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I Will Give You Everything You Want.

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At 1:00am, there was a sudden alarm in the hospital. All doctors and nurses who worked night shifts were shocked and hurried to come out.

“The patient in room V8 has disappeared. Everyone go find her!”

“The patient in room V8 has disappear. She has a strong desire to kill herself, so everyone please pay attention!”

Ou Ming ran from one room to another and looked around, then finally, grabbed a nurse and asked aloud, “Where is the monitoring room? Where is your monitoring room!”

The nurse was surprised by him, jerking out and telling him the location of the surveillance room, and Ou Ming immediately released her, and then disappeared. However, before getting to the so-called monitoring room, he suddenly thought of a place.

He pressed the elevator button and went straight to the 13th floor.

It was very windy. Every part of Yu Lili’s body was shaking. The railings on the top floor were unexpectedly high. After Yu Lili tried to drag a few things and put them under the bottom, it got enough height. Stepping on it, Yu Lili was trying to get the highest handrail, and then lifted her foot.

But before she got the handrail, she heard an angry voice behind her. “Yu!”

Yu Lili was shocked and scared, quaking with fear. Her body was like jelly, so she fell on the ground. The ground was a rough concrete floor, so Yu Lili was hurt, and she uttered a cry and lost strength.

Ou Ming was so flustered that he ran to lift her up. He noticed that her body was shaking so badly, so he was even more frustrated and gave her a good scolding right to her face, “You are f***ing crazy, Yu Lili, don’t you know to wear warm clothes on such a cold day!”

While saying that, he had taken off his coat and put it on her body. Yu Lili got warm and opened her eyes weakly. It was very dark and the lights outside were blocked by the railings. The vision was blurred that she couldn’t see clearly his expression. But the words were clearly heard.

She smiled slightly, and tears rolled down, so she unable to indulge herself and cried, “Ou Ming, let me die, please. I beg you to let me die. Why do you save me? Why don’t you let me die…” Her weak voice was full of humble requests.

Ou Ming was deeply hurt by such words. The heart influenced the eyelids and he cried.

Yu Lili did not notice that Ou Ming was acting odd, and she cried with her head lowered and begged, “Mind your own business, Ou Ming, I beg you… I have nothing, now don’t I have the right to die?”

“Who said that you had nothing,” Ou Ming held her in his arms, choked with sobs and whispered, “I will give you everything you want.”

Hearing that, Yu Lili stopped crying at that moment. Ou Ming held her in his arms and pressed her head on his chest. “No matter what, you can’t die.” Ou Ming rubbed her short hair. “You should live well so that everything will be hopeful, right? Don’t you forget that’s what you told me?”

Yu Lili could clearly feel him. At the same time as the vocal cords were vibrated, her chest also vibrated gently. His voice was like an echo spreading into her ear.

“Why can’t you live now since you had lived a bad life before? Aren’t you pretentious?”

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