Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E06

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Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E06

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senior Sampi “una too dey play too much… serious matter una done turn am to yab.. oya S.E.D tell us what to do… after all you know about superstitious stuff like this.

Senior S.E.D (his name is actually Kunle Ajasa Joseph, no one knew what S.E.D stood for)

” Madam Koi koi is a melevolent spirit, she is able to grab humans like us because of the gravity she had pulled around herself… the gravity of pain, fear, violence and torture she had gather over the years. she had always been lurking in darkness looking for a benevolent spirit to take with her… she won’t stop until her goals are achieved.

Senior Scorpio “wow for a moment I believed you, everything about you na superstitious… If to say you Sabi book like this eh… walai he go make sense.. small time now.. you will start telling us about bushbaby with mat… Kunle Ajasa your name self be like superstition…”

senior S.E.D. “I am serious we can get Uche back if only we give her something in return.

senior Sampi “something in return you mean somebody else… let’s say I believe you… something tells me we should investigate this matter… for now nobody leaves the dorm beyond 10pm.

The seniors felt like a custodian of the dormitory, like wolves in a pack, territorial, unwilling to give up their territory to any one whether be it ghost, witches of demon.

Madam Koi koi history pre-date to the 19s. Some say she was a teacher who was killed by some students and now her spirit is out there to seek revenge.

But this isn’t the story of revenge but the story of love. What is more stronger than revenge, hate and regret? what is capable of driving a woman to confront the four corners of hell and darkness and what giving up her soul for?

something so strong, what exactly could possibly exist that is greater or stronger than a mother’s Love?

Madam Koi Koi when she was alive was known as Miss Kola Daniel. A very successful business…

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