as if looking at a criminal. The look in their eyes had made Ye Youyou feel a sense of pain and despair.

What had happened almost eight years ago was replaying itself. Ye Youyou felt a chill creep up her spine, and her body began to tremble.

Li Jinnan hugged her even tighter. He looked at the crowd as he said, “Speak with facts. She is now my woman and possesses no reasonably criminal motive. Furthermore, you all have also said that it’s a wedding today. Why didn’t the groom turn up? Why did the bride want to commit suicide? Isn’t that what you should be thinking about?”

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