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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E48

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 48

Continuation of flashback...

I reached Chicago just few minutes back and instantly I fell in love with this place. No doubt that O' Hare International Airport is the second busiest airport in the world. I halted right in my place as I saw only heads of the people everywhere.

After a bit of confusions and going in the wrong directions like three times, I finally found Sarah. Well let me tell you something about Sarah she may be a year older than me but she is almost like Sani but not violent and we don't even give that much importance to our age gap. And right now she was almost pushing and stepping on everyone's leg who was coming in her way. 4

She hurriedly made her way towards me and finally she tripped due to someone's luggage and she came flying towards me making both of us fall. Wao..now this is called a royal entry. Note the sarcasm!! 10

"Mahiraaaaaa" she screamed.

"Sarah, get up!! You're choking me" I stammered. People were giving us weird looks!! And with a huff and some nonsense words she finally got up.

"Finally you're here. I'm so happy to see you" she said and again hugged me but like normal people.

"I'm happy too" I said and smiled.

"Let's go then?" She asked and I nodded. We then walked towards her car which was Ford Aspire, black. We quickly kept my luggage in the trunk and settled down. She started driving and immediately I was lost looking out of the window.

The streets were laid out in a street grid. Many of the residential streets have a white patch of grass and the trees between the street and the sidewalk. Right now the weather was very hot and humid. I also got introduced with the traffic of this city. It was not that bad like New York, but still it was. And just like that my happy mood got off!! Why do I've to remember that place everytime??

After forty five minutes of traveling and Sarah's continuous talks made this ride more long!! Don't get me wrong, I love to listen to her but right now I just want to be alone. Sarah stopped the car in front of an apartment which was so tall.

"You stay here?" I asked shocked.

"Yeah..why?" She asked confused.

"Just like that" I shrugged. We both took out my luggage from the trunk and she led the way to me. We waited for like five minutes for the elevator and then she pressed the sixteenth floor button. And I was only gazing at that number, disbelief written all over my face. Sarah chuckled seeing my expression and immediately I collected myself.

We reached the floor and it had only two flat opposite to each other. Sarah's house was in the right. She opened the door and I was surprised. The house was so damn beautiful. As you enter there's a living room painted in Coffee Color and Cream Color. A huge three seater sofa was there with a center table. In front of that is a three inch cabinet and an LCD.

Left to the living room is Sarah's room and right one is mine. And if you'll go straight from the Living room, there's an open kitchen which is painted in Grey and streaks of White, with modern counter top, cabinet. Kitchen is connected with a small open room that is a dining room.

I went to my room and I was happy to see my room. It has a bed in the middle, dresser in front of the bed and to my left is wardrobe and right beside it, is the washroom. I kept my luggage on the bed and started unpacking it straightaway. After I finished unpacking I went to freshen up. The washroom was painted in White, with white tiles and Marble flooring.

After freshening up I went outside to see Sarah was making lunch. I went to her and smiled. She smiled back.

"Sarah can I use your phone? I need to call Mom & Dad" I asked.


"Yeah Sure, it's over there" She said pointing to the side table which was right beside the sofa. I dialed their number and after three or four ring mom picked up.


"Mom, Assalamualaikum"

"Walekumasalam beta, how are you? When did you reached? You're with Sarah?? You're fine? Need help??" She was asking questions and questions. I chuckled. 4

"Mom breathe, I'm fine. And I reached around nine-thirty, yes I'm with Sarah and no I don't need any help, I'm fine." I answered all her questions one by one.


"What are you doing? Where's Dad?" I asked.

"I was doing my usual house chores and Dad is in the office" she said.

"Hmmm...Mom is he called again?" I asked a bit hesitatingly.

"Yes he did. He is really worried Mahira." She said

"Okay. Will talk later Mom. And I'll give you my new number as soon as I get it" I said.

"Okay Beta, Allah hafiz." 1

"Allah hafiz".

After talking to her, we had our lunch, Sarah told me about her work and work place. She is working as a Manager in one of the topmost leading firm. This flat is given by the company to her. But now she has enough money so she is searching for her own house.

According to her, her boss is the best boss who not only is your typical good looking but also very generous and not at all egoistic. He respects women alot and always give them special treatment. I was very thankful to Sarah that she didn't ask anything to me, she was giving me privacy. After we finished talking and eating. I was tired so I came back to my room and instantly felt sleep with grey eyes engulfing me. 1

I woke up at around seven in the evening. Washed my face and made a messy bun then went outside. Sarah was sitting with her laptop on the sofa. 2

"Hey" I said.

"Hii..slept well??" She asked.

"Yeah..but still tired. Coffee??" I asked.

"Sure" she said.

"Should I come or you'll be okay?" She asked again.

"I'll be fine" I yelled. After some time I finished making coffee. I took the mugs outside and settled down on the couch. "Smells good" She commented. I smiled. 1

"Wanna talk about it?" She asked and I sighed. It's of no use to hide anything from because I'll be staying with her only. So I told her everything and yes I didn't cry for once also when I was telling her. "How can he do this? You did the right thing Mahira. And I support Sani for her violence. He deserved those beatings" she said angrily and I only gave her my best blank expression. 7

"Uhh..Okay!! No need to give that expression. I'm not the one to judge anyone or anyone's affair. And in your case you both are married and marriage is a private affair for me. And you both are husband and wife. So whatever happens between both of you, you both only will be able to solve it. We can only give you both reasons, advise and what not. But this relation is of you two together. You want time, I understand but think wisely dear." She said calmly. 6

"I do want to go back and sort out everything with him. But I want him to realize his mistake and feel those emotions like I felt all those times." I said.

"Take your time. We all are with you." She said and hugged. Just like that the whole night passed chatting, eating and sleeping.

I feel relax and at peace. Days passed, weeks passed. I tried to apply for jobs but couldn't got a suitable one for me uptil now. I spend my day doing house chores, shopping, walking aimlessly on the road, sleeping, praying and talking to my parents.

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