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Amaka had a suspicious look on her face as she watched Katherine, waiting for her to give her condition. Hoping she doesn’t demand for something she wouldn’t be able to do.

“Well the condition is that you will have to help me talk to Jane” Katherine blotted out.

Amaka kept looking at her, not quite understanding what she wants her to talk to Jane about.

“So are you going to do it, or not?” Katherine asked.

“Going to do what?”

“Talk to Jane of course”

“And ask her to leave her husband for you?” Amaka asked with all seriousness.

Katherine choked on her burger, making her to cough. Amaka handed her, her own glass of water.

“Thank you” she drank the water, and wiped the corners of her mouth with a tissue.

“So I take that as no to my question?” Amaka asked.

“Of course not, why would I want you to ask Jane to leave her husband?”

Amaka stretched her hands, making an I don’t know sign.

“Very funny, but I want you to help me talk to Jane about forgiving Vivian, I know Vivian might seem self-centered and all, but Vivian has a good heart, and this whole thing has been eating her up, she has not been herself lately, If only Jane could forgive her, I’m sure it will help to ease things a little”

Amaka being who she is, wanted to tell Katherine; Vivian brought whatever is happening to her, upon herself. But then she remembered no one is perfect, and beyond mistakes. That’s one of the reason she is sitting here with Katherine in the first place, looking for a way to correct her mistakes.

“Well Katherine, I’m not going to promise you I can be able to make Jane to change her mind, this is a delicate matter like you already know, but I will try my best”

“That is all I need to hear, there is one more favor” Katherine announced with smiles.

“Come this girl, how many conditions are you going to give, before you help me? Let me guess you want me to help find you a boyfriend?” The seriousness on Amaka’s face, made Katherine laugh.

“Can you do that?” Katherine asked, looking serious this time.

“are you being serious?” Amaka asked in confusion, not knowing if to believe Katherine or not.

“Relax, I was just pulling your legs” Katherine laughed. “You are going to be paying for my food, and I’m also going to be taking another burger”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, and maybe help me find that boyfriend we talked about”

“You clearly need help”

“Do we have a deal?” Katherine stretched out her hand, to Amaka for a handshake.

“Yes we do” Amaka shook Katherine’s hand, somehow, she was beginning to like the girl.

When Amaka’s meeting with Katherine was over, she decided to kill time by going over to a game lounge, she used to frequent with Dele. She didn’t want to go home just yet, and with the way she slept all afternoon, she knew it was going to be hard falling asleep, if she doesn’t find a way to tire herself out.

She decided to go bowling. She bowled for about an hour, competing with other guys there, before she went to play other games.

And before she knew it, the time was already far spent, she checked her wristwatch it was already past 9pm, she knew she needed to leave, before it gets too late to get a taxi back to her place.

When she came out of the lounge, she waited a while for a taxi but couldn’t get any, they kept declining, once they found out where she was headed. She tried to order an Uber ride, but for some reason, the network on her phone was so poor that it wasn’t connecting. so she decided to plug on her earpiece, and listen to some music, as she walk down a bit, hoping to see a taxi that would agree to take her to her place.

As she walked, she noticed the ground was wet, it had rained while she was at the game lounge, and she didn’t even notice.

The street was devoid of its usual traders, and hawkers, only few were still outside selling their merchandise, they must have all turned in, because of the rain. She thought. If she had known it rained, then she would have left earlier than this, because getting a taxi, to her place after a it rains, is usually difficult because of the bad nature of the road leading there.

Amaka continued walking deep in thought, thinking about the drastic turn her life has taken, in the past week. If it was when she was still with Dele, she didn’t need to look for a taxi, because he would make sure to drop her off, before leaving for his apartment.

she continued walking, she didn’t even notice she was already on a lonely street. She only realized it, when she noticed there were no vehicles passing by.

The environment didn’t look safe, the street was dark, how did she end up taking a wrong route, without even realizing it?

She decided to walk back to the direction, she was coming from. She could hear her phone vibrating, but couldn’t take it out of her bag, whoever was calling, would have to wait until she gets out of this place.

She could see cars passing on the other end, so she knew she hadn’t walked to far away from the major road.

When she turned, she saw a guy walking towards her direction, she couldn’t make out his face in the dark but with way he advanced towards her, Amaka knew he doesn’t come bearing good news, so she quickly turned to the other direction, but saw another tall guy walking towards her from an uncompleted building which was by the side of the street.

Amaka started to panic, she turned to look at her left and the other guy was already close, leaving her in their middle. Her first instinct was to run, but before she could make any move, the first guy who was already close to her, pulled her back by her arm, almost ripping it off it’s socket.

Amaka made an attempt to scream but no sound came out because the guy already had his hand on her mouth.

She continued to struggle, and the other guy came and carried her by her legs, and they started carrying her towards the uncompleted building.

“I suggest you put her down this instant”

They all froze, including Amaka. She knew that voice, that was Dele’s voice, how did he get here? that didn’t seem important right now, all that matters, is that he was here to get her.

“Who be this one?” One of the guys asked angrily.

“Trust me, you really don’t want to know, just drop her now, and I might just pity you and not beat you up”

Amaka silently prayed and hoped Dele had backup, both for his sake, and hers. Because only one of these guys, is enough to knock him out.

“Guy we suggest say, make you just dey go your way” the other one said to Dele, as they continued moving.

“Don’t move an inch” Dele warned, this time with a stern voice.

The guys immediately dropped Amaka, walked to where Dele was standing, and one of them punched him. This caused him to stagger backwards, but before he could regain his balance, the second one punched him in the stomach, causing him to topple over backwards.

Amaka screamed, as that was the only thing she could do, hoping maybe someone would hear her, and come to their rescue.

“Amaka run!”

