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The 99th Divorce - S01 E1546

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1546

A Shocking Turn Of Events

“Fortunately, my chance came.” Guan Queye smiled, and slowly stepped backward. “You organized an outdoor adventure, and the terrain on the mountains was dangerous. I knew that. I knew you wouldn’t be able to take it, which is why I purposely took you with me when went up the mountain. Tch…”

Guan Queye’s eyes were gloating with satisfaction. “I never expected it to suddenly rain.”

Ye Youyou had known this all along, but to suddenly hear it straight from Guan Queye’s mouth made her skin crawl. She looked at Guan Queye is disbelief and exclaimed, “You were only 20 then!”

“I didn’t know it would rain either, but I did it on purpose anyway.” Guan Queye’s laughter was disturbingly sinister. “I deliberately walked behind. I deliberately allowed Shen Luo’an to go up ahead and assure the rest of the group before pulling you along with me when I tumbled down.”

Ye Youyou was stunned. She looked at Guan Queye as if she were looking at a mad person. “You’re crazy!”

“Shh…” Guan Queye placed a finger on her lips and said, “Don’t say that. I just acted in a way that was beyond your imagination.” The smile on Guan Queye’s face reached her eyes as she looked at Ye Youyou and continued. “Who knew that after all these years, the repercussions of that incident would still be so big.”

Guan Queye’s continued to step backward. Her steps were extremely slow, and her legs were trembling and unsteady.

Ye Youyou observed her demeanor and felt an extreme sorrow. She gazed sympathetically toward the two legs hidden inside the wedding gown and asked, “Was this outcome worth it?”

Guan Queye’s legs had once been what she was proudest of, and they were now handicapped. It was unlikely that she would be able to dance again in this lifetime.

“You set me up, but I’m still standing strong and unscathed,” Ye Youyou said. “You, on the other hand, lost more than just the use of your legs.”

She had also lost the illustrious future that once laid ahead of her. The future that had once dazzled brightly had been destroyed by her actions. Fortunately, the situation wasn’t too bad since she could still walk.

“Guan Queye, what happened in the past is already over. I don’t want to look into that incident any longer.” Ye Youyou gazed at her and said, “Given the current circumstances, the harm has already been done. I won’t have any reaction toward what you’re telling me now.”

She took a step forward and said, “Let’s just forget it all. We both deserve a better life.” As she spoke, her eyes trailed down. She looked at Guan Queye’s legs as she gently continued, “You should focus on recovering. Who knows, you may be able to stand up again and even walk normally. As for Shen Luo’an, if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. No matter how you try to force it, you still won’t be able to hold on to him.”

Guan Queye broke out in a smile, but that smile revealed a row of teeth stained with fresh blood. Shock shot though Ye Youyou when she saw it.

Fresh blood trickled out the corner of Guan Queye’s mouth. Her eyes, which were already blood-shot, turned even redder.

Ye Youyou’s heart skipped a beat. Goosebumps suddenly arose.

Guan Queye laughed aloud and said, “You… are still… as fake… as you were before. But, thank you. There are some things… that were never destined to end well right from the beginning. I… was already prepared for the worst. It’s time… to repay… everything … that you owe me, Ye Youyou…”

With that, she turned around and unlocked the door before collapsing on the ground. Her whole body crumbled to the ground as blood poured out of her mouth and puddled on the floor.

“Ah!” A scream pierced through bustling atmosphere.

Everyone was identically at a loss of how to deal with this shocking turn of events.

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The 99th Divorce - S01 E1546

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