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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E44

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 44

Arhaan POV

I woke up to find myself on the ground where she had left me. Tears again started pooling in my eyes, I want her back in my life. I will find her no matter what. I stood up but my legs were still wobbly and I couldn't walk straight. May be I drank too much yesterday.

I went to my room and freshened up. I can't say what I am exactly feeling now. My whole body has gone numb. I wanted to scream but I can't only tears were streaming down. I quickly wiped the tears and forced myself to walk. As I was passing by I came in front of her room I opened the door and went inside.


Her scent was still there and I just wanted to melt down in that scent. I went towards her dresser, her accessories were still there. I picked up one of her earings and clutched it tight. I wanted to feel her..but I can't. I quickly rushed towards her closet and opened it. I just hugged myself in her clothes and inhaled her sweet scent from the clothes.

"Mahira just give me a chance, I will prove myself. Just this time listen to me..." I kept shouting to no one. And then I realized that there is no one in the house to listen to me...I'm all alone. I was about to close the closet when a picture fell down on the floor. I picked up the picture and was a bit shocked. She had this picture??

It was the same picture from our wedding when our photographer told us one of the pose. In this picture I was suppose to keep my right hand on her shoulder and from left hand I was to hold her right hand. This picture was truly an amazing picture. I still remember how she did intake a sharp breath when I held her and the way her cheeks turned red. But what surprised me the more was I was looking at her in this picture while she was looking down.

I clutched the picture tightly in my hand and took one glance of the room and went out.

"Sir what would you like to have for breakfast?" The maid asked as I went down.

"No thanks. Umm..you can go, I'm giving you a leave for two-three days." I said.

"Okay Sir, but are you sure? And I haven't seen Madam today?" She asked. By hearing about her many emotions ran inside me.

"She's gone out..you can leave" I said. She bowed down a bit and went away. I quickly took out my cell and dialed my private investigator number. He picked up in three ring.

"Good morning Sir, how may I help you?" He replied cheerfully.

"Josh, I want you to find Mahira ASAP" I said.

"Madam?? Why?? What happened?"

"It's a long story. She left yesterday at night and I want you to find her. Just bring her back to me at any cost from anywhere but I want her here safe and sound right in front of me. One scratch on her body and you'll be dead. Did you get that?" I asked icily.

"Yes Sir..but I need to have her pic inorder to find her"

"Yes, I'll send you right now." I said and hang up.

I sat down on the couch and tried calling her but her cell was off!! Why she kept her cell off? Didn't she knew that I'll get worried..instead of just leaving me like that she should have talk to me. But no, she has to take decisions in haste. But still it was my fault only. May be she had went back to her parent's place? Without thinking much I dialed her parent's number.

"Hello" came an mid age woman voice. I presume she is her mom.

"Mom" I breathed. I don't how it came out..but I called her mom. I, myself was shocked.

"Arhaan..son how are you?" She asked happily.

"I'm fine and how are you all?" I asked.

"We are all fine. How is Mahira? We are calling her from few days but she isn't picking up her cell." She said.

"Uhh..yeah. Her cell was not working properly that's why I guess!!" I replied quite unsurely.

"Where is she now? Call her..wanna talk to her" she asked and I shivered, means she did not went over there.

"She has gone out with Saniya" I lied.

"Ohh..okk..I hope everything's fine? And I'm waiting for you both to come over here. You know Arhaan she hasn't visited us since the wedding." She said and I could make out the sadness in her voice.

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