Dele shouted at her as they continued to pummel his body with blows.

Amaka who couldn’t get herself to leave him alone with the bad guys, still stood there screaming.

“Amaka run….” Dele managed to say, before they sent another blow to his mouth.

Amaka finally decided to run, probably she would see people who would come and help Dele.

She ran as fast as her leg could carry her, heading back to the major road, she tried asking the few people who were passing by for help, but no one gave her listening ears, she seemed almost invisible to them, she couldn’t blame them, this is Lagos, and everyone is a suspect.

Her phone wasn’t with her, her bag had fallen off when she was struggling with those guys, so she couldn’t make any call. Amaka cried, and prayed to God that he sends her help, because she was clueless on what to do. She didn’t know what Dele’s fate was at the moment, but with the way she saw those guys punching him, she only hopes they don’t get him killed before she finds help.

As she continued to try get help from those who were passing, she saw a guy she had bowled with at the game lounge, she quickly approached him.

“Hey what’s up?” the guy asked, quite surprised to see Amaka.

“Please I need your help, I and my friend got attacked, and as I’m talking to you, he is still being beaten up” Tears streamed down her face.

The guy looked Amaka over, she was barefooted, and her hair was looking disheveled, the face cap which she had earlier on was gone. She really did look like someone was after her.

“Where exactly did this happen?” the guy asked Amaka, after what seemed like eternity of him accessing her to know if she was saying the truth or not.

“Down the other street” Amaka pointed towards the direction.

“Oh no, that’s not good, that’s the den of bad guys, we can’t go there alone we will need help, come with me” the guy stretched out his hand and Amaka’s hand, and started walking back to the direction, he was coming from.

“Where are we going?”

“There is a police station, not quite far from here, they should be able to help us”

By the time they got to the police station, the guy seemed to be well known by the police officers there, because they greeted him respectfully.

He left Amaka at the counter, and went into the D.P.O’s office. Few minutes later, he came out with three police men who accompanied them back to the scene, with a police van.

As they drove back, Amaka kept praying that Dele was still alive, she couldn’t bear to think of him being dead. There is no way she was going to be able live with his death on her conscience.

When they arrived back at the scene, the bad guys were no where in sight, the police men asked Amaka and her new friend to remain in the car while they went out to survey the area.

Not quite long after they left, they came back carrying a blood soiled Dele, who looked almost lifeless.

Amaka let out a loud scream, the moment she sighted them, she ran out of the car, and met them half way.

“Oh My God Dele___” she couldn’t finish her sentence when she saw his bloodied, and swollen face.

“We need to take him to the hospital” one of the police officers said, so she could leave the way for them to put him in the car.

She allowed them to put him inside the car, before climbing in to join him at the back seat. The remaining officers, and the guy who helped her, stayed at the back of the van as they drove down to the hospital. Her eyes were already crying a river.

She placed Dele’s head on her laps, trying her best not to hurt his badly injured face.

“Dele can you hear me? Dele please wake up” she cried.

If Dele could hear her, he didn’t show any sign.

“You can’t die now, not like this please, don’t die, I beg you, just wake up please”

He didn’t respond.

“Please I’m sorry for everything I have done to you, I’m sorry I kissed Pius, I’m sorry for all the times I have given you hard times when we were dating, please Dele wake up, don’t die, I promise I will do anything you want me to, I will even quit my job, but please wake up”

Amaka cried as she pleaded with Dele to wake up, she didn’t even notice the police men in the car were staring at her, and that they were no longer moving.

“Officer why did you stop? We need to take him to the hospital” Amaka said to the officer who was driving the car.

“We are already at the hospital madam”

The officers came out and helped carry Dele out of the car, while the driver went into the hospital to call the nurses, who came out with a stretcher to carry him.

He was rushed to the accident and emergency unit, where treatments were commenced immediately on him.

Amaka kept praying, and begging God to save Dele as she paced the corridors of the accident and emergency unit.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they will be able to save his life”

Amaka turned to look at the source of the voice, it was the guy who had helped her to report to the police. She had totally forgotten about him. The moment she saw Dele’s face, everything other person had faded, no one else mattered.

“Thank you” she answered with a teary eye.

“You have been pacing for over an hour now, I think you should sit down and rest before you wear yourself out”

“No I’m okay standing, besides I don’t think I have been standing that long”

“Yes you have, please just have a seat, I’m very sure the doctors are trying their best to save him”

Amaka looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall, it was already past midnight, what was taking them so long? Why weren’t the doctors out yet? They have been in there for close to two hours now. Or was something wrong? Could it be that they couldn’t save him, and are finding it difficult to come out and say it?

The guy who was with her must have noticed the look of fear on her face, because he immediately guided her to a chair.

“I’m very sure everything will be fine”

Amaka nodded, for fear of crying if she tried opening her mouth to say anything, he must think her weak, with the way she has been crying all night.

“Don’t you have someone you would like to call? Probably a family member or something?”

Jane, she should call her, but she had lost her phone, and she doesn’t know hers, or Jeffery’s number by heart, so there was no way she could contact any of them.

“I can’t reach any of them, I don’t have my phone” she said, trying really hard not to cry again.

“Don’t worry everything will be fine” he gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

They both sat in silence, each to their own thoughts, until a doctor came out, and started speaking to the police officer who has been sitting quietly in a corner.

Amaka immediately stood up and went to meet them.

“I’m sorry, who are you?” The doctor looked at Amaka like she was intruding.

“She is the victim’s girlfriend” the police officer explained to the doctor.

“Oh Okay, so I was saying, he sustained several injuries on his head, and other parts of his body”

Amaka almost told the doctor to stop beating around the bush and go straight to the point, they already knew he sustained several injuries, even a blindman could see that.


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