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His Wife Or His Maid - S01 E42

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 42

Saniya POV

Yeahhhh!!! Finally I got the internship..I’m soo happyyyyyyyy..I’m jumping around like a kangaroo. I practically have given up all my strength just to be a part of this company!!God this is one of the top most company of New York. Well obviously jij’s company was at the top..but you can’t say that this company is at second position. Hell!! They both share an equal position..and yet they are not rivals..how’s that even possible???

I was still smiling like a lunatic as I re read the letter that has been send by the “R.A. Co & PVT. LTD”. But I was a little upset that I haven’t met the boss of the company once also. But soon, I shrugged away the sadness and told myself thati after three days I’ll be seeing him regularly. Ri will be so happy to hear about this. I’m so excited for this new job…It’s celebration time. Yipiieee…I quickly called Ri.

“Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……” I shouted at top of my lungs. +

“Assalamualaikum Sani” she said sarcastically.

“Walekumasalam” I said sheepishly.

“Now tell me what’s the reason behind your ugly smile??” She asked and I glared at her even though she can’t see it.”Stop glaring Ri” she said. I laughed.

“Guess” I said.

“Umm..wait!! I got it…you got the internship…Right???” Now she shouted as she said.

“Yessssssssss….” I also joined her in shouting. If somebody will see us now they’ll surely think that we have ran out from the mental hospital.

“Oh my God…Oh my God…I still can’t digest this Sani..I’m so so happy for you. Mabrook Mabrook” she said.

“JazakAllahu Khair..and yeah I’m giving you all a treat so that I can receive gifts in return from you all” I started laughing loudly.

“Oh please!! Don’t keep any hopes from me. I won’t be giving any present” she said…and I pouted and yes even though she can’t see it.

“You know na you don’t look good when you pout???” She said and started laughing. Did she just insulted me??? +

“Ri…I swear I’ll not leave you when I’ll meet you today at eight” I ordered.

“God..you are so bossy sometime” she complained.

“But still you love me” I said and she chuckled. “Okay fine now I’m hanging up..and yeah I’ll text you the address and yes bring your sexy hubby and my hot headed jij with you and yeah I’ll also invite Rehan. Okay bye..” I said all in one breath and ended the call.

After taking many deep breaths and calming down my nerves I finally got some courage to call Rehan. I don’t know why but whenever I see him, he’s the only person I feel like to see. And when he talks, I only love to hear him. I know I’m getting mushy but dude he’s definitely hot. How come he’s not married yet??

I know he’s not that type so he will definitely get married rather making some bimbo his girlfriend. Wait!!! Did I sound jealous??? I hope I didn’t…Without wasting any more time I quickly called Rehan and he picked it up after three rings.

“Assalamualaikum” he spoke in his dark husky voice. And suddenly I started feeling hot!!! Geezz…get a grip Sani!!

“Saniya???” He asked again. And I quickly came back to reality and slapped my forehead for my dumbness.

“Umm..yeah..my name is Saniya” I blurted out. D--n!!! What is wrong with me??? I slapped my forehead again. And I heard him laughing. And hearing him smiling unknowingly made me smiled also.

“Well I know your name is Saniya. How may I help you??” He asked. +

“Umm..Actually I got the internship so to celebrate that I’m giving you all a treat. I’ll text you the address..be there by eight. Ri and Arhaan are also coming.” No matter how much I try to speak politely but still I end up giving orders!! D--n me…

“Mabrook..and JazakAllah for inviting me. I’ll be there.” He said softly. And yes I’m again jumping like a kangaroo.

“Saniya” he asked suddenly.

“Yes” I replied.

“Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?? If it’s okay with you. I won’t take much of your time.” He asked. And I stopped breathing.

“I would love to” I said after thinking for sometime.

“Be there by an hour” he said and hang up. I looked at the clock and I have only an hour to get ready.

I quickly went to take a shower. After freshening up I quickly took out dark wash denim and a long asymmetrical cut creamish white top. I quickly wore my clothes and wore a belt on top of my top. I quickly did my makeup only put a eyeliner and Mascara with a pink lip gloss.

I’m not much of a blow dry fan so I left my hair to air dry. It was already half dry so I quickly pinned up my hair and wore my hijab. My hijab was also cream and white in color with black stars all over it. I glanced at the clock and I have only five minutes left. I hurriedly took my purse and mobile and dashed downstairs. I quickly wore my three quarter length brown color boots. +

Just on cue the doorbell went off..I went to open the door and he was standing there looking as handsome as ever. We both were checking each other out. He was wearing a black and grey T-shirt and denims. He cleared his throat. I quickly looked down.

“Shall we leave??” He asked. And I nodded. He opened the passenger door for me and after letting me in safely he got on the driver seat and started the engine.

“Once again Congratulation for your internship” he said smiling. +

“Thank you” I replied.

“You look beautiful” he said.

“You don’t look bad either” I replied.

“I guess, I’ll take that as a compliment??”

“Upto you” I said and smiled slightly blushing.

“So tell me something about you” he asked casually.

