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A Woman Without Heart

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With heavy footsteps, she found a low-profile railing, and Yu Lili sat down, leaning her head against the railing, a little tired. She didn’t have any strength. She squinted at the people coming and going, as less and less people passed by. She was so tired that she almost fell asleep.

Sitting under the bridge for a long time, she found that the people around her were a little less. Then Yu Lili stood up, and tried to lift her legs to climb up when nobody noticed her. But her strength was even smaller and weaker than she supposed.

She lifted her leg several times but failed. Finally, she succeed to climb up. She looked at the river underneath. Before she jumped down, she suddenly felt a tight grip on her collar. Yu Lili felt her heart tighten. Then she turned her head and looked into a pair of dangerous eyes. The original peach eyes with evil spirits were like two black muzzles at that moment, fixed at her in a cold and dangerous way.

Yu Lili was shocked and wanted to struggle, but before she could exert any effort, Ou Ming pulled her down by the collar.

“What are you doing? Are you neuropathic?” Yu Lili’s voice was not as powerful as it was in the hospital. It was extremely weak. She gasped and tried to slap his hand.

Ou Ming loosened her collar. Without his support, Yu Lili sat down on the ground.

I don’t… have… any strength…

Yu Lili couldn’t even open her eyes.

Ou Ming squatted down, and clenched her chin with his big hand. His eyes were sullen, and his face was gloomy. Squinting and gritting his teeth, he asked, “Do you want to die?”

Yu Lili’s chin hurt as he gripped it. She stared at him hatefully without saying a word. Such a look was like seeing a resentful enemy.

Ou Ming’s heart twitched, and his hand involuntarily tightened. He curved his lips with a presumptuous and arrogant expression. With vengeful pleasure, he said, “Do you think it is so easy? I haven’t played enough yet. Why do you think you have this qualification to die?” The voice was as gentle as a feather, but every word he said was like poison, infiltrating right to the bone.

Looking at him, Yu Lili’s eyes quickly turned red. Then she raised her hand, waved toward his clean and smooth face, trying to give him a slap, but she had no strength in her hand, so her palm swept his face. It was better to say that it was a touch than hit.

Ou Ming understood her intentions. He sneered, grabbed her arm, and stood up. Yu Lili was shaken for a while, and she felt nauseous.

“I thought you would escape to find your old lover. I didn’t expect that nobody wants you now.” Ou Ming looked at her with sarcasm in his eyes, and continued saying, “There are not so many people who seem to be blind.”

Yu Lili was even more angry. “You have been following me?”

“It turns out that you make me so disappointed,” Ou Ming tacitly admitted.

Yu Lili had no strength. She closed her eyes and didn’t want to move anymore.

Seeing that, Ou Ming’s expression became colder. Then he lifted her up.

So light. This woman is so thin that she can almost fly.

Holding onto her waist with his big hand, Ou Ming took pity on her.

There is no fat at all, and both hands are skinny. What have you experienced these years?

Yu Lili leaned on his arm without consciousness. With closed eyes, she did not move at all.

Seeing her half-dead state, Ou Ming wanted to throw her away. He whispered, “A woman without heart!”

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