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Have I packed everything?? I asked myself for the millionth time. We are going back to New York tomorrow..and I’m still not able to digest that how one week can pass in a second??? I’ve kept all my stuffs and Arhaan’s too. Yes..everything’s done!! +

“So bhabhi finished packing??” Aamna asked.

“Umm..yeah.” I replied. In this one week we both have become very good friends..I really had a great time over here.

We both went downstairs to sit with everyone. Arhaan was already there and sipping away his coffee. “Ahh..Mahira come sit here” Mom said. I nodded and went to sit beside her.

“Ladies get ready by 8..I don’t want us to be late” Dad said. We all gave him confusing looks. “You guys forgot???” He asked disbelievingly.

“I did told you all that today we have to attend a party!!” He said staring at us.

“Uhh..yeah I remember” Aamna sighed. “Fine I’ll be ready by eight!!” She said.

“I don’t think I can go with you all..as it is tomorrow we are going back so I want to rest today otherwise I won’t be able to sit tomorrow for that long” I said.

“Yes, you take rest beta we’ll go” Mom said caressing my head.

“Arhaan your in??” Mom asked.

“Umm..no I’ve some other plans” he replied. What other plans did he have?? Is Laiba here?? No..I don’t think so. While I was busy thinking stupid things I saw Aamna smiling mischievously at both of us. I glared at her while Arhaan was just smirking. What the hell is going on here!!!

“Okay..so now it’s only three of us” dad said and left. Mom went into the kitchen and Aamna went to her room.

“Am I missing something??” I asked Arhaan as I sat beside him. He looked at me first and then started to think..”Ask yourself!!” He replied. My mouth was now wide open and hanging in the mid air. He laughed at my expression.

I went to the kitchen and asked mom if she need help in something,she denied as usual. Then I went to Aamna and we started chatting. After an hour or so she went to get ready and I plopped down on the sofa to watch t.v. +

Now seriously I’m getting bore…Sani’s cell is unreachable and everyone has gone for that party..and I can’t find Arhaan. I tried calling him but he isn’t responding. I rolled my eyes.

After waiting for another half an hour for Arhaan I went to my room to take shower. The maids are also not here now..guess they are in their quarter. All of them???my mind asked. Strange.

After taking a long relaxing hot shower I finally decided to head out of the washroom. I was wearing a robe..and I know I’m taking a huge risk to go out like this!! But I forgot to take my clothes with me. I slowly opened the door and peep my head out to see Arhaan is there or not, and yahooo..he’s not!! +

I finally went out of the washroom and was walking towards the closet when a golden colored wrapper box caught my eye. I walked towards the bed and took the golden colored wrapper box in my hand and was very keenly looking at it.

No clue of who has brought this?? And it is for whom?? And most importantly what is inside that box?? I was continuously flipping the box when suddenly a note lying on the floor caught my attention. This note might be with the box..must have fallen when I picked up the box. I took the note in my hand and unfolded it and my breath hitched!!

Hey beautiful this is for you, a small present from me to you!! Wear this and come to terrace..your hubby is eagerly waiting for you.

Hope you’ll like it.

And yeah please you don’t have to cover your hair with that wrap around because there’s no one else in this house apart from us.


Come fast

Yours truly and faithfully and the most handsome and hot husband on this planet.

I chuckled at the last part of the note. He’s surely self obsessed with himself. I quickly unwrapped the wrapper and there it was the red dress. It was a full sleeveless mermaid shape gown with a lot of something which I exactly can’t explain that what is it at the down. The dress was really very beautiful. +

With the dress he had also given me a matching heels. I blushed at the thought only that Arhaan will see me in this dress..my whole shoulders and hands will be exposed in this gown!! And then an idea clicked in!!!

Today I had put some make up which only consisted of foundation and a compact. For eyes I had only put a black eyeliner and had kept my eyes soft as it is the dress was loud!! I completed my make up with a matte red velvet lipstick.

And for my hair I had kept them open and had curled them only from the end. My hair is naturally thick and long up to the waist..so I let it be itself!! I quickly wore that dress and yes it fitted me perfectly. Then I wore my heels and went to look at the mirror. I blushed by seeing myself..and now the time has come to apply that idea. +

I rushed towards my closet and took out my red silk stole which happily matched with my gown. I wrapped it around my shoulders and it perfectly covered all my exposing parts. I won’t remove my stole unless I’ll be comfortable in front of him. I didn’t bother to take clutch or my cell with me since we are in the terrace only. And with one last long breath of nervous, excitement I went out of the room.

The whole house was quiet only the clicking sound of my heels can be heard. I took small steps towards the staircase that led towards the terrace. Now finally I’m on the terrace and I’m totally shocked. Whole terrace is lit up..there’s a small couch which has been made up like a bed and it is covered with white curtains that has been beautifully pinned down!! The whole thing was covered in white satin sheets and rose petals. +

In front of that couch that is turned into a bed was a center table filled with water, roses and vanilla scented candles. This took my breath away. On the other side was the table for the two. Soft breeze was blowing making the aura more romantic and elegant!! Did he really did all these things and that to for me!!! I think I’ll need time to digest all this.

“Hey beautiful” he said as he came from the back and hugged me. “I guess I did mentioned in the note that no wrap around are needed” he said still hugging me. +

“Yes my dear husband you did mentioned but you never mentioned that I can’t wear stole” I replied sweetly.

“I’ll keep that in mind for the next time” he said as he came in front of me. God he’s really looking like a Greek model. He was wearing a black suit and was dangerously looking hot!!!

“Is that a drool???” He said pointing at the corner of my mouth.

