Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E13

8 months ago

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Senior Sampi was no longer afraid, but he felt something was off. Within a second he had flashes of his past and envisioned his dreams in life that might not come through. And then the Only thing he in his mind was “Saheed Emmanuel Daniel” And then he started to put pieces together. He pictured the file of Saheed, And also pictured the faces of the missing boys.

He remembered when Senior Scorpio told him “S.E.D said Madam Koi Koi is looking for something”

Then the answer hit him hard in the head, He had figured out the mystery of Madam Koi Koi. He had figured out what Madam Koi Koi is after.

He looked back and saw the four frightened boys.

Senior Sampi “I think I have unravel the mystery, I know what she is after… my sacrifice wouldn’t stop her” – Sampi said smiling in that moment of chaos.

Senior S.E.D “Now is not the time to have a change of heart”

Senior Indomie crying “Just sacrifice yourself already.. she is right in front of you.”

The tension grew within this boys, so did Madam Koi Koi drew closer.

Senior Sampi “She is after one of us, and that person was the one who initiated my sacrifice… It is thesame person that knows much about all this supernatural Brouhaha…

Senior Solo “And that person is…”

Senior Scorpio interrupted “You don mean it is S.E.D”

Senior S.E.D “What proof do you have… you are just having cold feet”

Senior Sampi “Ah I felt a connection to dead Saheed Emmanuel Daniel… It was as if I have met him before… the reason for that is you are thesame person S.E.D, your name… the full meaning of S.E.D is Saheed.. Emmanuel … Daniel.

Senior Scorpio “what!!! we never knew the meaning of your name S.E.D. …. your actual name is Kunle Ajasa which infact S.E.D can’t be an acronym to this.”

The boys all withdrew including Sampi. Terrified with the new development. S.E.D was trying to get closer to them…

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