Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E11

8 months ago

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The night came, so also the chilled wind. Everyone locked the room and then it started.

Koi koi koi koi… sounds of footsteps, sounds of a lady crying. It was as if she was walking to and fro the second floor. The seniors could hear it, the juniors could hear it. What started like a rumour became a n*ightmare, but this time everybody was awake. Nobody dared to talk, Nobody dared to move, nobody dared to…even mutter words of prayer.

Senior Indomie (chubby senior) broke the silence with a loud fart. Then the footstep stopped which was followed by a loud sl*ap from senior Terdo on Indomie’s face.

Senior Terdo whispered “ah aah you have made yourself the s*acrifice for tonight”

Senior Indomie pleading quietly by rubbing his palms vertically upward with a sn*ort and tears on his face. And then came a knock on the door.

a gentle Knock and then another gentle Knock. the room was quiet as a grave yard. Then there was a violent shaking and banging on the door. one students fainted while some peed their pants.

The t*orment stopped at exactly 4 a.m. The poor student left the dormitory very early that morning. The punctuality that day was surprising.

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