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Come On, You Can Find A Chance To Kill Me.

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Ou Ming packed things up and put the small table away. A pair of sly peach-colored eyes looked at her and said, “I am sleeping here today lest you run away again.”

“Oh…” Yuri felt a little funny. “Who do you think you are? Why do you care whether I am dead or alive?”

“Well… I used to be your sugar daddy.” Ou Ming leaned closer and made Yu Lili scared and shrank back. Seeing her reaction, Ou Ming was satisfied with a smile. He put his hands on her side, and his voice held an unspeakable evil as he said with a faint smile, “I am looking forward to our next cooperation of doing the cosplay of the sugar daddy and mistress again.” He raised one hand to lift up her chin and whispered with his eyes squinted, “It will be very exciting and very fun just like before, won’t it?”

Yu Lili looked at him, gnashed her teeth, and tried to raise her hand to hit his face. But before it was raised, her hand was blocked by Ou Ming.

Ou Ming looked at her with his eyebrow raised and curled up the corner of his mouth, “You want to hit me?”

Yurily sneered. “I want to not only hit you but kill you!”

“The killer must pay for their crimes, Miss Yu.”

“Do you think I will be afraid?” Yu Lili looked at him with a raised face and was fearless. “Now I am in the situation that I can’t wait to die because I’m living in such a bad life. So, it’s worth killing you, Mr. Ou.”

Yu Lili almost blurted out the name, but after saying it, she felt something wrong. Seeing his more meaningful expression, Yu Lili blushed unconsciously.

Ou Ming’s eyes were full of evil laughter, and his voice was gentle. “Then you can have a try. Today I am sleeping here with you, so you can find a chance to kill me.” While saying that, he had already straightened up, and his long fingers slowly untied the coat of his suit.

Yu Lili snorted, glanced at him, rolled over to lay down, covered the quilt over her head and closed her eyes.

Ou Ming reclined on the sofa, moved over to the computer and started working. After noticing that Yu Lili was already sleeping soundly, he looked at the time, and it was already past three in the morning. It was very late.

He picked up his mobile phone to open WeChat, and then sent a few messages to Li Sicheng. After that, he closed the computer and slept on the sofa. A night without words.

The nurse came in early in the morning to check Yu Lili’s situation. Ou Ming was woken up by the sound of the opening door and looked at his watch, which said that it was already seven o’clock in the morning. In winter, the dawn came very late.

He took out the phone, and saw that he had several missed calls were from Li Sicheng. After looking at Yu Lili and telling the nurse to look after her, he went out. He called Li Sicheng, and Li Sicheng quickly picked it up.


“Well?” Li Sicheng’s voice sounded careless, and kids’ cheering and laughing could be heard sometimes, which made Ou Ming envious. Li Sicheng seemed to be in a good mood and asked, “Is it urgent?”


“OK, wait.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

The nurse helped Yu Lili enter the bathroom. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she came out to have an intravenous drip.

Her spirit seemed to be much better than the previous two days. Ou Ming’s heart ached when he looked at her short hair and her thin and yellow face hidden under the short hair.

She is still stubborn even though she hasn’t lived like a person. What b*****d has spoilt her!

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