“What to say?? I’m just like any other normal girl..big dreams..and what not” I said shrugging.

“You’re not like any other normal girl, you’re special” he said huskily. I was now staring at him..he also looked shocked and soon he said “umm..what I mean is” he started saying nervously. I laughed at his reaction and he blushed which made me laugh more.

We finally reached the cafe. This place was just awesome. Right beside the cafe there was a small stream gushing away. There was also a bridge on top of that stream where many people were just standing and enjoying the view. There was greenery everywhere.

“I hope you like the cafe also, from inside” he said.

“You hope?? I’m already in love with this place” I said. And we walked inside. The cafe just scream “home” it is that comfy and my nostrils just can’t get enough of the smell of the coffee beans. The lights were dim and small Chinese lanterns were lit up. Instead of normal table and chairs they have plush sofa and a center table with each. And all the booths are separated from each other.

We both settle down on one of the couch and ordered. I settled down for a cold coffee while he ordered a frappe with brownie. “Tell me something about the company which you’ll be working for…for the next three years” he asked.

Wait!! How did he knew that I’ll be working for three years???

“How do you know that I’ll be working for the next three years??” I asked shocked. +

He looked at me for a second and then smirked. “Saniya I run a company and there are lots of interns in my firm also. So I know” he said in a duh tone. And I felt embarrassed of Course he would have known. I’m so stupid.

“I don’t know much about the company but I know that this company shares the position with jij’s company but still they are not rivals isn’t this strange?? I mean both the company’s are at equal position and yet they are on good terms??” I said a bit surprised.

“If you had to be on the top or to share your position that doesn’t mean that you have to be rival or competitors?? Sometimes mutual understanding and relationship also works as a magic” he said. Obviously I didn’t understood a word and I was giving him a blank expression to which he just chuckled and I smiled nodding my head by seeing him chuckling. +

The waiter came and served our order. I started sipping straightaway. I know it’s against the manners but I just can’t resist coffee even Ri. We both are just madly in love with Coffee. “So how’s the boss of that company?” He asked taking a sip of his frappe.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Haven’t met once also. But I’ve heard alot about him. Everyone says that he’s so d--n handsome and smart!! Practically every girl from that office are mad for him..you know they practically do touch up before going inside the cabin of that boss. I was so shocked when I heard all this about. But I don’t care..if he’s this handsome and what not then he must be a player..he might be having many girlfriends!!” I said.

He suddenly spit out the coffee as I said the last sentence. He started coughing and I quickly gave him a glass of water and patted his back. “All good??” I asked. He just nodded his head.

“How can you say that he’s a player or might be having many girlfriends?? Just by hearing from other people how can you conclude that when you have not met him?? It’s wrong to judge the book by it’s cover” he said.

Whatever he said was correct but why I got this feeling that he was very much defending this person??? I just shrugged it away and we just started talking about random things. After we finished drinking our coffee we went outside and just stood quietly on the bridge watching the gushing stream right below us.

“You must be getting many proposals??” He suddenly asked. I looked at him first and then replied “yes, but most of it wanted me as their GF. But I only want that guy who wants to marry me. And give me that halaal love. For that guy I’ll wait for the whole of my life.” He was surprised by my answer but soon stared at me.

I just can’t make out what he was thinking. After few more seconds of gazing me he averted his eyes. I just shrugged. +

“You know whoever will be your wife, will be very lucky to have you as her husband. You’re so calm that she’ll never have to argue with you for anything.” I told him looking straight in his eyes. I’ll be lying if I say that I didn’t feel jealous. I was feeling so d--n jealous of that girl right now.

“I can make any people calm” he said as he smirked. There comes the cocky person.

“And I would love to see”

“Then give us a chance”

“Umm..I’ll think about it” I said after acting thinking for a moment. And then we both started laughing. Suddenly by mistake I kept my hand on his hand which was resting on the railing of the bridge. Sparks flew all over and a shiver ran down my spine. I quickly remove my hand from his but he caught my hand and again we started staring.

Soon our staring was cut short by the ringing of his cell. He quickly left my hand and I suddenly felt cold. Did he also feel the same?? I kept on thinking as to what he thinks about me and what not. I don’t know I zoned out because he clicked his fingers in front of my eyes and then I knew that I was staring him like a fool don’t know from when. I quickly looked down and blushed hard. +

He just chuckled and said “you look cute when you blush” making me turn full scarlet. And then we started walking towards the car. The care ride was silent. After driving for sometime we reached my room. I got out from the car after greeting him and reminding him for tonight’s dinner.

“Saniya” he called me

“Yes” I turned and said.

“Welcome to R.A. Company and Private Limited. I expect all my interns sharp at nine in the morning and yes that day only you’ll be given your keys to your new apartment as promised by us.” He said and smirked.

I bet my eyes were now as big as saucers and before I could say anything he just winked and drove away. D--n!! I quickly took out the card and realization hit me like a ton. How can I not notice R.A. stands for Rehan Ali…d--n me!! It’s official now that I’m stupid!!!

