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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E43

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 43

Arhaan POV 2

God..my head is killing me. How much I have drunk?? Wait!! How can I drink?? I was in a meeting..damn!!this headache. I slowly opened my eyes and adjusted myself..I groaned due to the pain. I slowly sat up on the bed massaging my temples.

When did I came to this room?? Oh God...everything is looking new to me. I looked around to find a mess everywhere. Clothes were scattered all around. Wait!! Clothes??? I hurriedly looked at myself and I wasn't wearing any clothes. Suddenly I heard someone groaning and I looked beside to find Laiba also waking up. She was also covered in sheets...Wait!! Does this mean?? Oh hell no......!!!

I quickly freshened up and went inside the room to find Laiba dressed and seated looking down at the ground.

"What is all this??" I asked her

"What do you mean by what is all this?? You did it...you know" she accused me.

"I know myself very much. I would have never done such thing and if I wanted this then I would have done it long back" I glared at her.

"So now you're accusing me?? That this is all my plan. Great!! You know what Arhaan all boys are same..they want only one thing from us and when they get then they start acting innocent" she snapped.

"Think twice before you speak Laiba because I'll not think twice before ripping your tongue away from your mouth" I hissed. To say I was pissed would be an understatement. I wasn't going to believe this..I mean how can I do this?? I'm not that cheap!!

"This is what I get after loving you for so long and staying beside you" her voice cracked as she said. God what I have gotten myself into?? I calmed myself down and sat beside her. I took her hand in my hand and squeezed it lightly.


"Laiba I'm sorry for snapping at you. You know this very well that I don't like all this kind of things before marriage?? You're my love and I will never use you for this..I have always wanted you to make my wife..then why will I do such thing now?? You know me very well Laiba." I told her softly.

"I know Arhaan but it happened. I can't remember much..I only remembered I got a headache and I was feeling nauseous. So I decided to stay here because my house is far from here. And then I called you and told you everything..and then you came. And well!! I don't remember anything else." She explained.

I took a deep breath "God I don't know what happened and how can I loose control!!"

"Heck I don't even know that we were safe..I mean..you know very well" she stuttered.

"Listen Laiba whatever happens we will face it together. Okay??" I asked and she nodded. I looked at my watch and it was twelve. I sighed. "I have to go now...come I'll drop you home" I said and stood up.

After dropping her home I was driving back to my house. What will I say to Mahira?? I'm sure I wont be able to hide from her. But what will I say to her?? That I don't know how we end up sleeping together?? I don't remember anything?? Damn!!

Personally I also don't believe this that how can I sleep with her?? I have been drunk many times before but still I knew my limits. Will she trust me on this??? She must be waiting for me in the home. I should call her and inform her that I'm on my way. Nah!! That'll definitely sound fishy because I never do such thing. Why am I so nervous??

I remember going to that hotel and Laiba was not well. After staying with her for awhile I stood up to leave. I wanted to go to Mahira and have dinner with them. Because she told me about Saniya's internship and surprisingly my meeting ended pretty soon so I wanted to surprise her but how did I end up in bed??? This is so damn confusing!!

I know she must be waiting for me sitting on the couch either reading a magazine or just flipping through the TV channels. She must have also cooked for me. I smiled, thinking about her. I can't wait to see her. She is making me crazy!! I pulled my car in the driveway and got out of the car. I rang the doorbell but she never opened. Strange!! 15

She might have got tired and slept early. I took out the house key and opened. I switched on the lights and shouted "Mahira where are you??" No response. I went upstairs to her room but she wasn't there also. She must be in the washroom. I knocked again "Mahira are you in there??" Still no response. I again knocked "Listen if you don't reply me I'll come inside" I said, still no response. 1

"This isn't funny Mahira" I said and opened the door. To my surprise she wasn't here also. Damn!! Where is she?? It's already one she won't be outside this late. I searched everywhere in the house but she wasn't there. I asked the guards and they said she never returned only. 2

I called her but her cell was off. I ran my hand through my hair and called Rehan. "Hey bro..what's up??" He asked as he picked up.

"Is Mahira still with you all??" I asked.

"Mahira?? No..she was with you na??" He asked back.

"No..why would she be with me?? She was supposed to be with you all?? Saniya gave you all a treat??" I asked.

"Yes, she did. But after sometime Mahira went to the washroom and when she returned she told us that you have forgotten an important file and you need it immediately so you have asked her to bring that file to your office. She said this and hurriedly went away." Rehan said.

I never called her in fact I want to surprise her. Why did she lied?? And why after coming from the restroom?? "Rehan which hotel did you all went for dinner??" I asked and my heartbeat was racing. I hope what I'm thinking proves me wrong.

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