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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E50

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 50

Ep 49

"Shezan get ready fast, dad's going to be here anytime" I called out to him. 1

"One shwecond mommy" he replied.


"Yo, I'm rweady buff I wonsh shweep now" he said. 1

"Why??" I asked.

"Becaush I wanna shweep with daddy" he said.

"Okay, you sleep now and when daddy will come, I'll put you in his room. Okay?" I asked.

"Nooooo" he yelled.

"Shezan don't make me angry!!" I warned him. 2

"No no no no" he yelled and started running.

"Shezan come here" I shouted but he had already ran out of his room. Kids and their fast steps!!

"Shezan don't run, you'll hurt yourself" I again shouted as if he'll listen to me.

"Shezaaann one more step and you wont eat your candy and no cartoons and no movie day!!" I said and he stopped right then and there.

"Thish ish not fair mommy" he pouted. 1

"Everything's fair in love and war" I smiled.

"But here it is only love and no war"somebody said. And I quickly look up to see who is that somebody and instantly groaned!! What is Arhaan doing here?? Why can't he leave me alone? He's happy in his married life with Laiba so why the hell he always disturbs me?? Wait!! How did he enter first??

"Uncle" Shezan yelled and hugged his leg. 5

"Hey, how you doing?" He asked picking him up.

"I'm fine, but mommy ishn't allowfing me to shweep with daddy" he said

"Shezan, I never said that!! You, you come to me right now, or I'm going this instance" I again warned him.

"Okay" he said and climbed down from his arm and wrapped his hand around my leg.

"Nafisa Aunty will put you to sleep and when daddy will come, I'll put you in his room. Okay?" I said picking him up.

"Okaayy, but I'll shweep in the mwiddle" he said.

"We'll see about that" I told him and he ran away.

"What does he meant by sleeping in the middle??" Arhaan asked 14

"Why are you even here?" I asked in a bored tone.

"Don't try to change the topic. What did he meant" he hissed as he took a step closer.

"Think whatever you like" I said and walked towards the kitchen. God!! Why is he here?? I started putting things in the place when he suddenly caught me by my hand and forcefully turned me to come face to face with him.

"What are you doing? Let go!!" I shouted.

"Tell me whose child he is? Who is Ashar to you? Are you sleeping with him?" He hissed. And my temper got out of control.

"Well, if you can sleep then why can't I?" I mocked. 10

"Mahiraaaa" he yelled.

"What Arhaan? Did I hit the nerve? Isn't this what you're doing from the last five years? Or should I say before you were even married to me?" I hissed and removed his hand. 1

"Mahira don't test my patience. Tell me whose child is he?" He asked running his hands through his hair. A sign when he is frustrated but trying to calm down.

"That child has a name. He's Shezan. And he's my son. I'm his mother, get this in your thick head!!" I screamed.

"No he can't be your son. You two don't look alike at all. And the most important thing you're still married to me. You can't see another man..this is haram" he said. 5


"Says who? Who doesn't even know the meaning of haram?? And Please, let it go. This haram police doesn't suits you. Go and show all these things to your Laiba" I gestured with my hands.

"What is Laiba has to do in this??" He asked confused

"Laiba has to do everything in this" I raised my voice and I don't give a damn if anyone hears us. I'm just done with this stuff and him.

"No no no...this is between you and me. Don't bring her into this when it is not at all necessary" he said 2

"Why? Is Mr.Arhaan Sheikh, too possessive of her wife??" I said clenching my fist.

"Yes, I am possessive of my wife, darn!! I am possessive of you" he said banging his hand on the counter 3

"Oh no no no...I think you're mistaken!! The last time I checked, I was your maid, who use to do everything for you and your house" I replied pointing at him.

"Mahiraa..." I cut him off!!

"Don't Mahira me!! I know you are happily married now with that Laiba, and who knows you might also be having kids" I said all this in one breath. 3

"Wait wait...marriage?? Laiba?? Kids??? What are you trying to say??" He asked confused.

