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Today, Landon had gone to the construction company to brief the 74 main project leaders on their new assignments.

In essence, Landon wanted them to start construction on a Museum, Clock Tower and a Theater

Of course, he had decided to name the Clock Tower as ‘Old Whilly’….. (in remembrance of his mother Kim’s late father).


As soon as Landon stepped into the briefing room with Tim, he immediately handed out several documents to the project leaders.

12 leaders would focus on completing the Museum, while another 12 would focus on the clock Tower.

As for the remaining bunch: 30 leaders would focus on creating all the clock parts needed for the tower, While 10 would focus on creating all parts needed for the Museum.

And finally, the last 10 leaders would supervise construction of the Theater.


So in essence, Landon had decided for these leaders to supervise:

3,500 workers for the construction of the Clock Tower.

2,000 workers for the construction of the Museum.

1,000 workers to create all clock parts

300 workers to create all internal Museum artifacts.

2,000 workers to construct the Theater & Academy.


The leaders quickly glanced through their files, as they listened to Landon’s explanation.

And soon, they had gotten the full gist of what they were required to make.

But they still had doubts of some of the things that they saw.

For instance, why did some of them take too long to construct?


\”Your majesty, is there a mistake here?

Will building this clock tower really take 8 and a half years to do?\”

\”Well, building the actual tower would take way less time.

But placing all the clock parts on the tower, is what’ll really eat up your time.

So when the parts are made, you all would be in charge of placing and hanging them within Old Whilly.\”



As for project Clock Tower, Landon had wanted to make something similar to the ‘Big Ben’ in London.

But of course, he had shortened the height of the tower down by ‘1/3’…. resulting in a decrease in construction time from 13 to 8.5 years.


When finding the appropriate spot for the tower, Landon had looked at multiple factors….. like visibility, functionality, and so on.

So, he had decided to place it within district C… which had the government offices, schools, banks and other institutions.


And even so … rather than placing it close to other structures like the bank, Landon had still chosen to place it on a lone region within the district.

Of course from this location, everyone would be able to see the tower from miles away.


As for how many floors it would have, Landon had decided on 7.

One shouldn’t undermine these floors.

Take for example the Big Ben, it had 11 floors in total…, but each floor had high ceilings, that could be equivalent to a 3-4 storey high building.


The massive high ceilings took into account the gigantic clock parts and mechanisms within each floor.

And of course at the last 2 floors up, one would have large bells that were as big as those massive bells in Notre Dam.


After all the details concerning the Clock Tower were ironed out…. Landon soon began focusing on the Museum.

\”So your majesty, you want us to renovate the old ‘Date recording’ building for this?\” Tim asked curiously.


Last time, when Calendars had just come out….. he had asked his majesty what would become of the building were they marked their dates on.

But his majesty just smiled back at him and told him that in the future, he would know.

So it turned out that his majesty wanted to make this Museum thingy?


\”Yes… it’s going to be there.

But what I actually want you to do…. is renovate the place, and not destroy it.\”

One should know that the building itself was part and parcel of Baymard’s history.

So how could he destroy it?


In future, wouldn’t archaeologists want to see all the marked calendar dates on the walls.

As a modern man, preservation was always key.

Hence he had asked for the building’s floors and exterior walls to be renovated instead.

And if any building floor needed additional support, then they could just mathematically estimate and build pillars around the floor.


Looking at the Date recording estate, the people had already marked off 2 three-storey stone buildings within it.

And apart from those 2 buildings, the estate also had 9 other buildings within it as well.


So with all these building structures available, Landon had decided to focus on 6 types of Museums:

Baymardian History Museum (Baymards historical past and present)

National History Museum (which looks at civilization for the entire Pyno continent….. and soon, the rest of Hertfilia.)

Natural History Museum (extinct animals, species, traditions and practices from the human race.)

Zoology Museum (sculptures of current species that exist)

Wax Museum (For people who made a difference within Baymard, as well as the Pyno continent…. and in future, the entire Hertfilia.)

Technology Museum (Which would focus on all mainstream technological improvements.)


For the technological Museum, Landon had to

only mention the raw materials used to make primitive technology was made….. as well as who first thought of it.

For example, he could talk about how ink was made from charcoal, blood and so on.

Or how and why came up with the idea of creating ancient ornaments.


And even things like fishing nets, hooks, and other primitive technologies, could also be discussed too….. As all these too were well known facts in this era.

But when it came to Baymard’s technological advancements… Landon would be pretty vague about those ones, and wouldn’t give out any raw materials at all.

He could talk about who came up with the idea, when it was created, how it impacted the people, who were the leaders who assisted him, and so on.


But for what was used in creating these products, Forget it!!

Like the system had said, only when he had completely created peace and unity within Hertfilia…. would he be allowed to share anything with any empire, Nation, country or continent.


There was just so much to consider with these Museums.

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