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Bandit Baby - S02 E10

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 10

I was tired of the whole thing. I kept wondering how the whole thing happened.

Test has always been the last and true representation of any fact, but my own case was so different.

How on earth could it be true that Enobong was my daughter?

I looked at the mother again, she was the woman I had never met before. I kept wondering coming across that name.

Enobong was the last person I thought I have had any dealings with, besides, I had been faithful to my wife.

Enobong made the call with her medical friend and they reached a logical conclusion.

I did not hear what they were discussing as I was lost in a reverie.

It was after the call that she told me the cost of conducting another test.

She was billed two hundred thousand naira (₦200, 000).

She accepted to foot the bill.

Look at the money I would have used in establishing myself.

I kept wondering why bad things always happen to good people.

She told me the result, according to her medical friend, would be ready in four days.

She apologized to me over and over again for all the travails I was experiencing, and she advised me to be cautious of my wife.

“Be careful with your wife and always be cautious of her actions. I am a woman and I know how we react whenever we fill uneasy. This will be over soon. Once again, I am sorry.”

I went home to meet my wife.

I met my wife weeping profusely on the sofa.

She did not say a word to me.

I approached her to assure her that there must have been a mix-up somewhere and that she should give me a little time to right all the wrongs.

“Don’t you ever touch me. How could you? How could you disgrace me like this. Yes, I may not have been the best of wives, but was that enough reason for you to subject me to this emotional trauma? I am not against you running after skirts, but to the point of having a child from another woman is what I cannot condone. When did this even start? How blind was I not to have noticed it? You carefully concealed this from me. You told me that you wanted only one child. I begged you to allow junior has another sibling, but you refused. I trusted you with my life and accepted it that way. I have never suspected that you could lie to me. I gave you my body. I tried my best to satisfy you, and if my best was not good enough, why didn’t you tell me? I am not perfect, I know, but you have wronged me to the point it will take forever to heal. Only God knows how many more children are out there answering your name.”

I allowed her to say whatever that bothered her in the heart as she kept weeping.

I sat on the sofa and bowed my head in dissatisfaction.

So many things were running in my mind.

I had so many thoughts.

But I was well convinced in my heart that I was not guilty.

I knew I had never had any dealings with Enobong.

If there was something to be sworn and my religion permitted me to, I would have sworn in order to proof my innocent.

“Darling, believe me. I didn’t do it.”

“Then explain to me how we went by that result. Tell me this is not true.”

“In as much as I am sorry for what you are passing through, I am sure I did not do it.”

“Ok fine. Let us assume you did not do it. Why is that girl’s DNA the same as yours? Can you explain? No you can’t. You wanted another child that I couldn’t bear. Isn’t it?”

“That is totally untrue. I was not looking for any more child….”

“I see,” she interrupted. “You were not looking for any more child, so you only did it and was not looking for a child. Just listen to yourself. Listen to yourself. When you were doing what produces children, what were you thinking?”

“I did not do anything with any woman and Enobong is not my daughter.”

“Really? That reminds me. I almost forgot that one. “Ezekiel.” You named one of the boys after you and you named the girl after the mother. Tell me it was a coincidence. Tell me you knew nothing about the names. Tell me you just ran into her and somehow, labor set in and after delivery you chose to name one the boys “Ezekiel”. Tell me what I have not yet heard.”

She continued crying.

I started thinking about all the transpired that night. Everything that happened. It could not have been staged. No one would have taken such a risk with her life and those of her unborn kids.

Besides, naming those kids were as a result of the circumstances that surrounded the situation that very night. I wouldn’t have refused a dying woman’s last wish. That was why I accepted one of the boys to bear my name.

But how to explain to my wife was the problem, because all the points she gave were genuine, but they were not very true.

I stood up and went to where she sat. I held her closely as she cried on my shoulder.

All she kept repeating was that I betrayed her.

She told me she had never seen me with any woman ever since we got married. She was right.

But she could not comprehend her mind’s fact of me keeping another woman, and even to the point of having a child by her.

I kept telling her that I did not do it, but at the same time, I could not explain how the result came by.

It was very difficult.

That evening, I received a call from her brother who stays in Port Harcourt. The one that my son went holidaying.

“Hello bro,” I greeted.

“Hello! Good evening. I have heard what is going on. Your wife told me about the DNA results. Talk to your wife as her husband. If there is anyone she can listen to, then it should be you. I do not support what she is pushing for. Talk to her.”

I thanked him for the words of encouragement.

I doubled up efforts in convincing my wife, but the more efforts I put, the more upset she became.

All I wanted was how to buy time till the new result was ready.

Four days later, I got a call from Enobong that the result was ready.

© Ezekiel Umoren

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