"No need for this act!! And why the hell are you even here?? Get the hell out of my house before I call the guards and tell them to throw you out" I shouted.

"I even don't want to be here but for your kind information, your Ashar invited me over dinner" he hissed. And I rolled my eyes while I walked out of the kitchen.

"And one more thing Mahira, if you think that the last five years was like a piece of cake for me, then you're wrong. You know nothing about me and my life!!" He said and walked out.

I stood there breathing hard but couldn't stop my tears from flowing!!

"Mahiiii, where are you??" I heard Ashar's voice. 1

"I'm here" I quickly wiped my tears and went out.

"Where's Arhaan? He was suppose to be here?" He asked and I looked around.

"I'm here" he came from outside.

"There you are...come come sit. I'll just go and freshen up" Ashar said.

"Mahi, keep him company. He's our guest for tonight" he said and smiled. I nodded.

"Mahi were you crying??" He suddenly asked.

"Nope" I replied

"Good, because I can't see you crying. And you know that!!" He said and went upstairs.

"Has Shezan slept??" Ashar asked while coming down the stairs.

"Yeah, but not before putting up a show!!" I said while setting up the table.

"What show??"

"Today he wants to sleep with you, but in the middle of us" I said and blushed hard and I heard someone's sharp intake of breath. 6

"What???" Ashar asked shocked and started laughing hardly. 6

"Stop laughing...it was so hard to make him sleep" I said.

"Our son is getting smarter day by day" Ashar said and winked. And in return I threw napkin at him. But Arhaan started coughing and we both averted our gaze. 20

We all were now eating and I wasn't able to eat. Why? Because Arhaan was sitting right opposite to me. After so long I'm seeing him eating. If only you knew, how much I've missed each and everything of yours!! 4


"Mahi? Earth to Mahi!! Where are you?" Ashar's voice brought me out of my thoughts.

"Yes, Ashar??"

"What were you thinking??"

"Nothing important"

"Then, why aren't you eating??"

"I am" I said and smiled. I was about eat when I saw Arhaan taking a bowl of mixed vegetables and instantly I snatched that bowl from his hand.

"Arhaan, it has cabbage in it. And your allergic to cabbage" I said and immediately I groaned!! 13

"How do you know that he is allergic to Cabbage?" Ashar asked and I bit my lip. 2

"Umm..actually, I only told her about this. She was asking me that if I eat this or not and I told her, I eat everything of what you had made but not cabbage. And look I only forgot that it had Cabbage" Arhaan easily lied and I breathed a sigh of relief!! 3


The dinner was long over and Arhaan had already left a while ago and I had also completed all my work. It's almost ten now. I should leave. I took Ashar's cup of coffee and went to his room to give him.

"Ashar" I said.


"Here's your coffee. I'm leaving"



"Are you hiding something from me?"

"No...who said?"

"Nobody said. I'm not Shezan, Mahi. I can see and understand. Spill"

"Ashar..." But he cut me off.

"Sit...and I want every details" he said and I sat down. I think it's better to tell him the truth.

"Arhaan is my husband" I said without any emotions. He was shocked but soon he composed himself.


"And now he thinks that nothing happened between us" I said.

"Didn't get you"

"Well we both got married and we both weren't happy with it. It was arranged by our parents. But still I kept all that behind and did what every wife would do but in return I got a tag of his Maid. Yes, he never accepted me as his wife, but he always treated me like a maid, and made me do everything what maids do. Still I didn't said anything but one day he brought Laiba to our house"

"Who Laiba?" He asked. 3

"Laiba Shaqil, the love of his life, who he loved more than anything in his life. He did everything to make me feel small in front of her and so did she. She never missed a chance to insult me. They both treated me like I'm a trash. But amidst all of these things unknowingly I fell for him. And all I knew was one day he will change, he will change for me, for his family...but that day never came at least till I was there." I said.

"Wait...so you're saying all he cared was about his so called girl and nothing about you?" He asked

"Nope. All he cared was about Laiba, of Laiba, for Laiba...and his chair, his position!! And lastly his family. But nowhere in this I was there." I said.

