Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E04

9 months ago

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Koi Koi Koi Koi…. sounds of foot steps. the chilled wind had stopped. the boys filled with fear looked at each other quietly.

“which of you is making that sound with your mouth, better stop it now” Uche said rather agitated.

Koi Koi Koi Koi… the foot steps drew closer. torches were pointed into pitch darkness, lights were absorb nothing to see. All of the torches started twitching ON and OFF and finally went OFF.

The four boys slowly stepped back hiding at the back of gallant Uche. The sound of footsteps became more pronounced as if it were right in front of them.

Silence filled the air, Curious but courageous Uche was filled with fear as he saw…. He saw a dark pale skinned woman with dried lips, wearing a white wedding gown with a veil that barely covered her face. It was as if she was floating and at thesame time she was not. there were no legs just gown, veil, gloves , face and high heels not to mention the purple glowing eyes.

Uche wanted to scream, but what came out was just air, his voice had failed him. The melevolent spirit grabbed his neck, Uche went on his kneels and tried resisting…. Koi Koi Koi Koi… she started dragging Uche to the end of the hall way, Uche caught a glimpse of the entity’s face, it had no eyes or nose just mouth.

The other four boys began to scream all manner of Ecclesiastical verbatim “blood of Jesus!!!! Holy ghost fireeee!!!!” the melevolent entity dragged Uche into pitch black darkness, she faded away so also the scream of Uche.

The boys ran back to the room “Madam Koi koi took Uche o, she is real I saw her!!! I saw her”.

The dawn came and exorcised every lurking darkness. The rumor of Uche disappearance spread all over the school, so also the fame of Madam Koi Koi grew to the hearing of the teachers.

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