This also means that I’ll be working everyday under him. God..this will be so difficult and on top of that I practically called him a player. Screw me right now. I’m not a judgmental person but I don’t know why I judged him?? +

As I got inside of my room I quickly took out my cell and texted him.

To Rehan- I’m sorry for judging you. You’re far from being labelled as that..but whatever I told you about the girls were true


Looking forward to meet you at eight.

Right after five minutes my cell vibrated and I looked to see it was Rehan’s text

From Rehan- No need to be sorry..I know you didn’t said it intentionally. I can’t wait to meet you at eight.

Apology accepted but in return you have to go out with me again for another cup of coffee

I smiled reading and quickly texted him back


And kept my cell aside and I went to take a short nap.

Mahira POV

I was so happy for Sani. She finally got the internship and I knew that she’ll be working in Rehan’s company. Rehan had told me this news many days before. And he was very much impressed by her CV. He had also made me promise that I shouldn’t tell this to her because he wanted to say her by himself.

I know very well that love is in the air between them and I just hope they both take it in halaal way. Rehan is a very nice guy and Sani will be happy with him. I had got a present for Sani. It was our childhood pic in which we are promising each other that no matter what happens we always be bff. I smiled at that memory. +

Arhaan was not coming today..because he has a meeting regarding the new deal..yes that deal in which Laiba’s father business was also involved with many others. It has been three days since mom and dad and Aamna has gone. Arhaan has finally kept a maid after getting a lot of threatening from his family.

It feels awful to even think that I’ll be leaving Arhaan soon. Today only I wanted to talk to Rehan and Sani about this but today is a very big day for Sani..so I guess I’ll be talking with them later. I sighed.

I reached the restaurant right on time and went inside. Actually this wasn’t exactly a restaurant it was also a hotel. I was wearing black leggings with a long royal blue top and a grey shrug. My hijab was of a black color. My makeup was very minimal just a dash of mascara and peach lip gloss.

Instantly I found Sani, how?? Because she was screaming my name and was waving and jumping from the other end of the restaurant.

“Geez Sani..I can see you. You don’t have to scream my name and jump like a kangaroo” I said. She just rolled her eyes. Rehan was also there but he was staring Sani with a very amused expression. I guess he’s shocked to see Sani like this. I started laughing loudly and soon Sani also joined me. Rehan quickly regained his posture and started gulping down water. +

“Assalamualaikum” I greeted both of them. To which they replied together. I hugged Sani and gave her the present. Sani being Sani she opened the gift immediately and again started shouting and jumping and hugging and thanking me for that gift. Yes my best friend is mad but I still love her.

“Where is Jij??” She asked looking everywhere.

“Umm..he’s in an important meeting. But he’ll meet you soon” I said. She nodded and understood the situation. We quickly ordered our food. When Sani told me that she is working for Rehan’s company and I gave her a knowing smile. +

“Traitor” she said angrily.

“I’m sorry but it wasn’t my fault, he made me promise” I pointed at Rehan. And he looked me in horror. Mad Sani is impossible to handle. She glared at Rehan.

“You…how dare you blackmail my bff against me?? You might be my boss but dare you make my bff against me and I’ll not think once to rip your head off from your body” she threatened him as she poked him with fork.

“Ow ow..stop poking” Rehan said. She stopped poking.

“Btw when did Rehan told you about this surprise thing??” I asked Sani.

“Today in the afternoon when he came to drop me” she blurted. And then she just blushed hard and hid her face behind her hands. To which I laughed.

“Hmm..so this is happening behind my back. Now who’s the traitor??” I fake glared towards Sani.

“It isn’t like that Ri. We just went for a cup of coffee and that’s it” Sani said.

“If you say so” I said. And our food came. We started eating and chatting on random topics. After finish eating I wanted to use restroom so I excused myself and went towards the restroom. After finish doing my business I came out only to see a little boy around four crying in the corner.

“Hey, why are you crying?? Where’s your parents??” I asked looking around. +

“I forgot the way to my room.” He said sobbing.

“Do you know it is in which floor??” I asked

“Yes” he said.

“Come I’ll take you.” I said and he caught my hand. He told me that his room was on fifth floor. So I pressed the fifth button of the elevator. We reached the floor and he quickly started running straight. I ran behind him. “Wait do you know among all these room which is your room??” I asked. And he just looked straight and ran inside one of the room.

I smiled, he actually found his room. I turned and started walking back to the elevator. When Arhaan’s perfume smell hit my nostrils. Don’t get me wrong but I’m very much familiar with this smell. And today in the evening for the meeting he had put the same perfume. I know someone else can also put this same perfume but my heart is saying something else.

I quickly walked towards that particular room and knocked silently praying that the person inside it is not Arhaan. I knocked again but the door was not locked properly so it opened on it’s own. The floor room was a mess by the clothes that were thrown. I gasped at to what I saw.

Arhaan was sleeping without his shirt but what caused me more pain was when I saw Laiba sleeping with him. She was sleeping on his chest and he was hugging her. My whole world crashed down in front of me.

“Arhaan” I said and fell down on my knees.

To be continued…

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