Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E02

9 months ago

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Attention: this is not for the faint of heart. Do not read alone!!!!

The torch switched off leaving behind pure darkness. Odion alone with the unknown entity. The sound of the footstep kept drawing nearer to Odion.

Odion’s legs were weak incapacitated with fear. He striked the torch hard on his laps several times, and the torch came ON.

He ran the light through the ground to the feet of the unknown entity which revealed a feminine red heel shoe. What he saw gave him the fright of his life.

It wasn’t the feminine red heel shoe he saw at 1 a.m in an all boys dormitory that gave him the scare, No, It was actually the feminine red heel shoe approaching him with no legs that gave him the scare of his life.

Odion dropped the torch in fright and screamed from the top of his lungs “Arrrrrrgh Arrrrrrgh Arrrgh Arrrgggh” He screamed so loud the slumber party of boys woke up and torches swarming the whole dormitory.

Odion eyes were closed, still screaming and then a hand grasped his shoulder, Odion could no longer scream as he was out of breath only to open his eyes to see something that looked like a human figure.

He saw a rather familiar face and that was senior Sampi.

Senior Sampi wearing a curious face and at his back were twelve other seniors manned with sticks, torches and other weapon.

Odion still in shock with his eyes wide opened, he began to pant heavily “I saw her, I.. I…I saw a..” senior Sampi interrupted with his voice raised at Odion “you saw what, talk na stop doing like mumu, you saw what?”.

Odion replied still very much frightened “I saw a ghost, I saw a ghost, I was hearing Koi Koi Koi and then I saw high heel shoe coming to me without legs” Odion started crying.

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