Legend Of Madam Koi Koi - S01 E01

9 months ago

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As for Odion, he was part of the few whom experienced such dark world. It all started that night. 15th of August 2004.

A cold, dry night with a cloudy sky, and a scanty Ray of the night moon.

Everyone was asleep in St. Jegede Dormitory except for Odion, He woke up at exactly 1 a.m and decided to ease himself downstairs in the scanty bush beside the dormitory, as he was at the 3rd floor, he took a fairly bright torch and went down the stairs.

A 13 years old boy, walking down the stairs to the second floor, half awake. after reaching the second floor that is when it started.

Koi Koi Koi Koi… sounds of foot steps, sound similar to that made by a heel shoes. Odion heard it, but pretended he didn’t.

The sound was coming from the other end of the hallway. Odion kept on walking to the direction of the noise, and again he heard that sound Koi Koi Koi Koi…. this time louder and closer followed by a chilled wind. Odion paused, shivered and shined his eyes. Now he was fully awake.

His curious mind made him to point is fairly bright touch at the end of the hall way, but the light was swallowed up by the pitch black darkness. Now Odion knew something was wrong and took a step backward and then another step and shouted “Who is there!!!” His question was met by a rather strange answer which was Koi Koi Koi Koi… yes, you thought right the sound of the footstep of the unknown entity.

The torch switched off leaving behind pure darkness. Odion alone with the unknown entity. The sound of the footstep kept drawing nearer to Odion.

To be continued…

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