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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E46

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 46

Arhaan POV

Five years later

"Wake up wake up" Rehan shouted.

"Just a minute please" I groaned.

"Nope...you had to go to work" he said.

I quickly got up and was now sitting. What is the use of going to office now? I have lost everything due to my stupidity. It's been five years now and I haven't find a clue about her. 31

I'm always in touch with her parents though they never talk to me. Her father was charging a case against me but Saniya stopped him saying that she will never like this. I always call them or sometimes send voice message apologizing to them. 2

Yes, Saniya is now not angry with me. When I and Rehan had shown her all the proofs she was shocked. But after that she apologized for all her violence. So now I have got Saniya also as a friend. Yes, Saniya and Rehan both love each other but they are not going to confess at all. 9

I got up from the bed and went to the washroom. After freshening up when I looked myself in the mirror I only see hollow in my eyes with lots of eye bags and dark circles. I have even lost weight because I no longer like the food...in every food I keep on looking for her hand made cooked food which I can't get.

I'm not sleeping properly because all I keep doing is pray. Every night I pray and ask for forgiveness and cry for the well being of my girl my Mahira that I can find her soon. Come home to me.

Soon my thoughts were interrupted with a knock on my door. 3

"Arhaan" Rehan knocked.

I quickly clear my throat "five minutes" I replied and wiped my tears.

After getting ready I walked out only to find Rehan all ready and was tapping his foot impatiently. I rolled my eyes at his behavior. My cell started ringing and I quickly checked the caller id which says Boss. I picked up the call.

"Good morning Sir" I said in a formal tone.

"Good morning Arhaan...I hope you are ready?" He asked

"Yes absolutely" I replied.

"Good...you're flight is in four hours" he informed me. 7

"Okay Sir." I replied back.

"Don't forget I want that deal anyhow" he said sternly.

"Yes In Sha Allah we will get" I replied.

"And how many times should I tell you to not be formal with me? Remember Arhaan this is your post, this chair is not mine...you're taking the punishment without doing anything".

"I don't care anymore now about that chair. I only care now about Mahira. And I have made mistakes I never respected her so why I shouldn't be punished then?" I replied. 4

"I understand Arhaan but still...I don't like to boss around. It's not my place heck I have my own company" he was frustrated. 4

"Calm down Yahya...it's not your fault. You were also in the dark like me. We both have lost someone whom we both had loved. You lost your fiance and I lost my wife!!" I said.

Yes, Yahya is the new CEO of my company. How? Well...his parents and my parents did know each other so my dad decided to make him the CEO. And when he found out about Laiba he immediately broke all the ties with her and from that day we don't know where is she nor we care!! Yahya is already married now and is soon going to be a father. He loves her wife but still he loved Laiba alot. 28

"Okay okay as you say. Now hurry or you both will miss the flight" he said chuckling. And he ended the call. When I turned to look at Rehan he was glaring at me.


"Geez calm down!! We still have time." I said laughing.

We reached Chicago but it was already night. So we quickly checked in and instantly slept away. Soon we both were woken up by Yahya who was calling. He told us that the meeting is at ten. We both got up and one by one freshened up. Rehan have his meeting within forty five minutes and mine is scheduled at ten. 4

"God why's Yahya up so early? It's only eight thirty" Rehan groaned as he got out of the washroom.

"You know he's so punctual" I replied.

"How does Simra handle him!!!" He mumbled. I chuckled at his response.

"You get ready I'm going down" I said and walked out of the suite.

After sometime Rehan came down and we had our breakfast. After eating he went for his meeting and since I still had time I decided to work. I again went to our suite and plopped down on the couch with my lappy and quickly got busy.

I took a look at time and it was now nine-thirty, I better hurry myself if I don't want to be late. I quickly got down and called the driver he instantly came at the door and I gave him the address. We reached the building it was a twenty minutes ride. I glanced at the building and it was good. The whole building was made up of glass just like mine. 4

I went inside the building and walked towards the reception and asked about the meeting. The lady then called someone and asked him to guide me to the conference room. As I was walking I knew that there were many girls who were watching me. One girl practically fell down so that I can notice her.

I only nodded my head at their behavior and chuckled. If I would have been old Arhaan then surely all these could have made me notice or I would have flirt but now I only crave for Mahira. Soon we got in the elevator after sometime we reached the desired floor. 5

"This way sir" that guy gestured with his hand. I nodded my head and thanked him then went inside. There were around eight to nine people already present in the conference room. We'll only get the deal I mumbled. I knew some of the people...I walked inside after greeting all of them and introducing myself then took the only seat which was left. That seat was just the center seat of the end right across the CEO's seat.

