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His Compulsion

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Seeing that, Ou Ming was filled with anger. But it was at that moment, he laughed instead. Putting down the bowl in his hand, Ou Ming held the spoon in one hand and reached out with the other hand. In the frightened gaze of Yu Lili, he grabbed her chin.

Increasing the strength in his palm, Ou Ming forced her mouth to open, and poured all the porridge in the spoon in her mouth. He pinched her face with his big hand and forced her to chew. But Yu Lili clenched her teeth and closed her eyes.

The burning pain from her cheeks made tears fall from her eyes. There was pain all over her body. However, in addition to the pain at the same time, there was only a kind of numbness like a zombie, lingering on without any interest.

It’s boring to live… But why won’t you let me die!

Yu Lili felt the tearing pain in her chest and she burst out crying. Seeing her tears, the resoluteness that had gathered on Ou Ming’s face suddenly shook. Unconsciously, he slightly loosened the palm.

Yu Lili opened her eyes and reached out and tried to remove his hand. Ou Ming did not insist on it and slowly let go of her. Yu Lili’s eyes were red, and she stared at him hatefully.

Ou Ming only felt that there was a heat wave in his chest, and he was overwhelmed by it and couldn’t breathe smoothly. When he was about to talk, he saw Yu Lili open her mouth and spit. The porridge that was in her mouth was all sprayed out.

Ou Ming closed his eyes at the same time. His face and body were covered with half-chewed rice. Stretching his hand to wipe himself off, Ou Ming’s hand was full of filth. He looked down at his hand. It was terrible. He had never tried to be dirty to this extent! Seeing that, his face was already as dark as a pot. His hands closed into fists and he gritted his teeth, saying in a low voice, “Yu!”

Yu Lili smiled. With a pleasant mood, she looked at him and gave him the middle finger.

Seeing that, Ou Ming also smiled. He threw the spoon away and reached out. After seeing his action, Yu Lili closed her eyes, raised her head, and exposed her neck to him.

Seeing that, Ou Ming felt so heartbroken that it was difficult to contain the uncomfortable feeling, and he was overwhelmed by it.

She thinks… I will kill her?

Stunned for a while, his hands slowly fell down. One hand fell on her shoulder, and the other fell on the side of her face. He whispered, “Why do you behave like this?” His voice was low, extremely soft.

Yu Lili felt strange. She immediately opened her eyes and looked at him with her weak and glassy eyes.

“Why did you make me angry? You know, when I am not angry, I’m very gentle to you, isn’t that right?” Ou Ming said in a gentle voice, just like going back to the past.

Yu Lili’s eyes were sour and she almost burst into tears. Biting her lower lip, she gazed at her with her hot eyes. From her point of view, the red blood in Ou Ming’s eyes could be clearly seen.

Ou Ming took back a hand, took a handkerchief from his pocket, and gently wiped his body. His movements were elegant and extravagant. He whispered, “What advantage will you have to offend me. It will only make you more embarrassed Yu Lili, have you not been very smart before? After the gas poisoning, is your brain damaged?”

Obviously, he was not angry. Obviously, he was very gentle. But at this moment, Yu Lili felt that she was extremely embarrassed, and humble to the greatest extent. As he said, she was embarrassed. Yu Lili laughed out loudly, and snarled with a pair of wet eyes, “It is probably because of the child.”

That sentence made Ou Ming’s original soft look suddenly become cold and sharp.

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