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The 99th Divorce - S01 E1547

Story 1 year ago

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When Guan Queye collapsed, the one who suffered the biggest shock wasn’t the milling guests or the service staff. It was Ye Youyou.

She stood behind the door. The hair all over her skin was standing on its ends. The blood drained from her face as she stood frozen to the spot, not knowing what to do.

Ahead of them, the urgent footsteps of the people running over grew. A crowd formed around them.

Guan Queye was sprawled on the floor with fresh blood spurting out of her mouth. Her face had turned green and ashen.

Guan Yanhong heard the commotion from afar and came sprinting over like the wind. After jostling his way past the crowd, his eyes were met with Guan Queye lying on the ground.

This was the daughter he treasured so much and had brought up personally with much effort. At this moment, in such a grand setting, here she was lying on the floor in a tragic posture.

He almost lost it there and then. His eyes reddened, and he stepped forward. Guan Yanhong crouched down beside Guan Queye and gently held her up, as he called out, “Queye!”

Guan Queye’s face was pale and looked like death. At that moment, her eyes were already gray and lifeless.

She lifted her eyes to look at Guan Yanhong, and cried, “Daddy… Ye Youyou… wants… to kill me…” Although her statement was made haltingly, it was nevertheless clear for everyone to hear.

When Ye Youyou heard that accusation, a chill shot up her spine. Her whole body was completely frozen with shock. “I did not!” she vehemently denied.

Unfortunately, that denial no longer held any weight given the circumstances.

“Daddy…” Before Guan Queye could finish, her body was wrecked with another bout of coughs. A huge mouthful of blood spurted out, landing on Guan Yanhong’s body and on the floor.

The warmth from her blood was enough to make her father lose his wits.

Guan Yanhong carried his daughter, and cried out in a wail, “Help! Somebody call an ambulance! Save my daughter!”

Guan Yanhong wailed painfully as his tears mingled with the mucus from his nose. He picked his daughter up with all the effort he could muster and hollered, “Help me! Drive me to the hospital!”

A rugged and well-built man came forward. “This way, Mr. Guan. My chauffeur is downstairs. We can leave immediately!”

He reached out to Guan Yanhong. The few of them rushed off in the direction of the safety exit.

Thanks to the ruckus, the number of spectators increased, and the number of fingers pointing and opinions floating around increased accordingly.

By the time Ye Tian rushed over, a crowd already surrounded the scene. Panting away and gasping for breath, she looked at Guan Queye’s condition in disbelief.

Guan Yanhong was rushing through. When he saw Ye Tian, his fury bubbled over. Through clenched teeth, he ground out, “Your daughter has harmed my daughter once again! Ye Tian, I really regret the day I brought a beggar like you into my house. You’re a jinx!”

With that, he hurried to catch up with the man and made his way down the stairs two steps at a time.

Guan Yanhong’s declaration shifted everyone’s entire focus onto Ye Tian. She stood rooted to the spot. Still panting, she was unable to process the fact that Guan Yanhong had just said such words to her.

Her heart began to ache. They had been married for more than a decade, yet, at this moment, their relationship seemed like nothing more than a fragile piece of clay. The person who had happily chipped away at this fragile piece of clay was none other than her own daughter.

Ye Youyou stood rooted to the spot. Her face was white as ash. She was trembling, and her limbs went limp.

When she saw Ye Tian, her heart suddenly felt reassured, as if she’d found her pillar of support. Tears came pouring out of her eyes, and she called out uncontrollably, “Mom…”


A resounding slap cut off whatever Ye Youyou had to say mid-sentence.

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