After sometime another guy came and told us that due to an emergency the CEO could not be able to attend the meeting but his P.A. will attend to us. Some of the people were angry but some of them were just calm like me.

Who cares if the CEO come or not the only thing that matter is the deal. I might not be the CEO now but that will always be my company only...and this deal can give us alot of profit. After waiting for another five or ten minutes the door opened and I stopped breathing.

There she walks in...in all her glory as if she runs this city. She was looking breath taking. High heels clicking on the floor, she walking in with the files

and lappy. Her head covered in that wrap around. She was wearing a long straight cut skirt and a white blouse with a black jacket.

She was looking extremely beautiful but she hasn't seen me uptil now. But yes she has lost weight and though she had put makeup but still her eyes are not shining like before. Look at me Mahira.

"Good morning everybody...please take a seat" she said and she did a double take in my direction. My heartbeat was now racing her eyes were wide and her face paled. But she quickly composed herself and averted her eyes. It hurted me that now she was ignoring me.

"I'm really sorry gentleman, I know you must be expecting our CEO...but he got an emergency and he had to attend that due to some personal reason so he send me. And without wasting anymore time let's start the presentation" she said and stood up and walked towards the projector.

God...she was slaying it!!! She talked in a business mode all professional. During all these five years she has changed alot. She has become more matured and now she is full of confidence. It will be fun to get her back...

She kept on talking professional... And was asking questions in between.

"So what do you think we should do? We should increase or not?" She asked pointing at the projector. Before anyone could say anything I quickly stood up.

"No...I don't think you should increase" I said. She raised her eyebrows.

"What's your name? Will you introduce yourself to all of us?" She asked and sat down raising her eyebrows as if challenging me. But it really pained me to hear that she asked me in such a way that we both are strangers. 13

I took a deep calming breath "Hello everyone, My name is Arhaan Sheikh. And am from Sheikh Industries and corporation." I replied

"So how many of you agree with this gentleman's answer" she asked everyone gesturing with her hands towards me. Mahira why are you behaving like this?

After an hour or so the meeting was finally over.

"It was pleasure meeting you all and all your answers and presentation have been taken care of and I'll meet you all at the party on Saturday where we'll announce the name of that company which will get the deal." She said and stood up dismissing all of us. She was looking so smart.

One by one everyone started leaving and she was picking up her things. I was just waiting for everyone to leave fast so I can talk to her but suddenly the door opened.

"Mommyyyyyy" came inside the room a little boy shouting. I was confused...there was no one else here. But that boy came and hugged Mahira's leg. She picked him up in her arms and was now smiling and also introducing to others who were still leaving.

Mommy? How come? We never did anything only...then how come this child? Does that mean she got married?? No...we are still married. We haven't divorced yet heck we will never be. She's mine and only mine. But who is this boy?

Third time the door opened and there entered a guy around my age.

"Daddy" that boy again shrieked from her arms. And soon he came in greeting and pecked the little boy's head and was now staring lovingly at Mahira who was now giving him a shy smile.

What the hell is going on here?? Didn't she knew that she is married to me. She still belong to me!! My blood was boiling at this point now. Unknowing I crushed the glass in my hand and soon blood started oozing out making everyone's attention on me. For a second I saw worry in her eyes but soon it was gone.

That guy quickly came to my side and inspected my hand. "How did you break the glass??" He asked.

"It was a mistake" I replied keeping my hard gaze on her.

"It's okay...I guess the cut is not that deep but it would be better if you visit the doctor" he said snapping me out of my trance.

"Hmm..yeah I guess" I replied.

"Daddy you shoof tie the hanferchief like Mommy dish onsh when you bwoke the glash and you gosh hurt" that little boy said.

"Aye aye captain" that guy said and gave him a mock salute who quickly hid behind her and she laughed. Oh My!! How much I missed her laugh. He quickly tied my hand with a handkerchief.

"There you are... I'm Ashar Sayeed" he said and shook hands.

"I'm Arhaan Sheikh" I said.

"Ashar we're getting late...I think we should leave now" she said without any emotion. He nodded at her.

"All right we'll meet in the party I hope you're the lucky one who wins the deal" he said patting my shoulder.

"I always win" I said looking at her.

"I like your confidence...we'll definitely get along" he said and hugged me which I gladly return glaring at Mahira. And after that they walked out.

What the hell was that?? Today I got the biggest shock...I found Mahira and then I found she had a boy??? Really??

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