Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E12

8 months ago

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Senior Sampi “I have to volunteer… I can’t just stay and watch the juniors terrified”

Senior S.E.D “Then we have to do it this night by all means… Sampi as you reason this so… he go better for your family.

Senior Sampi “Make all of una tell my little brother say make he no forget me o… soldier come soldier go.

Senior Indomie “Sure thing na Sampi… you will be missed greatly God bless you”

Senior Scorpio “We have to follow Sampi Tonight and lure the evil Spirit… He can’t go alone… to me o we fit beat shege commot from Miss koi Koi body”

Senior Indomie “But you no beat shege last night… Make all of una wey dey go Tonight plan well well… I don go buy buns o… when una finish abeg give me update o…

Senior Terdo “You are going where… lailai o the only place you will be going is with us tonight… I will make sure you come with us personally… shey na u wan become senior prefect ba.”

Senior Indomie “Na cruise I dey cruise with una o… I no wan become senior Prefect o… you self reason am…who go vote for me self.. even me, I no fit vote for me self”

The night came and the 6 Seniors stood gallantly in the hall on the second floor of the Dormitory. They were not motivated by Curiosity this time, what pushed them wasn’t the Creed of brotherhood but the selfless sacrifice of Senior Sampi. They had faith he would put an end to this M*adness.

The moonlight blanketed by the grey cloud, all that was left was darkness and again the chilled wind. Every was quiet, one could even hear the sound of the wind from the East. 1p.m clocked and then it began. The tormenting sound of the heel shoe.

Koi Koi Koi Koi… Slowly it matched, slowly it came, slowly she began to appear.

Senior Sampi was no longer afraid, but he felt something was off. Within a second he had flashes……

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