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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E54

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 54


Three years later... +

"Where's my coat???"

"Where's my sandal???"

"Where's my cell??"

"I'm hungry...."

"Giving...wait a minute" I shouted. Being a wedding planner is such a hectic profession!!!

"Here's your coat. Your sandal. Your cell and You come with me, I'll feed you" I said.

"Where's my wife??" 1

"Giving..." I shouted and he laughed. "You???" 10

"Yes me" he said pointing to himself.

"What you want??" I asked arranging the flowers.

"My wife" he said.

"I've not seen your wife"

"But I've..."

"Then find yourself!!"

"I have already found her but the problem is she doesn't give me time" he pouted. 3

"She must be busy"

"Of course she is. After all it's her best friend's wedding" 4

"If you already know the reason, then why whining???"

"Because I love my wife alot, and I can't stay away from her for a minute also". He said. 2

"You're lovesick!!!"

"Nope, I'm wifesick" and it was my turn to laugh.

"Huh!! Laugh as much as you want. This is what you can do!!!" He said

"Oh Arhaan, what am I gonna do with you" I said laughing.

"Nothing only one kiss and hug will do" he said casually and my eyes bulged out. Heat crept up to my neck, and I know that my ears and face is full on Red!!! 2

"Wifey, even after three years???" He asked and I buried my face in his chest. "Oh My!! Now what am I gonna do with my blushing wife!!!" He exclaimed. 6

"Excuse me Mam, they just don't want to get ready from me" Farida came forward with my two cutiepies. Yes, I'm a proud mother of twins. Last year, I was blessed with a baby boy and girl and now they are full One year and three months old.

"Why, I'm hearing complains from Aunty???" I bend down and asked them. They just giggled. Zarine and Ryan just giggled. Being a year old they have just started walking though uptil now they can't walk properly. 5

And Just right then my blue tooth blasted "Riiiiiiiiiii....where the hell are you?? You should stay with me today and not with your annoying husband and those two munchkins. I want you right now or I'll become a runaway bride" she yelled. God!! Sani and her drama will never end!! 3

"I'm coming just give me two seconds" I said. "Arhaan, you need to bathe them and their dresses are on the bed" I said. 2

"Oh no no...you can't do this to me??" He said hurriedly


"No Mahira, you very well know that they don't like to get ready with me." 2

"That's because you don't go slow with them!!" 3

"Yeah, whatever" he said sarcastically.

"Arhaan, Sani needs me over there. Even, I'm not ready!! Okay fine, if you'll make them dressed, I'll give you this" I said 1

"What???" He asked. And I quickly kissed his cheek and ran away. "This isn't over yet" he shouted. Sani must be angry, I shouldn't have left her like this. She must be pulling her hair right now!! She must be nervous, tensed after all it's her wedding day.


Yes, Sani and Rehan are getting married today. How?? Eight months back after alot of effort and confidence he finally went to meet her family along with his family and his dad asked her dad for her hand and they all said Yes!!! I was so so happy my best friend is marrying my brother what more I want?? 11

"Saniiii...what are you doing?? You're spoiling your dress and makeup" I shouted as soon as I entered her room. 1

"This dress is sooooo damn heavy and on top of that the pins in my hair are causing me trouble and this makeup is getting on my nerves!!!" She huffed.

"Sani Calm down, Relax. Take a deep breath and Relax. I know you're nervous, which very much normal. It's only a matter of few hours" I explained.

"I'm really nervous Ri. What if he denies marrying me in front of everyone??" She mumbled and I slapped her head. 2

"You're talking like this about Rehan...after knowing how he is?? You do know that he'll do anything for everyone because he can't see anyone in pain. And You, You are his love, his better half he can't even think also of doing such thing!!" I said.

"I know, but..."

"No buts and ifs....it's your day, enjoy" I said and smiled.

"Hmm...but why my best friend is not looking like a bridesmaid????" She asked. 1

"Because of my best friend..." I said.

"How come???"

"You made me your wedding planner, so this was bound to happen" I said as a matter of fact.

"Okayyy...but now go and get ready. And where are munchkins??"

"Arhaan is getting them ready" and we both started laughing. After spending some more time with her, I went to get ready.

"Mahira, what are you doing here?? You should have got ready uptil now??" Sani's mum asked.

"I'm going to get ready. Just give me fifteen minutes." I said.

"Where's Aayat and Farheen??" She asked.

"Both my mothers are down in the hall" I said.

"Okayy...now go and get ready quickly." She said.

I was setting my dupatta when I was suddenly pulled back.


"Did I tell you that you don't look like a mother of twins??" He whispered, and I shivered. 2

"Leave me..." I whispered back.

"Did I mention that you're the most beautiful woman on this earth" he said as he kissed my right ear.

"Please..." I was breathing hard

"And did I mention that you're looking breath taking in this golden dress" he said and kissed my neck slowly turning me around. 3

"Arhaan someon...." He cut me off by putting his index finger on my lips. 12

"Shhh..." With that he pressed his lips on mine. He pulled back after a while and kissed my forehead. "I'm going down Rehan is here" he said and went away. I was smiling sheepishly.

After setting my dupatta and my hijab, I walked out. I was on my way to Sani's room when I smiled...

"Mommmyyy..." Shezan came running towards me and hugged me. I was seeing him after three months. He was now eight years old and could also speak clearly. I was so so happy to meet my child after such a long time. 6

"Mommyy why crying?? I'm here now" he said and wiped away my tears. 2

"Ohh..it's nothing. I missed you alot!!" I said caressing his face.


