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Bandit Baby - S02 E07

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 7

I woke up the following morning to the call from Enobong, and my wife was already awake.

I slept in the sitting room that night.

She was working on the computer at the other side of the sitting room.

“When are you going for the test?” she asked as I sat up on the sofa.

“I don’t know yet. But maybe today.”

“Then send your details let me transfer some money for the test. Do you know how much it will cost?”

“I made enquiry last night. It will cost ₦800, 000,” I answered to the hearing of my wife.

My hope was that she will have a change of mind, but she pretended not to have heard me.

I stood up and approached her.

“Good morning,” I greeted.

“Good morning. I hope you slept well!” she responded with her eyes still fixed on the system.

“I did. My dear, the cost of the test is 800k. Why can’t we forget this test and use the money for something else. I know your fears. I assure you Junior will never have a step brother. I respect our marital vow. I can’t cheat on you.”

My dear wife did not respond. It was as if I was talking to a rock.

“Darling have you heard me?” I asked.

Still, there was no response.

As I turned to walk to the bathroom, she said:

“When you are done with your bath, let me know please. Your food is on the table. Please hurry so we go on time.”

She paused and returned her attention to the computer.

“Which hospital are we going?” she asked.

I walked to the bathroom without responding.

While in the bathroom, I sent my bank details to Enobng and she made the transfer.

Before I came out from the bathroom, my wife was already dressed.

“This is how it will go,” she began. “Pick a hospital of your choice, we will go there and meet the doctor. But the doctor will have to refer us to a private laboratory.”

“A private laboratory? It will be too expensive. Why can’t we do it in a government owned hospital?”

“I do not want any mix up. You know government hospitals and their wahala.”

I agreed to her terms and we set out to the hospital I chose.

We met the doctor and explained to him what we wanted.

He referred us to a private laboratory.

We left for the laboratory.

There we met the laboratory attendant who directed us to the Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS).

We told him that the kids were at home and that the samples would be taken from home.

He told us that it would cost a million naira for the four of us.

“Excuse me sir. It is too expensive.”

“Each test is two hundred and fifty thousand naira here. We have standard and we give you the best.”

If not that I was the one who chose the hospital we went earlier, I would have thought that my wife cooked the whole thing up.

“Please excuse me, let me make a call.”

I went out and my wife followed me immediately.

I called Enobong and informed her that we would be coming to get the samples from the kids.

I also told her the price.

She had no problem with it.

We went back to the CLS and I made an initial deposit of half a million naira.

I was pained to have spent such an amount.

I concluded within me that as soon as the whole thing was over, I would abandon my wife for a very long time.

After all, my job was waiting for me in Lagos.

“We will need your bloods. And the result will be ready in four days,” said the CLS.

I agreed and we all set out to Enobong’s house.

My wife met her for the first time.

I thought she was going to cause a drama, but she behaved herself.

On the other hand, Enobong was equally prepared for her.

Our samples were taken and stored in well labeled test tubes with our names written on the containers.

“Ensure nothing happens to these samples. And make sure you don’t compromise,” I cautioned the CLS.

“At our laboratory, we handle everything professionally. You don’t have to worry. Like I said earlier, the results will be ready in four days.”

The man returned to the laboratory while I returned home in the company of my wife.

For the duration of the four days we waited for the result, my house was a living hell.

The only thing that pained me the most was the money I spent.

I vented my anger on my wife.

“You want a divorce, right? You will get it. I assure you that you will get it. I will personally file for a divorce when the results are out. I don’t cheat. But since you cannot trust me, I will show you that I am the man of this house. And you think you will go with my son? It’s a lie. You better wake up. My son will be here with me. You can go ahead and marry that your boyfriend. I don’t care. I am tired of your excesses. Let me prove my innocence first. I will show you. I will show you that you are nothing,” I kept raging.

My wife did not respond.

She began to appear moody.

I parked my things in two boxes and ordered her to make sure my son returned.

She began to feel the impact of her baseless accusations.

I told her I was done with her.

That she had misused one million naira just like that.

I called my friend in Lagos to help me look for a one bedroom flat for me.

I told her that my lawyer would bring divorce papers for her to sign.

I concluded all my plans and waited for the result.

On the fifth day, we got prepared and left for the laboratory.

Behold the DNA results.

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