“What?? No….!!” I said as I touched. He started laughing loudly…Jerk!!!

“Jokes apart you really are looking very beautiful Mahira” he said. “And yeah I’ll not tell that you’re looking hot and what not because I know you don’t like these type of comments..so it is beautiful only” I could see the sincerity in his eyes. He took my hands and kissed my knuckles making me gasp in response.

“Is this for real Arhaan?? I mean I’m really having a very hard time to digest that you did all this just for me!!” I said. +

“Yes it is all for you Mahira!! I understand that due to my past behavior anyone will have the same reaction like you do..but yeah..I guess time changes” he said scratching his head.

“And so do you!!” I replied with all honesty and I could see how happy he is. Yes, he has changed a bit and I’m happy with this Arhaan who cares for me and make me blush all the time. I hope he just stays like this in New York also.

“Come let’s sit” he said gesturing towards the couch. We sat on the couch and the view from there was breath taking!! I was really enjoying this..and today was a full moon night. Even the moon was looking so beautiful or am I being dramatic??

I looked at Arhaan and yes he was shamelessly staring me. “What??” I asked.

“You know you’re the first women in my life whom I cannot resist!!” He said sipping his soda. And I can feel my cheeks burning with his comment.

“Not even Laiba??” I asked.

“Not even Laiba” he replied. “It is taking a lot of courage from my side to not to rip away that gown from you and have you right here!!”

Now I had turned scarlet!!! This he will say I haven’t even thought also…seriously am I looking that beautiful or he’s just buttering me?? He came and sat beside me and made me look at him “keep this in your mind that I’m not buttering you, you’re really looking very beautiful tonight and I’m sorry to say you are looking d--n sexy!! Have never imagined that you’ll look this hot in this dress” he said making me blush more. Have I said that loudly??

We were now eating dinner and it is just amazing. “So who else knows about this” I motioned to this setting. “Everyone knows..Aamna she’s a traitor, she told everyone!!” He said hissing. +

Now this made me choked on my drink. “Everyone means mom, dad also???” I asked a bit raising my voice. And he just nodded!! Great just great…way to go Mahira!! Now how will I go in front of them??

“Relax Mahira no need to be hyper. They are also couples so do us!! And besides we are in the house only and eating dinner and spending some time. What’s the big deal..we normally do this and today we had just decorated it!!” He said calmly.

“And what if I had agreed on going with them??” I asked.

“Yes I knew that I was taking a big risk but still my sixth sense told me that you’ll say no” he replied confidently.

“But still Arhaan they are mom and dad” I was nagging now!! Seriously Mahira??? “Shhh…” He kept his finger on my mouth making me stop. And yes my whole body was now fire as if some kind of current is passing through!! “Do you also feel Mahira, I mean whenever I touch or I’m near you do you also feel sparks, current, tingling sensation???” He asked. I nodded. “Strange” he said.

After eating the dinner he excused himself and went somewhere. All this feels so right, so complete. Thank you so much Allah for this day!! I removed my stole from me. He is my husband and he can see me.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting..” His words died in his mouth as I turned at him. He was now looking at me making my heart thumping in process!!

“You didn’t have to Mahira..I know you feel uncomfortable with me” he said making me surprise. Is this really Arhaan??

“Shh..I’m very much comfortable” I said. He gave me a sweet smile. “Before I forget let me give you this” he said handing me a small velvet box. I opened the box and there it was a diamond necklace.

“No Arhaan..thank you for this but I really can’t accept this!!” I said quickly closing the box and shoving it in his hands.

“Why you didn’t liked it??” He asked. He was confused. “Umm..no no no..I loved it but this is too expensive I can’t take it. You had already done so much for tonight and I’m extremely pleased with it. No need for this gift” I said.

“First of all calm down..this isn’t that thing that I can’t afford plus I haven’t given you anything instead of pain so let me pamper you. It’s my way for apologizing my mistakes” he said and turned me back. He helped in wearing that necklace.

“See..a beautiful necklace for a beautiful neck” he said. “Thank you so much Arhaan” I said. “Yeah yeah..if you’ve finish your thanksgiving speech then can I have the pleasure to dance with you” he said a bit bowing down and extending his hand. I smiled.

We were dancing slowly and I have always wanted this. He twirled me around. I was resting my head on his chest and he was inhaling my hair as usual. What is it with boys and hair???

“You know I’m really very much guilty of what I’ve done in the past. When I look back all I could see is your tears!!” He said.

“No need to look back. Look at us now. Whatever has happened has already happened in the past no need to remember that” I said looking at him.

“Well screw that guilty if I would want to be guilty then better be it this i.e without your permission..I’m sorry Mahira” he said looking at me. And before I could process or say his lips was on mine.

He was kissing me so desperately making my knees go weak. I let all my negative and positive thought flow away as I started kissing him back with the same urge!!

“You have no idea how badly I had wanted you from the first day I had laid my eyes on you” he said in between the kisses. Making me more weak.

I don’t know how and when we had come in the bedroom kissing. Arhaan not leaving me for a second also to breathe. He was now on top of me. And now I’ve started becoming more conscious of what actually is happening or will happen??

Suddenly his phone started ringing making both of us pull apart. He was now looking at me…and I could see his eyes has Turner darker. “This better be important” he said under his breath as he picked up the cell and went towards the window.

“Laiba” he said as he answered the call. And just then I realized that whatever happened between us was just a mistake for him it was just the moment, no feelings and he proved my realization right because when he turned to me

All I could see was regret and mistake clearly visible in his eyes.

All I could see in his eyes was regret and mistake.

To be continued…

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