"I missed you too" he said and kissed my cheeks. 1

"Where's Laiba mom and Ashar??" I asked. Yes, I wanted him to call her mommy but he was adamant on calling me mommy so we both settled on calling her Laiba mom.

"I'm here...." Laiba said coming towards me. "Assalamualaikum"

"Walekumasalam" we both hugged each other. In the span of these three years we both have become friends. Though she still is trying to do everything so that Ashar forgives her. Even Arhaan has forgiven her only for me.

"How are you??" I asked.

"Allahamdulilah and you?"

"Allahamdulilah...where's Sani??"

"Upstairs..Second floor" I said and she went away.

"Assalamualaikum" Ashar said coming forward.

"Walekumasalam...so you remember me??" I asked.

"Who can forget you??"

"Don't about others but you certainly have"

"Sorryy...work pressure" he said catching his ears.

"Fine, but this shouldn't happen again." Soon it was Niqah time. And I was to bring Sani down. All the gents went into the other room.

The Niqah was over and Sani cried uncontrollably much to our surprise. Now we all were standing one by one and giving poses with the newly weds. After my turn got over, I got down of the stage and found Ashar sitting in the corner and sipping away his drink.

"What are you doing here??" I asked

"Nothing..just sipping my drink" he said

"Why sitting alone??" I asked

"I was born to be alone" he said.

"When life is giving you another chance then why aren't you accepting it??"

"I know where this is going"

"Ashar, it's high time now you should forgive Laiba now. She's the mother of Shezan." 5

"Yeah, sure. If she was Shezan's mother then where was she?? No Mahi, she wasn't there, you were there with Shezan" he said raising his voice. Thank God we are sitting in the corner otherwise uptil now everyone would have listened our conversation.

"Ashar, Mahira is saying right. You should forgive Laiba now" Arhaan said coming towards us.

"Enough of this Ashar. You should forgive her. When Allah can forgive us then who are we to stay angry??"

"We are divorced Mahi. For us to stay together means she had to marry someone else and then if he divorces her then only I can marry her again. Don't you know this??" 29

"Yes Ashar, I know this and I'm sure we'll find someone who'll help us. But that is only when possible if you want to marry her again. I'm only saying you to forgive her. Look over there Ashar, Shezan needs a mother and this Laiba only can give. She has repented alot for her mistakes Ashar, just forgive her now...make her also feel important in Shezan's life." I explained.

"When I can forgive her completely and even Yahya can then why can't you?? Marrying her again depends on you but for now forgive her. Give her a last chance." Arhaan said.

"Please forgive her for all of us" Both Rehan and Sani said coming. He was now looking at me and I nodded.

"Okay...I will" with that he stood up and walked towards Laiba who was feeding Shezan. 7

"Laiba" he said. She quickly stood up

"Yes" she said lowering her gaze. She has definitely changed.


"I wanted to say something"


"I have forgiven you completely Laiba and I'm so sorry that I behave rudely with you all these time. I won't be able to let you in, in my life right now. I need time for that but yeah your most welcome in our house and in Shezan's life afterall he's our son" he said and we all were grinning from ear to ear. 3

"Thank you thank you soo much. You don't know how happy you've made me by forgiving me completely. I promise that I'll not let you down now. Thank you for giving me a last chance." She was now crying and Ashar quickly hugged her.

Now all of us were clapping. No matter how much he denies but I know that somewhere or the other he still loves Laiba. Only time will make them realize. Soon it was ruqsati time and today only they were leaving for Greece.

Sani was crying sooo much which was surely a big surprise for all of us!! After bidding farewell to all of us, I made her sit in the lime and then Rehan drove off. May Allah bless them with a great and loving life ahead, Aameen. I prayed silently.

Soon everybody started leaving. We were also leaving now and I was so so happy because both of my families will be staying together with us. My in laws and my parents they both will stay.

As soon as I reached home, I checked the time and it was past Asar. Since they had a flight to catch so it was a morning wedding. I quickly took a bath and got freshened up, then prayed. After praying, I was playing with my cutiepies when Arhaan came and told that we are going to the park. I wasn't ready to go because I was so tired but my cuties were so ecstatic, that I had to agree.

Me and Arhaan were walking holding hands of our cuties. We were just walking in a park where there were benches on both side of the pathway and there were trees all over the pathway.

The weather was just so perfect, It was Autumn. The leaves were freely falling, the breeze was just perfect. Everything was so perfect. We both picked up our babies in our arms and they started to giggle suddenly.

And Arhaan was smiling seeing them giggle and I was smiling by seeing them all smile. Suddenly he threw my lil boy up in the air and he started laughing more and I did the same with my lil princess. Our cutie pies were happy, what more we need...

We all were laughing and playing when suddenly Arhaan came near me and my heart beat increased. We both were looking straight into each other's eyes. He came forward and leaned then kissed my forehead.

"Thank You for everything, habibti." He said and I blushed hard. He leaned again and before he could kiss me, my boy kissed me on my cheeks making me laugh and Arhaan shocked. We both started laughing.

"I Love You, Habibti."

"I Love You to, Habibi."

I smiled a real smile because the same thing happened in my dream. Who said dreams don't come true?? Mine just did...

I smiled, looked up and said "All this wouldn't have been possible if You wouldn't have been with me always, Allah. Thank you"

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