She’s Just A Friend

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Demola, my room-mate, has being a serious and focus person to the core. He came from a responsible from a responsible family. Well-trained and brought up in Godly manner.

While studying in school, Demola started developing feelings for a girl named Deola. His coursemate.

Demola was gradually neglecting his books.

Sometimes, he may stands at the corner of the hostel and started smiling alone.

Infatuation has blocked the eyes of my room-mate. He started skipping lectures.

I would always saw Demola and Deola walking together.

It get to some point, Demola started sleeping in Deola’s hostel. Their hostel is not located in school. She stays off-campus.

Demola began swimming in the ocean of love.

The worst case is, both of them were 100Level students. The freshers.

One week later, Demola got carry over in his course. Demola was sad and moody getting the report.

i personally asked Demola “who is that girl named Deola to you”

He replied sluggishly “she’s just a friend”

I replied “just a friend? And you slept in her room”

Then he walked out of the room angrily.


I was shocked to see Demola walking out on me.

“maybe this girl called Deola has charmed Demola” i said and shrugged.

When i was less busy, i log into my facebook account.

While scrolling up and down, i saw Demola’s post which says “No Monkey can seperate our friendship”

“so he thinks i wanted to collect his babe. No Problem” i said to myself.

i left him to his ignorance.

There love became so deep that the whole campus students named them De Square because of the close relationship.

Some weeks later, Deola brought pregnancy report to Demola.

Demola went through it and realised she’s pregnant for him.

She’s Just A Friend - S01

She’s Just A Friend - S01

1 week ago