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Bandit Baby - S02 E11

Story 1 year ago

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Early that morning, I went to Enobong’s house. She was bathing the babies.

It has been a long time I took a look at them, probably because of what I was facing at home.

Enobong was a strong woman. Strong in the sense that despite all my please for her to hire a Nanny, she chose to look after the babies herself.

“I have told you time and again to get a Nanny so the burden will be lesser for you.”

“I don’t want anybody to help me raise my children. These Nannies can be something else. So I don’t want to get any issue with anyone.”

“I know, but there are a good number of them out there. You should at least give a trial.”

“It will be difficult to find the good one and I don’t want to give any one a trial,” she said.

“I give up.”

We both smiled.

“I knew you would come very early, that is why I have to prepare them early too. If I bath them, they will sleep for some time. We will go and come back before they wake up.”

“What about food. Are they going to starve until we return?”

“I have given them food already. They have eaten. I woke up early to prepare their food. I did not want to keep you waiting.”

I smiled again.

As she finished dressing the first one, she handed him over to me. Probably, that was my name sake.

I smiled. Deep down me I felt the joy of life. Something I had not felt for a long time.

My life for the past weeks had been upside down for me.

It was as if everything was going on reverse with me.

The baby was just smiling at me and I could not help but smiled back repeatedly.

Honestly, I felt life again.

If I had spent few days with them, I would have regained my weight.

She handed me the second baby, the one the test claimed was mine.

I held her for the first time since we came back from Lagos.

“How could I be so insensitive to the point of forgetting you?” I asked.

Then I apologized to them while they stared at me with beautiful smiles.

I began to wonder why a man in his right senses would chose to abandon those beautiful babies in this modern age.

I was very happy with them.

They had grown and became heavier than the last time I carried them. That was the day we returned.

As she was done dressing the last baby, she still handed him over to me.

“I cannot carry them at the same time anymore, they are heavy,” I protested.

“But you are sited, so you can carry as many as possible. You are the “father of multitude”.”

We both laughed.

“Keep an eye on them as I get prepared please,” Enobong requested.

I began singing lullabies for them. That was something I had not done for years.

I was having fun with them, but one by one, they began sleeping.

I was left alone.

Then I remembered the predicament I was facing at home and my mood changed.

I began to wonder how I would be able scale through the hurdles.

“How do I look?” Enobong’s voice brought me back to consciousness.

She was astonishingly beautiful, and I could not help but smiled.

“Your baby girl looks exactly like you. Just look at the nose. You are beautiful.”

“Wow! It has been a while somebody complemented me. Thank you so much. Let me carry them to the room.”

“Careful please,” I cautioned.

She gently carried them to her room while I waited.

“Are you with your result?” she asked.

“Oh! I forgot. Please wait for me, I will be back right now.”

I rushed home for the result and returned in less than no time.

She called her doctor friend and intimated her that she was coming for the result.

After ensuring that the house was properly locked, we left for the hospital.

At the office, we met the secretary to the woman and she directed us to wait for the doctor.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, the doctor arrived.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting,” she apologized. “Please follow me to my office.”

We followed her. Her office was just behind the secretary’s office.

After offering us seats, she brought out a neatly sealed envelope and handed it over to Enobong.

Without wasting time, she opened it.

And as the previous ones, it was coded with numbers.

“I don’t understand anything here,” Enobong said.

“And who is this?” the doctor asked, pointing at me.

“He is my friend.”

I faked a smile.

That was when I brought out my own test result and handed it over to the doctor.

“And what is this?” the doctor asked.

“Please confirm if these results point to the same gene,” Enobong requested.

She looked at the result and nodded her head in satisfaction.

She collected the other one from Enobong, placed both of them on the table side by side and studied them.

After a while, she looked at me, looked at Enobong.

“Who has this result,” she asked.

“It is mine. I am Ezekiel.”

She looked at the two results again and smiled.

With her smile, I was relieved.

“This is obvious. Anybody can see this. There is no despute here. Just look at the genes.”

I smiled too.

“Thank God, at least I am vindicated,” said Enobong.

The doctor looked at me with such a cute smile that was strong enough to wake the dead, and then she dropped the bombshell.

“You are the father.”

That was it. Just four words. But those four words were powerful enough to send the bravest man to death.

It was over.

I needed no seer to tell me I was doomed.

My heart stopped beating.

My lungs stopped exhaling.

My liver failed me.

The whole world came crashing on me.

© Ezekiel Umoren


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