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Bandit Baby - S02 E08

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 8

“I have something to say,” said my wife just before we left the house.

“I’m listening.”

“I want you to know that I do not hate you, and that I do not regret any of my actions either. If it is our fate that things turn out ugly between us, so shall it be. But whatever the circumstances, our son must be taken care of properly.”

There was no desire to listen to her anymore. Her words were like kicking a dead horse.

I did not respond as I no longer saw her as my wife.

My love for her disappeared and my mind was fixed on getting the results.

It was so painful, but I did not mind.

We went to the laboratory for the result and we met the CLS in his office.

“Good morning Sir,” I greeted as we sat down.

After welcoming us, he brought a box from the corner of his office, opened it and brought out what I perceived as the results.

The results were neatly enclosed in different envelopes and properly sealed with our names boldly written on the envelopes.

“These are your results. Please meet the casher and make payment of the balance,” the CLS instructed.

My wife accompanied me as I went to the cashier for the transaction.

Having made the transaction, I returned to the CLS so he could tell my wife that I had nothing to do with the kids.

“You can take them to the hospital that referred you here for a detailed interpretation,” he said as he handed over the envelopes to me.

“Sir, but you can interpret them to us here. We will understand.”

“Actually, I would have loved to, but the complexity of the results will need an expert to handle it. Besides, it is our policy not to talk about our client’s medical issues. Our duty is to conduct tests. Please I will love you both to respect that. Go back to the hospital please.”

“Did I hear you say “complexity”? What is complex here? These are my properties and I have given you the authority to talk about it. Just tell me the results.”

He maintained his stand.

Out of frustration, I broke the seal on one of the envelopes.

On opening, I brought out the result, but I did not understand a single thing as nearly everything were coded with numbers.

“What is the meaning of this? Is this how it is done?” I asked the man.

My wife peeped on the paper and then looked at me.

“I do not understand this,” she said.

I was running out of patience, but my impatience was completely pointless. The man was not willing to compromise.

“That will be all for now. Do have a good day ahead.”

I returned the result to the envelope and left for the hospital without caring to know if my wife was following me.

“How can they be writing numbers as if I am in a mathematics class? Why can’t they just say ‘you are the father, or ‘you are not the father? All they do is collect money and be complicating people’s life.” I kept shouting out of frustration as I walked out of the premises.

We arrived at the hospital and we met with the doctor.

I was still boiling with rage such that it was obvious from the look on my face.

“Young man why is your face like this?” the doctor asked. “Do you know the danger of excessive anger? Please sit down and tell me what the problem is.”

I sat down and my wife sat beside me. She wore a sad face.

At that point I pitied her, because we both knew it was over between us.

“How can I help you?” the doctor asked.

From his expression, it was obvious he did not recognize us.

“We have done the DNA test. But that man said we should bring the results to you.”

“Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Sorry, I could not recognize you again. You see, when you wear a face like this, it becomes difficult for me recognize. Let me have them.”

“After collecting such an amount from us, from me, they refused to explain the result to my understanding.”

“Is that why you are angry?” He smiled as he asked. “It is their policy. They do not interpret clients’ results, especially when the clients are referred from this here.”

“And why is this seal broken?” he asked.

“I broke it. I wanted to see the result as he refused to tell me.”

“Are you sure you broke it yourself?”

“Yes. I broke it. I thought they result was written in English Language.”

He smiled as he opened the other envelopes.

He carefully studied the results.

As the doctor was still studying the results, my wife’s phone rang.

She answered. I eavesdropped on the conversation.

The caller asked her if the results were out.

She told the caller that we were still in the hospital and that the doctor was on it.

The caller then asked her if she would still go ahead with the divorce should the test indicates that I was the father.

She said she would go ahead.

The caller then told her that he was prepared for the case.

That was when I knew she was speaking with her lawyer.

That was none of my business.

“I have carefully studied these results. And it is a bit complicated,” the doctor said. “The results are very clear and precise, but it baffles me. Well, let me interpret these results exactly the way they are for the both of you.”

I looked at my wife and looked returned my gaze to the doctor.

“From what I have here, Abisoye’s DNA does not match yours. Ezekiel’s DNA, that is the junior Ezekiel, does not match yours. Enobong’s DNA matches yours.”

It was as if I was dead.

“Excuse me doctor. Did I hear you correctly?” My wife asked in disbelief.

“The two boys are not yours, but the girl belongs to you,” the doctor repeated.

“That is not possible. It is not possible. How come? Do I have a spirit that goes about committing adultery?” I asked.

I became angry.

My wife began to cry.

“Doctor, I cannot believe this. Maybe this is someone’s result. How is that possible? Wait, did you say the other two boys belong to another man while the girl is mine?” I asked.

“Yes please. Please sit down and control your emotions as I explain how possible this is.”

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