Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E14

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Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E14

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The boys all withdrew including Sampi. Terrified with the new development. S.E.D was trying to get closer to them in an attempt to explain himself. But the boys were too terrified to listen.

S.E.D mother was almost close. His body dropped on the floor and there it happened. The apparition of the boy that was k*illed Saheed Emmanuel Daniel.

The boys could see him and there he saw his mother coming closer to him. He shouted “I am Emmanuel… I am Saheed Emmanuel Daniel”.

Miss Koi Koi held his neck, the little boy was in tears and that moment the veil of madam Koi Koi fell and her faceless face grew a eye and a nose.

She assumed the appearance of Miss Kola. There she drew Saheed to herself and rest his head on her br*east. She remembered her dear lost Saheed. Even after death her love for him was so strong. She held his hand and walked withsaheed, and that moment it wasn’t into a pitch black darkness but into a warm grey light.

They both disappeared into that light and the five boys eyes couldn’t see them again.

Tears filled the boys eyes as they understood what had happened. Saheed was not a Melevolent spirit like his mother, infact he was a benevolent spirit. He had no gravity of hatred, he was so light hearted he had the ability to possess a human.

He would possess different student for a term simply because he wanted to enjoy the days in school he was deprived of, and poor boy like Kunle Ajasa was his host.

There at dawn. Kunle Ajasa woke up and saw every eyes on him. He was surprised why he got so much attention, and then they explained everything to him. He only remembered the time he was receiving lectures but oblivious of the moments when he entered the Dormitory.

Those students that were present at Jegede Dormitory would never in this lifetime forget the story of Madam KOI KOI. The fear still lingers. The fear of darkness.

Koi Koi koi koi… Into the light.

T H E E N D...

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