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After receiving the envelope from the Police men, I closed the door and returned to my seat.

My name was neatly written on the back of the envelope, so I wanted to read it first before drawing my wife’s attention.

By the time I opened the envelope, I was so shocked.

If not that I was already in a seated position, I would have fallen down and sustained severe injuries.

I was given a court summon. Yes, my wife was head bent on the divorce.

My hands were shaking.

I attempted calling my wife for explanation, but my voice failed me.

‘Why are all these things happening to me?’ I muttered.

I was to appear in court in three days’ time.

An attorney, I did not have.

Strength, I did not have.

Preparation, I did not make.

Since my wife assured me that there was not going to be any divorce, that was why I relaxed.

I did not know what to think anymore.

That was when I knew that there exist a thin line between a mentally deranged man and a normal man.

I did not know if I was to cry or smile.

I lost my mind.

While at that state of indecisiveness, I slumped.

On waking up the following day, I found myself on the hospital bed and the doctor told me that I needed blood.

What a sad reality!

Well, I refused blood transfusion and opted for supplements.

Few hours later, my wife walked into the ward to check on me.

“Good morning dear,” she greeted. “How are you doing? What did the doctor say?”

I found both her presence and questions nauseating.

“Why does it matter to you?” I asked.

“Well, the last I checked, you were still my husband and the father to our only legitimate child.”

“Which husband? Is this how you really want to pay me? You tricked me into not signing the divorce papers so that the court will say I purposely refused to sign. And that will give you 100% right to all that you requested for on the papers. You are just wicked. I did not know you could be this dangerous.”

“But at least, I brought you to the hospital. That shows I am not wicked, rather it is you that is wicked.”

“How am I wicked? Is it because of your baseless accusations?”

“Did I hear you say “baseless accusations”? Well, the court will have to decide that. Nevertheless, I came to find out if there is anything you need. Meanwhile, I brought you food.”

She dropped a small food flask containing food and made to depart.

“I do not need your food. You can go with it,” I objected.

“No you do. You need it,” she responded as she bounced the door behind her.

I called the doctor and informed him that I would be going home, but the doctor objected.

Finally, against the doctor’s wish, I got discharged and without wasting time, I headed home.

I had only two days left before our first court session.

There was no need crying foul, I had to prepare despite the short notice.

How I wish I was able to connect with my lawyer friend – Barrister Ufot Etim. He would have been a very good choice for me.

I made some contacts, and one was provided for me.

I met with the lawyer and told him everything that happened.

I explained to him how I met Enobong on my way to Lagos for the first time.

I told him about the two DNA tests we had done and the results.

The lawyer was confused just as much as I was.

“Have you ever cheated on your wife since you got married to her?” asked the lawyer.

I looked at him in dismay and then looked away.

“Tell me the truth,” he continued. “Have you ever had an affair with any woman within the last two years?”

“Yes. Just once. But it was in Port Harcourt with an Igbo lady when I went for a job hunt. The lady’s name was Vanessa and she was not an Akwa Ibom lady. She was lanky and dark, a complete opposite of this woman I am accused of.”

“Only that one? Think very well.”

“Only that one. I am very sure,” I assured.

“Have you told your wife about this?”

“No. I have not.”

“Who else knows about this?”

“Just me and my friend, he is a lawyer now. I lost his contact when I lost my phone that night. He is based in Abuja and have not been to this state for a long time.”

“Are you sure he has not told your wife about it?”

“He has never met my wife before. He does not like coming home. In fact, he has no one here.”

“Very well then. In that case, no one must hear about this. This must remain a secret between us,” said the lawyer.

I nodded my head.

“Where are the test results?”

“They are at home.”

“You must bring them here first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Ok. I will do that.”

When I got home, I went to the box where I kept my things, but I could not find those results.

I drew my wife’s attention, and she told me she took them and that she handed them to her lawyer as evidence.

“But who authorized you to open my box?” I asked in anger.

“So you went for another test behind my back. You think I would not know? However, thank you for reconfirming the first test.”

I called my lawyer at once and informed him of the situation.

He instructed me not to force her to get the results back.

I met again that evening with my lawyer for final preparations against the case which was built for the next day.

My lawyer told me not to accept the divorce and that I should deny fathering the baby.

Asked of the content of the two test results, he told me he was going to handle that.

After I left him, I went to see Enobong and the babies.

I made up my mind that if matters turn out worst, I would pitch my tent with Enobong and become the legitimate father of those kids, after all, she was not looking bad.

The babies and the mother were in good health and Enobong was not happy with the turn of events.

I went home and got prepared for the case.

“See you in court.” That was the last thing my wife told me that night.

© Ezekiel Umoren


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