"What position are you talking about Mahi??? What Chair??"

"He is the C.E.O of his company." I said playing with my hands

"What?? No...but he said..." Ashar was now confused 1

"What he said??" I asked

"Nothing, I might have only not gone through his file well" he said rubbing his temples. "You carry on" 2


"Yeah, so one day Laiba came to our house and he was in the office. And she told me and called me what not. But this kind of behavior was expected from her, but what I never expected was that she'll go to Arhaan and say what not about me. And you know what the worst part was? Arhaan believed her. And you know what he did to me? He hit me Ashar, Ashar he hurted me and you know he handcuffed me on the bench outside the house and left me alone the whole night, and that night there was a heavy snowfall!!" I didn't but now I was crying badly. 1

"Hehy, shh...no crying. Everything's fine, you're fine now. Relax. You don't have to say anything else." Ashar comforted me.

"No I want to say. Let me say!!"

"Okay okay...but stop crying. You know I can't see you crying?" 3

"Hmm...the next day his best friend Rehan came and took me to his home and took care of me. That day I decided that now I'll not stay with him...I'll divorce him. But he wasn't in favor of divorce so he gave me all the reasons. But my decision was made.

But I never wanted to give divorce because I loved him Ashar, I loved him alot and till last day I was ready to forgive him and was also hopeful that he'll change but what I saw made me dead!! That day Sani had gotten his internship and she gave us all a treat. And as it is Arhaan never came. I went to the washroom and there I saw a small boy who had lost his way to his room. While searching for his room, I came across another room. And you who were there?

Arhaan and Laiba were sleeping together. He slept with her. He broke me, my heart, my trust, my hope...he broke me!!" 4

"Shhhh....Relax" Ashar soothed me.

"And then I left him and went to my parents, then I came here and met you. And the rest you know everything. The worst part is I'm still in love with him." I said.

"It's okay Mahi, it is good to be in love" he said.

"But only when, when the other person is also in love with you." 9

"Mahi whatever Arhaan did, it was wrong. It was totally wrong and I salute you for your strength and for your hope. After going through that much also you still had hope and you were still ready to forgive him and accept him. No woman can stand that much of insult or violence. But you showed your character very well. And you're very strong.

But one thing I wanna ask do you really believe what you saw?? Him sleeping with her?? Not everything you see is the truth, sometimes it's also an illusion or it might be a set up. You never know. You have to know both sides of the story." 14

"I know, and the truth is my heart never believed that he can do such a thing that's why I'm still married to him. We are not divorced. But you know what Ashar, all that was too much to take in, so at time it was better that we both stay away from each other for sometime, at least for me it was the best option. And partially I was scared, I was scared to listen to him because I wouldn't have been able to take in if he would have said that whatever I saw is the truth. But now I want to let it all burn. Why? Because I can't make him love him. I can't!!! I lost him for ever.

And now I know he is very happy in his life, with Laiba as his wife. And I don't want to disturb his happy married life." I said and stood up. 9

"Mahi, I understand everything. And I'm with you at every step but all I will say is hear him out before taking any drastic step." He said.

"Yeah..I will. But not now, I still not ready to know the truth!!" I said. 5

"It's okay. Take your time. Anyways it's too late now. You sleep here only, I'll go to my other place." He said 2

"Ashar why going to some other place? Sleep here only. It's not that we'll be sharing the same room. Maids and staffs are also here only." I said. 3

"Sure? Will you be comfortable?" He asked.

"I am already very much comfortable in your house." I said and smiled.

"Mahi, it's our house." He smiled and me also smiled. Then he started walking out of the room.

"Ashar, this is your room. You don't have to go anywhere. I'll take the guest room the one that is downstairs." I said

"And I'll make sure that I wont walk down until you are up and ready!!" He said and I laughed.



"Tell me about Shezan's mother" I asked him for the first time in these five years. 8

"I will but some other time. Now sleep" he said.

"Shabba khair"

"Shabba Khair"

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